MAD Industries 725hp

- Supercharger: 2.9L Whipple Luster-Gold finished
- Exhaust: Gibson 3″ stainless w/ X-pipe, Superflow mufflers, MAD Ind. 4.5″ dual tip ceramic-coated black
- Yep. That’s it.

- Body Kit: 3dCarbon’s Carbon Fiber Infused: front splitter, side skirts, lower diffuser, rear lip spoiler.
- Paint: Axalta Cromax Pro Waterborne Paint, Hot Hues Candy Colors
- All chrome accents colored by Creations n’ Chrome, Spectra Chrome Gold Chrome Candy Clear Accents. (Interior, too)
- Headlights: LightWurkz, color matched
3M Crystalline window film
- Axalta high-gloss Jet Black painted: grilles, fog bezels, and mirrors

- Pro-R2 coilover kit
- Wheels: 21" Staggered MHT Niche Road, Monotech Series (Misano A61 Concave Forged Monoblock) Luster-Gold High gloss finish
- Wilwood Aerolite braking system: six-piston calipers, two-piece 15" slotted and e-coated rotors, high-friction pads, braided stainless hoses, and 14" rear rotors, integrated parking brake

- Sparco SPx seats: carbon fiber pans, Mastrotto Italian leather
- Jet black Miko Dinamika faux suede: headliner, door panels, steering wheel
- Axalta high-gloss Jet Black painted: center console, door panel inserts, and instrument cluster were disassembled, smoothed, and painted   
- Audio: The Source AV Focal Utopia car audio series complete with specially designed focal amplifiers


Milk and juice vibrating on a speaker can put on a veritable fireworks display of fluid dynamics. Vibrating a fluid can cause small standing waves, called Faraday waves, on the surface of the fluid. Add more energy and the instabilities grow nonlinearly, quickly leading to tiny ligaments and jets of liquid shooting upward. With sufficiently high energy, the jets shoot beyond the point where surface tension can hold the liquid together, resulting in a spray of droplets. (Image credit: vurt runner, source video; h/t to @jchawner)

ViLLAGE remixed our track THE CHASE, the first taste of our debut EP - 2 originals and 4 remixes by ViLLAGE, ARME and Kalli - available January 24 on Origami Sound.

1. The Chase (Original)
2. The Chase (ViLLAGE Remix)
3. The Chase (ViLLAGE Club Version)
4. Slenderman (Original)
5. Slenderman (ARME Remix)
6. Slenderman (Kalli Remix)

ALMA Reveals Intense Magnetic Field Close to Supermassive Black Hole

The Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) has revealed an extremely powerful magnetic field, beyond anything previously detected in the core of a galaxy, very close to the event horizon of a supermassive black hole. This new observation helps astronomers to understand the structure and formation of these massive inhabitants of the centres of galaxies, and the twin high-speed jets of plasma they frequently eject from their poles. The results appear in the 17 April 2015 issue of the journal Science.

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Keeping Up with Kylie Jenner! Our May 2015 Cover Star Talks Body Pressure, Her Famous Family, and Whom She Stalks On Instagram

It’s a sunny California day in early February, and I am rushing to meet Kylie Jenner outdoors at the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, near Malibu. I am anxious because we have never met, I am beyond late (my flight out of New York was five hours delayed), and most of all, because our conversation is being filmed forKeeping Up with the Kardashians as part of a larger story line on Kylie’s Teen Voguecover shoot. It’s been years since filming The Hills, and my reality sound-bite skills are rusty. [x]

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HIGH JET’s debut EP is a concept release built around their two steadfastly creative tracks, ‘the chase’ and ‘slenderman’. Despite contrasting in genres and moods, they are coherent in design within the context of the release, which was put together similarly to a two film feature: a retrofuture 80s French cop movie and a dark, clever, contemporary horror film. Both tracks come with an addictive novelty value, possibly due to the sense of humor the Bucharest-based duo display through their musical and visual approach.

‘the chase’ is a lax car chase soundtrack with a vivid lead synth hinting at knockabout electronic pop, French electro-house and carefree nightdrives through Vice City. The track is somewhere between wailing and refreshing thanks to its nostalgic hook and alert chord changes.

Second in line is ViLLAGE’s first take on ‘the chase’, a parade of a track that marries the ear-catching fanfare with a sugary pinch of R&B, some hybridized footwork and ensnaring harmonic repetitions. ViLLAGE’s playful pop tinges, colorful synth samples, loose progession and contained drop from his first remix of ‘the chase’ also jut out into the bouncy, melodic house version of the track.

The mood immediately shifts from the washed-out, summery vignette to a much darker place with 3 levels of rawness that the listener has to tread through carefully, making use only of a glowstick with infinite light but a very short range. The relentless and hammering ‘slenderman’ with its maddening percussion, laughter and chants (one of them being the Romanian word for monster) is to obsess over for days, while its two remixes range from ARME’s sweltering UK garage bass to Kalli’s stomping warehouse techno, all three of them dancefloor hit material.

The chord-driven, modern take on an 80s film score alongside their fun nod to the first great myth of the web - the unsettling Slenderman - are sure to indulge a savvy, reference-loving audience. The EP comes with a DIY alt-humor video that has to do with cars, synesthetic flashbacks, absurdism and the 1980s.

Produced & mixed by HIGH JET, ViLLAGE, ARME and Kalli
Mastered by HIGH JET @ Home Jet

Artwork by ROK