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Cuando la gente dejara de fijarse en el físico? Soy un chico y soy de contextura normal/delgada, me han rechazado por el físico o por que no tengo barba (22 años) también como que hoy en día el requisito para que a uno lo pesquen es fumar hierba :/

No se,según yo para pescar a alguien tiene que ser uno mismo ese alguien y obviamente que tiene que gustarte la persona,lo demás da lo mismo,saludos🙌🏻💕

Aloe or Sabila, beautiful and medicinal succulent. A couple of weeks ago my uncle, who is almost fully blind due to diabetes, shared with me that he was able to maintain some eyes cells functioning because he drinks fresh aloe juice every morning. He even went to check with his doctor who was surprised at how his eye cells were showing some regeneration after he started using aloe. Here is what he does: he gets the ‘panca’, he does a horizontal cut (around 4 inches), gets the pulp out and blends it with some water (i think lemon will be also good with this) and drinks it. To save the panca from getting dry, he buries it in dirt until the next day when he will cut another piece of the aloe. I am sharing this in case you know people that have diabetes and want to try something else and also maybe to start talking about how we can prevent and support diabetes through decolonial foods… Arequipa has a growing number of people suffering from diabetes, this shit is so deeply connected with globalization and neoliberalism yall! DECOLONIZE EVERYTHING. What else have you, your friends, or family used to control/treat or prevent diabetes?

-La Loba Loca

Steamy Interview: Vaginal Steaming with Steam Healing Institute

Steaming is such an beautiful and easy healing practice that you can literally do in your own kitchen! Unfourtunately many of the workshops and trainings out there are very white dominated so I was really exited when I learned about Marcia Lopez and Keli Garza- both badass women of color- getting together to offer a three part series vaginal steaming workshop under the Steam Healing Institute. I had the pleasure to interview both Marcia Lopez and Keli Garza! i wanted to share with yall about their words, favorite herbs, tips as well as their contact information so you can check out their work out and learned from them! If you are in Souther California in mid June, make sure to check out part 3 of the training series Spiritual Womb Healing: Steam Healing for Heart, Mind, and Spirit

***Some of the language in the interview has been modified to un-gender steaming! Please know that people of all genitalia can benefit from steams***

What is your favorite steaming herbs and why?

Marcia Lopez (ML): My favorite steaming herbs are any herb that I have harvested, grown myself, or I know who grows them. Here in LA the sages are some of the most beautiful and healing herbs that grow abundantly in the mountains and you can get plenty on local accessible hikes - White Sage, Black Sage, and California Sage (though not really a sage. I’ll tell you a cute story - my fiancé on our first date brought me a bouquet of vaginal steaming herbs from his sister’s garden (she’s a horticulturalist). The bouquet was yarrow, lavender, rosemary, and sage. I mean love, right? He knew what was up.

Keli Garza (KG): Rose petals!

Tell us a little about yourself and your path towards steaming

ML: Herbs have been a part of my life since I was a kid. My parents, my grandmother all used herbs and since I was a kid I’ve been affected by the health dysfunction of Industrialized living. So many factors played into the dysfunction I experienced as a child. The path of healing myself, especially from sexual abuse and the subsequent reproductive issues I experienced, lead me to healing my sexuality, focusing on my reproductive well being, integrating mind body spiritual wellness and helping others achieve the same. Steam healing and all of its components has become an integral part of all of this. 

KG: It’s very random that I’m doing this work. I steamed for a couple years before I ever told anyone that I did it. Not even my sisters. I found myself in a conversation with a woman who had really bad periods and I suggested that she do a steam. I tried to tell her how to make a steam setup for herself but she insisted that I make it for her and paid me for it. After that women started to contact me from all over the place to make them their own steam chairs. So now I’m one of the only steam sauna producers in the USA and definitely the biggest. I ship my steam kits and herbs all over the US. Beyond making the steam saunas, my focus is on doing research. I want to prove how effective these treatments can be to help alleviate gynecological issues that so many people have to take drugs or go under the knife for. 

What was it that called you to steaming? How did this become a regular health care ceremony for you?

