You probably don’t see it on my day to day selfies, that’s because I’m a genius at finding good lightning and I’m getting better at makeup. My face is full of freckles, spots and “imperfections” my chin is full of little marks of previous pimples, I have red marks and weird spots from the sun, old pimples or just birth marks. 

I’m usually really self conscious about my mouth and how is so spotted and with my eyebrows/eyes area, I take at least 20 minutes doing my eyebrows daily because I hate how they looks naturally. 

But this is me, and I’m getting used to not wearing makeup and being all natural, 6 months ago I couldn’t go to school if I haven’t done my makeup first, today there are days I only do my eyebrows and I’m good to go, not one drop of primer, or powder or anything to hide all those things I call imperfections.