“Don’t compare yourself with others. When you compare yourself, your lifestyle, your career, your education, your appearance, or your intelligence with others, you will end up suffering. You will always find someone who is better than you in many ways. But when you stop comparing yourself with others, you’ll see the brighter side of the picture. You’ll become more respectful and appreciative of others. Hence, you’ll be able to be grateful in your own uniqueness.” -Yamashita, Zen for Beginners


Fandom: Snk/AoT

Pairing: Jean/Eren

Rating: Teen (for language and kissin’)

Wordcount: 6.7k

Warnings: Underage drinking, self-esteem issues

Summary:  High school AU. Jean is pretty sure the entire universe is conspiring against him–including (but not limited to) his friends, his mom, and Taylor Swift.

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Treat yourself the way you treat your favorite characters. Look into your back-story to understand your current plot. Sympathize with yourself. Recognize your flaws, and appreciate your strengths. Defend yourself. Cheer yourself on when you go into battle. Appreciate every relationship you make and always look for hidden potential. You’re the protagonist in your story. You’re the main character. You’re the hero.

Treat yourself like one.

#Tbt to a time where I absolutely hated how I looked. My high school years were filled with times of low self-esteem and full of jealousy towards the girls who were skinny and gorgeous. I never liked to go anywhere and had high social anxiety, mainly due to the insecurities I had of myself. Fast-forward to now where I absolutely love myself, have lost some weight, and think I am quite adorable most times. I can’t get enough of taking selfies, making faces at myself in my bedroom mirror, and wanting to now venture out into public because it makes me feel better. I go out in shorts and dresses not caring about how bad my legs may look from cellulite and I no longer worry about what other people are thinking of me. I am so glad I dealt with low self-esteem at one point because it shows me where I no longer want to be and it helps me be more positive towards others when they make comments showing low self-esteem. I may not look perfect to any one else, but as long as I am happy with myself, that’s all I care for. I am so incredibly glad that my self-confidence arrived in the past few months.

With Love, xx

I am in my mid 20’s, and I’ve finally just started to really figure out who I am, and what I want. It has taken until my current age to finally be ok with exactly who I am, who I want to be, what I want, and how I feel.  I am finally figuring everything out, and it is incredibly liberating. I just wanted to share this with anyone out there that is still trying to figure themselves out, it may take longer than you think it will, but I promise, one day, you will finally begin to figure out who you are. I certainly don’t have everything figured out, by any means, but I’m now on the road to self discovery. And although life is truly a journey and you’ll learn new things about yourself every day, every year, it’s truly freeing when you begin that journey of self acceptance, and self love. I just wanted to share this with everyone, sending this with love, love you all! xx




Whenever I see people post body positive selfies, it makes me so incredibly happy!  I love to see people post pictures of themselves saying that they love the way they look, that they feel beautiful, that they’re happy and feel great.

I have struggled with my body and how I look for years. I’ve always had rather low self esteem, and been rather negative about my body for a long time. I’ve always been very hard on myself, and my shape, and it’s rather exhausting. I don’t want to go into all my issues here, but in general, it’s a daily battle, which is why it took me a year to even post a selfie of my face on here.

So, I truly, genuinely, honestly, love to see people post their selfies, and have so much pride in their bodies, I think it’s wonderful, I love it so much!  It makes me feel very happy. Everyone is so beautiful in their own way, and seeing such positivity and happiness makes me feel better about myself, and reminds me how much beauty there is in everyone around me.