I found this picture on Aaton’s website. It’s from the 1970’s. This picture exemplifies more of what I thought filmmaking would be like for me. When I was in school, HD was literally just coming out. 1080p was top of the line, and most people had no way to deal with it, so using it was almost pointless. In, literally, a few short years, HD was starting to take a massive chunk of the pie, and then we had 2K with the Panavision Genesis, and now have 5K with the Red Epic.

I bought an Aaton LTR before I finished school. Aaton’s are my favorite cameras of all time, and, even when film goes away (which I have finally come to the acceptance that it will), I’ll still keep my LTR, partially because it will be worthless but mostly because I love it, and I’ll display it prominently. It is a beautiful piece of engineering and construction, and, when everyone’s 5D’s and Red Epics are on the scrap heap, all of those film cameras will still be around, because they’re built like tanks. I love them.