I want a high fantasy story set in the modern day.

A world of epic battles and prophesied kings and elves and dwarves and hobbits.

And also cell phones and laptops and cars.

Not an urban fantasy, either, because those nearly all deal with the magical world living in *secret* from the mundane one.

I want it to be that the kids down the street are elves and your next-door neighbor is a dwarf and everyone goes to the Shiretown of the city for the best beers and pipeweed.

I want orc rights movements and goblin solidarity and troll education programs.

I want kids going to the zoo to look at the unicorns and griffins and jackalopes.

And Ms. Flaming Claw, who is a fucking dragon and invites people in for tea on Thursdays and is a thousand years old and goes by Agatha.

I want modern high fantasy.

I’m thinking,” he said, … “that I look at you and I feel like I’m dying.
—  Rhysand to Feyre, A Court Of Mist And Fury

Hooray, the characters are finally finished. :) Their descriptions in order:


An old golem, protector of the city. This golem has stood at the gates of the city from its very beginnings. He shows great respect in his task by adding the skull of his fallen bird brethren to his ever-growing crown, so that they will always be by his side.


A midwife. Midwives are specially trained in treating pregnancies, child birth, and postpartum situations. These midwives collect the umbilical cords of healthy newborn to feed to their bird kin. Abstaining from doing so, or keeping umbilical cords from a midwife is an act of heresy.


Every young augur that sets out on their personal quest to master their trade may still want to stay in touch with their friends and relatives when far away. This old mailman carries a sacred stump, with mail boxes made from it. He knows by heart which key will open every mailbox. Seeing him walking into the city will bring smiles and cheers to its inhabitants, for it means he brings word of the loved ones who are far away.


A weather reader. Ancient augury is the roman practice of interpreting omens by observing birds and their patterns. Their predictions allowed to predict weather patterns and such. This young augur is equipped with wind chimes, sun dial, and hiking shoes to read the time of day and predict wind currents.


D&D Chromatic Dragon Enamel Pin Kickstarter!

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Every time they clasp hands in greeting no one can tell if they’re weirdly enthusiastic or just trying very hard to break the other’s wrist. Kuroo always makes it a point to lean down with all his weight, but Daichi is always very well braced so he never budges. 

anonymous asked:

Hi, what kind of fantasy themed book would you recommend? btw love your blog

Sorry for taking so long to reply anon 😅

My favourite fantasy books are those that combine romance and adventure. I am such a bookworm I can’t possible choose one so I’ll do a rec list for you. You’ll see I have a real thing for Urban Fantasy and Paranormal romance lol  

A word of warning a lot of these are adult orientated books but some are young-adult. 

Amazing Authors to check out and I’ll put a * by the series I’ve re-read multiple times. Some of these really are guilty pleasures lmao  

I’ve read a lot more but these were the first ones to catch my attention on my good reads list. 

Kristen Ashley - Fantasyland Series *

Elise Kova - Air Awakens

Anne Bishop - The Others Series

Suzanne Wright - The Dark in you Series

Alwyn Hamilton - Rebel of the Sands Series

Rebecca Zanetti  - The Scorpius syndrome & Dark Protectors series

Sally Slater  - Paladin 

Karen Marie Moning - Fever & Highlander series

Rachel Hartman - Seraphina 

Trudi Canavan - The Black Magician Trilogy

Lindsay J. Pryor - The Blackthorn Series

Juliette Cross  - Vale of Stars Series

J.R. Ward – Black Dagger Brotherhood Series *

Sherrilyn Kenyon  - Dark Hunterverse *

Christine Feehan – Dark Carpathians 

Nalini Singh – Psy-changling and Guild Hunter series *

D.B. Reynolds – Vampires in America Series

Jeaniene Frost – Night Prince Series

Cynthia Eden – Phoenix Fire, Purgatory, Midnight & Night Watch Series *

Christine Warren – The others series *

 Helen Harper – Blood Destiny Series

Amelia Hutchins – The Fae Chronicles *

Laurann Dohner – New Species *

Gena Showalter – Lords of the Underworld 

Thea Harrison - Elder Race Series *

Holly Black - Modern Fairy Tales