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High School Erik claims not to be a cliche, but how does he explain that time he tried to win Charles back by blasting a boombox over his head straight out of an 80s movie?

HERE IS THE THING, PROF, Erik has DISCERNING TASTE, and he is able to calculate the difference between a cliche and a CLASSIC, because, like Taylor Swift, Erik knows some things never go out of Style.


  1. Capes
  2. Mood lighting and a good power stance
  3. Handwritten letters
  4. Highlighters 
  5. A perfectly timed entrance/exit
  6. Cold-served revenge
  7. Dramatic Gestures Featuring Emotional Music

SO Charles is angry and upset with him and refuses to speak with him again, ever ever ever, and spurns all his attempts at reconciliation, from the texts to the calls to the emails to the specially ordered conversation hearts and Erik is Left With No Choice. He is pushed into Extreme Measures, and really, Charles is to blame for it because he responded to Erik’s singing voicemail apology with a short “you were flat on two verses” text and Erik knows that this is DIRE.

SO at first he is going to set Charles’s lawn on fire with an I ♥ U message, but he gets stifled in THAT because when he asks Alex for supplies, Alex asks Why and when he explains, Alex tattles to Darwin who tattles to Hank who tattles to Raven who goes up to him and lightly slaps his face and says, “Pull yourself together, man.”

SO IT IS THUS that he is sending little bits of metal up to Charles’s bedroom window while holding a black painted microwave oven box above his head with his iPhone taped to the center (he looked EVERYWHERE for a boombox but when he saw the cost for one for only one use he thought OH HELLLLLL NO).

And at last, whether it be the the metal raining down upon his window like Erik’s tears upon his pillow at night, or the strains of Lucky by Jason Mraz ft. Colbie Caillat, Charles comes to the window and looks down at Erik and melts BECAUSE HE IS A SAP FOR THIS BOY, and goes down to him and All Is Forgiven.

when you’re suppose to be relaxing with your friends but your favourite fic just updated...

if you can tear me away from a wrestling pay-per-view, i really don’t have any higher praise than that (^O  AO)^ and, if you’re anything like me, and you live for fluff and high school AU’s you had better be reading @no-hux-given ‘s fic “Unintended” - else… you missin out so hard imma come over there, put you in a Boston Crab, and FORCE you to read it. i’m so super cereal right now. (v¬ ____¬)> ring that bell.


Inspired by high school AU snippets written by @reserve <3

Hux slugs back another sip of miserably burny whiskey and blearily looks at Ren. His big, dark eyes kind of glitter in the dark.

“I thought knowing you would be useful,” he hiccups. “Because of your mom. But it’s not, you know. You’re just awful. Another awful boy like the others.”

Ren laughs at him. He seems charmed. Fuck him.

“How many schools have you been kicked out of anyway?” Hux sneers. “Useless.” He picks at the grass for a moment and then a big hand descends on his.

“You’re mean,” Ren says. Still charmed. “Who taught you how to be that mean?”

Hux moves to tug his hand away but Ren clamps down. He’s going to have grass stains on his palms. Probably on his khakis too. If he ends up on his back it’s only going to get worse. He’s not going to end up on his back. Not for Kylo – not for stupid Ben Solo and his stupid long hair and insufferable mouth.

“Hux,” Ren sing-songs.

Stupid Ben Solo pushes him backwards onto the ground and Hux goes easy. He even sighs.

Inspired by an idea that I stole from my darling @danglingthpider (with permission of course). 

High school AU, fluff, 1.7k. 

“Where you going, gorgeous?

Castiel could barely avoid tripping over his own two feet, his head snapping up from the notes that he’d been studying while walking back to his locker on autopilot. Was that a flirtation?  

When Castiel was confronted with the sight of Dean Winchester casually leaning against the locker next to Castiel’s, his heart threatened to break free from his rib cage. Dean was wearing his trademark smirk, persuasive green eyes gazing in Castiel’s general direction.  

Less than two months ago, Dean had been just ‘the new kid’, but his handsome face had blessed him with instant popularity at Lawrence High. All the girls wanted him, and even Castiel’s friend Charlie, who was only there for the ladies, had pointed out that the Winchester boy must have won some kind of genetic lottery. Castiel wouldn’t deny that he saw the allure as well; Dean often starred in both his actual dreams and his occasional daydreaming.

Foolishly, Castiel suspected that maybe he’d fallen asleep during Biology class, and that this was yet another one of those very realistic dreams. Because this simply couldn’t be happening.

All they did was exchange meaningful looks sometimes, from across the cafeteria or when crossing paths between classes. Still, Castiel had never gathered the courage to talk to Dean, too afraid that the popular boy would turn him down.

Gorgeous. In any case, there was no way that Dean had meant him when he’d said that.

Instinctively, Castiel glanced over his shoulder, and all of the sudden the world made sense again, all of Castiel’s illusions shattered at once. Darting right behind him was Lisa Braeden, warm brown eyes and long dark curls, head cheerleader. Her locker was right next to Castiel’s, meaning that she had to be the one on the receiving end of Dean’s compliment.