ML: What called me to steaming was my own health issues. I had already begun steaming because I had started training in uterine massage back in 2006 and vaginal steaming was part of the reproductive self care protocols that I was introduced to. I was introduced to this work because of a book Sastun that a crazy ex-boyfriend had in his library. It described uterine massage as being an integral part of Mayan healing. I’m mestizo and my parents are from Guatemala so I thought, heyyyy, this is in my blood, I’m destined to learn this!!! But I had a lot of issues that I was working through back then (substance abuse for one and other types of relational dysfunction). I didn’t realize yet how much support vaginal steaming could offer. In 2007 I was diagnosed with a cervical polyp that was blocking my menstrual flow.I was shocked - here I was a “yogi”, raw foodist, massage therapist, hippy that didn’t shave regularly and I was growing a tumor. I fell back on negative patterns and chose to have it surgically removed because I was scared. I had yet to experience the full power of steaming. In 2009 I was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia which is due to HPV. I had enough. They did one biopsy and this time, again because I was scared, I chose to have full faith in the power of my herbs and the power of all the healing knowledge that I had been blessed to come across. I use death as my advisor so I was being realistic. If this is the beginning of cancer and if this could kill me how do I choose to deal with it. I chose plants. I used herbal suppositories, VAGINAL STEAMING, an alkaline diet, along with heavy meditation and prayer. Three months later I had a follow up and my gyno said - “wow there’s nothing here and it looks nothing ever had happened”. Vaginal steaming became a regular part of my self care there after and just a part of who I am. I steam while my partner plays video games. It’s very routine now. 

KG: I learned about it after attending a talk by Marcia. At first I thought it was out there but several months later a stressful experience caused my period to go away. After it was missing for several months I went to a korean spa and tried a v-steam. My period came back the next day. Problem solved. While at the spa, the attendant told me that it’s custom in korea for the women to do a steam after every period for hygiene and to prevent problems. That made a lot of sense to me and, since I didn’t have health insurance, I figured I should be proactive about preventing problems from arising. So I started steaming every month and I loved how clean and fresh I felt. I also noticed that my periods became a lot healthier. 

What has been the most complicated health case that you have encountered in your work? how did steams help?

ML: I tend to get a lot of complicated situations. From multiple pelvic and abdominal surgeries, to completely blocked fallopian tubes, to very large fibroids. Steaming helps in a variety of ways. My approach is to use steaming in conjuction with abdominal and uterine massage, also castor oil packs, clay packs, specialized breathing, and deep meditation. I’ll use this example where I had to use only steaming. I had a client with severe endometriosis that even light massage would induce a flare up.We decided to have her use steaming exclusively to help with the pain she was experiencing throughout her cycle, not just when bleeding. She was steaming about 3-5 times a week leading up to her cycle. The first month she was able to have a significantly less painful menstrual cycle than she has had in her life. The second month we were able to massage And the third month she reported a relatively pain free cycle.This was a woman who was debilitated by pain and unable to function, let alone work, during her menstrual cycle (though Keli and I recommend laying in a hammock during your period).  She would also have pain during ovulation and would get an endometrial flare up from stress and diet. Steaming alone helped her make incredible progress.

KG: In February I started working with a client who could not have children due to severe uterine scarring as a result of fibroid surgery. She purchased a steam sauna from me and some herbs and started to steam regularly. After a few weeks she told me that dry skin was coming out of her. At a recent ultrasound her doctor discovered that all of the scar tissue is gone. She says the doctor couldn’t believe it and was even embarrassed because she had a fellow doctor in the room that she was planning to show the severe scarring to. I think that was pretty remarkable. I’m in awe. I can’t wait to hold the clients baby in the future. She’s going to be a great mom.

i always meet people with POCs and endometriosis interested on steaming, are there any particular herbs or mixes that you would recommend?

ML: For endometriosis I would recommend a more clarifying blend with roses - white & black sage, rose petals, avocado leaves or rosemary. This is similar to what I used with the client I mentioned. Herbs are definitely not limited to these.  You want antiseptic herbs in there, roses for the tannins and to help with toning, but you also need to nurture so the calendula. But you know what? a very strong infusion of nettles, oregano, and chinese mugwort could also help-  this is a cue from Keli. I love teaching with her. With endo I find that people respond most effectively to a lot of nourishment and support and that can lead up to deeper therapies. So for next time I may do nettles, oregano, and chinese mugwort first and alternate with the other blend and then have one of the steams include calendula and witch hazel. Endometriosis is complicated and so distressing and painful. Building up with nourishment, then cleansing, then toning I think would be the way to go. This is also based on the experience that when there is endo the menses tend to be heavy and congested. 
PCOS - another complicated one! If they have cysts on the ovaries - white sage, roses, rosemary, lavender, yarrow, oregano, mugwort. Actually let me do a little plug here - Keli’s Universal Blend is perfect. Then you have to consider what is the quality of their menstrual blood like, etc. And if they have cysts or it’s just the PCOS diagnosis because of other factors. Jimmi Sayo is an incredible resource.http://jimisayo.com/pcossummit/ She host the PCOS summit where some incredible doctors and healers talk about PCOS. There’s a woman who lectures about steaming on the summit but I do recommend Keli or myself to discuss the menstrual cycle and steaming to deal with PCOS. Castor oil and clay packs are also helpful with cysts.

KG: I like to adjust the herbs based on the signs that the person has. So if they have a lot of signs of stagnation, I give them circulation herbs. If she has excessive bacteria then I give her anti-bacterial herbs and so on. When it comes to PCOS and Endometriosis people present many different body signs so it’s important to learn what the whole picture is and then tailor a blend to their needs. I have a line of steam herbs that I offer that allow for this level of variation.

