[Issue IS] BTS Jungkook, Expresses Thoughts On Graduating “I’ll Become An Adult With A Sense Of Responsibility”

Jungkook of BTS has received his high school diploma.

On February 7th at 11 A.M., Jungkook was present at the graduation ceremony for Seoul Performing Arts High School and shared his greetings with fellow classmates and teachers. Holding the bright diploma, he was also able to take happy celebratory photos. His fellow BTS members were also present to congratulate Jungkook on his graduation.

At the ceremony, Jungkook said that “it only felt real once I wore my uniform and came to the graduation. It seems like it was only yesterday when I attending the entrance ceremony,” also saying that the time seemed to have gone by so fast.

He continued to strengthen his resolve by saying, “I’d like to sincerely thank my teachers for helping and guiding me through my school life these past 3 years. Now I feel like I’ve really become an adult. From now on, I plan to take on a bigger sense of responsibility and show a better side of myself.” 

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I’m so excited and still pinch myself daily. I mean, I’ve known what I wanted to do since I could talk, so it’s just been a lot of time and hard work. I moved to LA straight out of graduating my arts high school and worked three jobs to afford living while taking acting classes and auditioning often. I started building up relationships the more I went into the same rooms to audition at the same time becoming more confident in my craft. Finally, in the last year before Riverdale I was able to just focus on auditions and learning. I ended up auditioning for David Rapaport, Riverdale’s amazing casting director, and he immediately knew I would be a good fit for Cheryl.

Art Progress (old art under cut)

I’ve gotten a lot of asks recently about my art progress and I’m noticing (pretty often) it’s from either young or older beginning artist that compare themselves now to where I am currently in my art journey, and buddy I am here to tell you I started off ‘bad’ too!

Things didn’t start ‘clicking’ for me until near the very end of college, and again not until my late 20′s to now. Hell I’m STILL learning how to do things. I’ll be learning for the rest of my life. My big jumps came when I stopped trying to make ‘good/perfect’ art, and just started really practicing and finishing things. I started giving myself permission to make art I thought was ‘bad’ or ‘didn’t come out right’ and started realizing that I was learning with every piece, and that’s okay! It’s a hard mindset to get into, but if I can get better at art, so can you! It just takes time!

So here’s some old art under the cut, in chronological order!

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Okay so my little brother just graduated high school, and for his art final he had to present his artwork with artist’s statements and everything. He’s been following your work since I bought some of your zines a few years ago, and since he sited you in this one I thought you might like to see :) anyhow, thanks for the inspiration!

ohhhh my god you all have no idea how much i love it when students cite me in their papers/work or ask me questions for assignments it makes my ENTIRE WEEK.

thank you so much for sharing this with me!!


Artist: Loïs Mailou Jones


Lois Mailou Jones was an African American painter best known for her considerable influence during the Harlem Renaissance

Her parents encouraged her art from an early age, urging her to draw and paint whenever possible

She was an incredibly educated woman, attending the High School of Practical Arts in Boston before going on to study at The Boston Museum of Fine Arts and The Boston Normal Art School, as well as taking graduate classes at Harvard University and Columbia University. She received her bachelor’s from Howard University, graduating Magna Cum Laude. She also received a fellowship to study in Paris at the Acadèmie Julian.

She founded the art department of the Palmer Memorial Institute in North Carolina, and was recruited one year later to join Howard University’s art department as a watercolor professor

Her main inspiration was Celine Marie Tabard, a painter whom Jones cultivated an artistic friendship and alliance with. Tabard would often submit Jones’ works for jury prizes because of the prejudice against African Americans. They traveled to many countries together and painted each other as well.

She has won 13 prominent awards for her art, which is recognized by its bright colors, distinct style, and influence of Cubism and Haitian art.