“Oh, of course.” Castiel uttered to himself, quickly turning around and averting his eyes, embarrassed by his own naivety.

He decided he’d take his books home with him, not interested in watching Dean’s attempts at wooing Lisa from a front row seat. From the corner of his eye, he did spot how Lisa walked up to Dean, looking thrilled, flashing him her most charming smile.

Stupid, stupid, stupid,  Castiel inwardly cursed himself. He should’ve known that seventeen was too old to still believe in fairy tales.


Awkward, awkward, awkward.

That was the one emotion currently haunting Dean, that single word stuck on repeat. Because how was this his life?

He’d been prepared, he’d had it all planned out, it should’ve gone smoothly. After the last class had ended, he’d been waiting there near the locker that belonged to the dreamy boy with the amazing blue eyes, the plan being to make some small talk, find out what his name was, then ask him out. It hadn’t been the most complicated strategy either, but regardless, Dean had miraculously managed to screw it up.

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Aaand here are the illustrations for @ceruleancynic’s terrible high school Kylux AU Boys on the Radio chapter 7, in separate as usual, and now without Hux but with some Phasma instead!

Today, I saw a couple kissing on a park bench. They were really into it but then the girl pulled away and reached into her bag for something. The guy was frowning, clearly wondering what she was doing, before she pulled out this single red rose. And this guy’s face, it looked like he was just given a puppy, okay? Then taking the flower shyly, he pointed to himself and the girl shrugged and nodded and he smiled some more.

And now all I can think about is Derek and Stiles in high school. Imagine Derek who has been out on numerous dates, but the dates have never been romantic or special. They’ve always been because everyone wants to date the captain of the basketball team or infamous Laura Hale’s little brother. No one really cares about him. No one ever tries.

But then there is Stiles. Stiles who is a little awkward. Stiles who grates on Derek’s nerves. Stiles who looks at Derek. Stiles who Derek has secret fantasies about kissing. Stiles who somehow Derek ends up on a date with.

Imagine, Derek waiting for Stiles inside the movie theatre, palms sweaty with nerves, wondering if he should have worn something less dressy, before Stiles comes in. He’s dressed in what he was wearing at school, bag slung over his back, and Derek’s heart sinks because maybe this doesn’t mean anything to Stiles. Maybe this isn’t actually a date. Maybe Stiles just wanted someone to see the new Deadpool movie with.

Stiles is out of breath, nervously fiddling with his bag, and Derek isn’t sure where to look but then Stiles is taking out this rose, saying “sorry sorry, I wanted to get you something nicer but I couldn’t afford the tickets, dinner and a present but I’ve seen you reading those books on flowers in the library so I ran to Mrs Davidson’s and asked her for a cutting from her rose bush.”

And Derek…Derek is just speechless because…Stiles did this for him? Stiles wanted to get him a present? Stiles notices what he reads? Stiles ran to-

“Wait, dinner?”

“Yeah, dude. I mean, unless- unless you don’t want-”

“No, no I…I do want.”

Stiles grins at that, blushing slightly, and somehow Derek knows, just knows, he’ll never not want. Not with how many butterflies are fluttering in his stomach right now.

High School AUS
  • I usually just sit alone at the lunch table but today you decided to sit here too and I appreciate it a lot

  • The public wifi here sucks and you gave me the password to the teacher’s wifi thank you so much

  • I want to ask my crush to prom so badly but I can’t think of any ways that aren’t disgustingly sappy or completely lame, help me brainstorm please

  • You let me copy your notes because I wasn’t paying attention, how can I repay you.

  • Help me orchestrate the best senior prank our school has ever seen

  • My friends dared me to ask you out but joke’s on them because you’re actually really cute oh gosh

  • I accidentally left my blog up on my laptop before I plugged it into the projector and now the whole class has seen it

  • Our teacher assigned partners on a boring project and we got put together and it turns out you’re actually pretty cool

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for lovely @whatthehellisahoechlin

Title: I Hate You!

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Tags - Highschool AU, Teen!Derek, Growing up together, Friends to Lovers, Truth or Dare, First Kiss.


“You know you love me…I know you care…

A sudden strangled noise beside him made Derek snap his eyes open. He huffed out an angry breath, pursing his lips, irritated at the interruption.

It was Stiles. Stiles with bulging eyes, a red face and a hand clamped on his mouth. He was struggling to keep back his loud snort. Derek shot him a piercing glare, trying and failing to find his rhythm again.

“Just shout whenever…”  Derek grated out, hissing at Stiles. “…and I’ll be there…WHAT?

“Bieber? Really Derek-” Stiles choked, laughing as if he had lost his mind.

“You got a problem with that?”

Stiles jerked away from a snarling Derek, huffing out – Whoa, raising both hands in surrender. Not even a beat later, he shot a shit-eating grin at Derek.

Derek hated him.

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