How do we find out more about yourself and the trainings you are offering?

ML: FInd me on Yelp :) My workshops and trainings you can find on meet up and you can find out more about me on my website. I very accessible by phone and I am open to chat with anybody who needs guidance with their healing.I offer free 20 min phone consultations, my phone is 310.514.6009

KG: My IG Steamychicks!

If you are in SoCal in mid June make sure to check out the third part of the training Spiritual Womb Healing: Steam Healing for Heart, Mind, and Spirit

-by La Loba Loca. About the author: Queer sudaca seed-saver yerbetera gardener companion(doula) student-midwife tatooadora moonstrual ed.Follow me in IG, FB page, website and check out the online store!

soy plantasexual, semillasexual, pachasexual…. no hay nada mas delicioso que el guardar semillas, nada mas orgasmico que tender a semillas nativas y verlas crecer y aparecer suavemente desde la tierra. la tierra mojada, la abundancia de la kiwicha, las flores de cempasuchil, los gusanos bajo la tierra, el sentir vida entre mis manos ESE ES MI ORGASMO! shirt by @nalgonapride

-La Loba Loca

5 productos anticelulitis naturales

La celulitis es un problema que afecta a la mayoría de las mujeres, y puede estar causada por diferentes motivos: genéticos, alimenticios, por la falta de hidratación o el sedentarismo.

A veces, con cambiar determinados hábitos podemos mejorar muchísimo el aspecto de nuestra piel; también podemos ayudarla con estos 5 productos anticelulitis naturales que te mostramos a continuación.

Exfoliante de sal marina

Los exfoliantes estimulan la circulación sanguínea y la circulación de la linfa, por lo que ayudan a reducir el aspecto de la celulitis y reafirmar la piel.

Lo ideal es que te duches con agua tibia, y luego pases sal marina por las áreas afectadas, masajeando suavemente en movimientos circulares durante un par de minutos. Enjuaga con agua tibia y luego con agua bien fría.

Intenta hacer esto al menos tres o cuatro veces a la semana.

Exfoliante de cafeína

La mayoría de los productos anticelulíticos tienen como ingrediente activo la cafeína. Si queremos una opción más natural podemos utilizar granos de café molidos para conseguir una piel más tersa y firme.

Mezcla la cafeína con crema hidratante y masajea en los sitios problemáticos. Lava bien la piel con agua tibia.


Uno de los mejores tratamientos anticelulíticos completamente naturales, la aromaterapia puede hacer maravillas en tu piel de forma fácil: mediante masajes de aceites esenciales.

La clave está en encontrar la mezcla perfecta. Si quieres, puedes probar con dos gotas de aceite esencial de hinojo, dos de romero y tres cucharadas de aceite de almendras.

Lo bueno de esto es que lo puedes utilizar todos los días luego de la ducha, haciendo un masaje en las zonas afectadas para mejorar la circulación de la sangre.

Tés de hierbas

Los tés de hierbas suelen tener muchos beneficios para la salud y la belleza si son ingeridos a diario.

Algunos tienen propiedades diuréticas que ayudan reducir la retención de líquidos, y por ende, mejorar el aspecto de la piel: el té de cola de caballo, diente de león, perejil, tomillo, cáscara de limón, té verde y ortiga. Se deben tomar una o dos tazas al día.

Limón y pimienta

Este es un remedio que se debe ingerir, no aplicar de forma tópica. Para eso, debes mezclar en un vaso de agua el jugo de un limón y un puñado de pimienta de cayena. Bebe esta preparación tres veces al día y verás cómo mejora tu piel. Lo ideal es que combines esto con algún tratamiento tópico, como una crema o un exfoliante.

¿Has probado alguno de estos 5 productos anticelulitis naturales? ¿Cuál te ha dado más resultado? ¿La celulitis es un problema para ti, o en cambio, te resulta indiferente?

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Know Yo’ Self: Pomona, CA

Had the pleasure to share some time with some people up in Pitzer College, Pomona. We held a circle for over 5 hours on herbs, conscious moonstruation, herb identification, breathing techniques, grassroots reproductive justice in action, hormones and the cycle, herb mixing, cycle tracking, eco-feminist mxntruation and all that witchy stuff. 

If you are interested on holding a circle in your school email me to contact@lalobaloca.com! if you are interested on a more eco-friendly cycle, make sure to check out lalobaloca.bigcartel.com for reusable cotton moon pads.

word has it that there are 5 available 15% discount for orders over $20.00 AND  a free package of borrage seeds directly from La Loba Loca garden if you use the code: BORRAJA. get your earth-loving mxnstrual products at lalobaloca.bigcartel.com. 

Stay healthy in this unhealthy system yall!

-La Loba Loca