High Sierra


Ida Lupino in “High Sierra” (1941)

“The script called for Lupino to cry, but the tears wouldn’t come. Bogart took her to the side and, glancing at director Walsh, told her: "Listen, doll, if you can’t cry, just remember one thing -I’m going to take this picture away from you.” Ida laughed, just as Bogart had wanted. “All right,” he said, “now you’re relaxed. If you can’t relate it to me or the character go back to your childhood,” he counseled. “Can you remember when you had to say goodbye to somebody, somebody you loved? And you thought you weren’t going to see them again?” “Yes”, responded Ida. “Well, think of that, baby, think of it!” Ida saw tears in his eyes. The final scene of High Sierra is powerfully moving. Marie’s tears of sadness are transformed into tears of elation as she realizes that the tortured soul of Roy Earle is finally free.“