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Before i graduated hs i got in a discussion with my government teacher (who is a white middle aged man) about the struggles black people face due to their color, within and outside the black community. And he was like “well i wish i had your skintone. When i get tan I look orange and burnt. If I got tan with your skintone I would look a lot better.” And it just made me mad and uncomfortable so I thought my relationship w him as student to teacher was good enough to tell him i felt like he was fetishizing my and other black ppl’s skintone bc that’s the least of our worries, and had nothing to do w the frustration i was trying to express about being a dark skinned black person. And he was like “fetishizing? I am not fetishizing you. *looks up the definition and reads it aloud* that has to do with sexual attraction.” And im like i didn’t say you were fetishizing ME i said you were fetishizing my skintone. And even if u AREN’T, it still makes me feel uncomfortable. And he just brushed it off and got the whole CLASS involved and got other black and Somali kids saying how they view it as a compliment if a white person says that. And I just felt so bad like I didn’t even have a right to voice my own opinion and like somehow my opinion was invalid even though I was black too. And it made me feel like everyone felt like they needed a white person’s approval to think their skin was beautiful which made me mad and I just cried a little afterwards it was so embarrassing (i’m really and introvert and he knew i was shy he was my teacher for 4 years) for me to involve the whole class like that just to make his opinion seem like the Right one and mine like the Wrong one. And I also felt like i no longer had a friend in him and lost respect and it just was a sad end to my school year. And just everyone made me feel like i’m overreacting but i don’t feel like I am…not that much…..
Am I?

TCC Challenge!

Since I’m missing my TCs a whole lot right now, I wanted to make a challenge for all of us.

The challenge is: if you can recall, reblog and tell us the exact moment of when you knew you had feelings for your TC(s).

I’ll go first

#1: I was on the fence about whether or not I had feelings for him. Then in gym my friends was asking me like “isn’t he just the best teacher you’ve had?” “Isn’t he hot too?” And I remember just sitting there saying yes. And then it was just a giant snowball effect from there lol.

#2: we had to take our pulse for our project but that kinda stuff really grosses me out so he came over and took my pulse and I had butterflies while he was touching my wrist and thought “well… there it is”

#3: at first I thought he was just really hot but one day he came into school really sick with this black hoodie and grey sweatpants and I couldn’t stop looking at him or thinking about him and went from there lol.



Meet my best friend, y’all!!! We opened a bottle of White Girl Rosé and answered some funny questions about each other. We also told some very embarrassing high school stories!!


When everyones forgotten about heelys, so their not banned inside anymore.

Native America high schooler’s grade was lowered because she sat through the Pledge of Allegaince.

Leilani Thomas has been exercising her First Amendment right not to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance since she was in second grade, KXTV reported Friday. But this year, a high school teacher took it upon herself to punish Thomas for sitting out the morning ritual by docking Thomas’ participation grade.

Thomas, who is Native American and a student at Lower Lake High School in Lower Lake, California, told local television station KPIX 

She protests the pledge because, “of the history that happened here. On my land. My people’s land.”

Thomas reportedly took a recording of her teacher defending the punishment in which the teacher can be heard demeaning Thomas’ culture and ancestors.

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i cant decide what my favorite part of our chem lab safety video is (its 35 minutes and they play it on the first day of literally every chemistry lab ive ever taken since high school)

like okay so youve got the part where they stab themselves with a broken pipette and then start shoving it further into their flesh:

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or the part where the poor kid has to strip because he spilled dangerous chemicals all over himself and his lab partner just stands there and watches him naked under the lab shower:

or when they set a mannequin on fire and someone off screen awkwardly rolls it on the ground to demonstrate stop, drop, and roll: 

just a head’s up

get it done. you know exactly what i’m talking about. that essay in which the deadline is inching closer and closer, that maths exam that you need to study for, those grades you want to increase, those grades you want to maintain, that degree you want to study, the degree you want to finish, that cupboard you need to organise. even the plethora of aesthetic flat lays and study tips on tumblr do nothing compared to actually doing the work. yeah sure, edit and perfect how you do the work. but actually goddamn do it. because life is short and you’ve been blessed with an amazing and admirable drive and ambition, as well as a beautiful mind and an interest in learning. please don’t waste these things. 

A 16-year-old girl in California wanted to make sure nobody ever has to eat lunch alone again, so she developed an app called ‘Sit With Us’ that connects kids who need a place to sit during lunch with those who have room at their table. She decided to create the app in hopes that it would give middle and high school students a way to reduce bullying and encourage inclusion. Source