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This was supposed to never be posted, because I feared it would be too hard to understand without context. I think the way I formated it is a tad…tiring to read? Dunno! :D (Plus it’s so light? Like. Can you even see what’s on your screen? :D)

So…this comic was lying in my drafts. For months!! Since 2016, hihi.

I went over my drafts and archive with @raide-draws-fanart. And Raide really encouraged me to post this! :D

All you need to know about this one? Welp, if you find this comic hard to understand, read this post by @queenanceltic first. I was inspired by it ;)

FINLAND 1 - 0 - 0 🇫🇮


1. You may call us Finland and Finns, but we call ourselves Suomi and suomalaiset.

2. Altho if you don´t mind, we would rather you did not call us anything ever. Actually if we could both pretend each other doesn´t even exist, that would be just great!

3. Yes we are a notoriously shy and reserved nation with a gigantic inferiority complex - especially when compared to our neighbor Sweden.

4. Who incidentally we loooooove beating in hockey.

5. Saimaannorppa aka Saimaa ringed seal can only be found in Finland and is highly endangered.

According to a count done in 2015, there are only about 320 individuals left, and therefore quite understandably whenever one is found dead in a fisherman´s net or by the hands of a poacher etc., it causes headlines and outrages.

6. 70% of Finland is made up of forests - that´s roughly the size of the entire area of the United Kingdom.

7. Finland was awarded the Summer Olympics for 1940, but then things got all sorts of fucked up thanks to Adolf & co., so those plans were scrapped even tho we had a brand-spanking new Olympic stadium and everything! Dammit!

Oh well, we were compensated in 1952 when we finally got the honor of hosting our only (so far) Olympic games.

8. Those 1952 Olympics were the first time Coca Cola was introduced to Finns.

9. No, we do not have polar bears.

10. We also don´t have KFC, Wendy´s or Dunkin´ Donuts.

11. Yes I am very upset about all those things mentioned above but especially about KFC.

12. Finland was the first country in Europe which gave women the right to vote (1906).

13. The Finnish language does not separate words such as “she” or “he”. We just use a gender-neutral “hän”, which means “that person”.

14. The national bird of Finland is the whooper swan.

15. Helsinki has the world´s most Northern metro system.

16. Savonlinna hosts their annual Opera Festival in a Medieval castle.

17. We are vindictive and petty as HELL. Just ask Silvio Berlusconi.


18. A Finnish person will drink approximately 129 litres of milk a year.

19. Some years ago, the word for mother (”äiti”) was voted the most beautiful word in the Finnish language.

20. Moomins are, as some of you MAY REMEMBER FROM A SPECIFIC DEBACLE FROM EARLIER THIS YEAR, from Finland and were created by OUR Miss Tove Jansson.

21. Unlike many other countries which after gaining independence tore down all statues and other remnants of their history under foreign rule, in Finland we chose to keep ours up as reminders of our past.

For example, on our main square aka the Senate Square you will find Czar Alexander II standing proudly.

22. And speaking of statues, one of the landmarks of Helsinki is Havis Amanda.

It depicts a mermaid who decides to leave the sea and walk on… well, not water.

Each year on April 30th, she is “crowned” with a cap, to represent all those who have graduated from secondary school and earned their caps.

23. As of 2010, internet access has been a legal right in Finland.

24. Do you have one of those cupboard things over your kitchen sink, the kind where you place your dishes to dry?

That was invented by a Finnish woman called Maiju Gebhard in 1945.

25. The longest word in the Finnish language is “epäjärjestelmällistyttämä­ttömyydelläänsäkäänköhän”, which loosely translates to “not even by her lack of organization, do you suppose”.

26. Angry Birds are from here.

27. Finland is also the birth place of the most successful ski jump champions of all time, Matti Nykänen.

28. After his sports career came to an end, Matti has been a permanent fixture in the tabloids with his… issues… involving alcohol abuse, domestic abuse (he even served time in prison for attempting to kill one of his many ex-wives) and an assortment of careers including stripping and now singing. 

He is also responsible for one of our most beloved and useful quotes of all time: back in the 80s when he was still jumping from towers and competing in Canada, he got into some “situations” and was sent back home as punishment. When he arrived at the airport, a journo asked him “Matti, did you drink alcohol?”, to which Matti replied “Maybe I did drink, maybe I didn´t drink”.

All bases covered then!

The man is a fucking genius.

29. There are absolutely ZERO public payphones anywhere in Finland.

30. For a very short period of time back in, Finland had a female president AND a  female Prime Minister. 

Sadly that arrangement came to an abrupt end when the Prime Minister was forced to resign over a scandal involving some sort of Iraq documents which I´m still, a decade later, completely baffled by.

31. As those who come on this blog surely know by now, Yours Truly is a passionate berry picker - and being a berry nut in Finland is easy indeed since a) we have one of the cleanest natures in the world and b) all living things you find in nature, you can keep - within reason, of course.

Usually a good principle is to keep about 100 meters distance from the nearest house. Other than that, you´re good to go!

32. People in in Northern Finland aka Lapland area have a very specific unit of measurement called the “poronkusema” which could be loosely translated to “Reindeer´s piss”. Roughly it means the distance a reindeer can walk before needing to urinate. It´s quite a long distance…

33. Our current President Sauli Niinistö is a survivor of the tragic tsunami which took place in South-East Asia on Dec 26, 2004. Over 200 000 people (including almost 200 Finnish tourists) died in one of the worst natural disasters of our time - Mr. Niinistö and his sons saved their own lives by climbing up a telephone pole and staying there for several hours.

34. In Finland October 13th is National Failure Day which aims to encourage people to share their failures and learn from them rather than hide their heads in shame and pretend all is well.

35. The REAL Santa Claus lives up in Rovaniemi and you can visit his village all year long.

36. Sheldon gave us a good laugh and an ego boost.

37. We like eating Rudolf with lingonberries and mash.

38. On some years we get A LOT of snow, but on others we get practically none. Back in 1997, in Lapland the snow reached up to 190 cm.

Incidentally I am 155 cm.

39. In the Finnish language there is an alphabet called Å which isn´t actually a part of a single Finnish word in the entire Finnish language - it is simply a remnant from our many centuries spent under Swedish rule.

40. Unesco has reported that Finland´s tap water is the cleanest in the world.

41. A handy Finnish saying: “Early bird catches the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese”.

42. For some God forsaken reason, Finland and Estonia have the same national anthem.

43. Sadly accurate these days.

44. Sadly accurate these days.

45. Rosina Heikel (1842 - 1929) was Finland´s and in fact the Nordic countries 1st female doctor.

46. When something is a failure/a dud, the common term in the English language is “a lemon”. Over here, it´s “susi”. Susi also means wolf.

47. And susi should not be confused with sisu! 

48. In Lapland you can spend your vacation in an igloo.

49. Fines for speeding are determined by the offender´s income. Basically if you earn more, you have to pay more. The highest fines have been over 100 000 €. Stay poor, kids!

50. Pamela Anderson´s grandparents were from Finland.

51. Yes we like getting our drinks on, and most of us go abroad to Tallinn to get our drinks on for a lot less €s.

52. In Lapland, the Sun never rises from November to January.

53. In reverse, the Sun never sets from June to July. We call it “The Nightless night”.

54. Finland has exactly 1 Eurovision victory under its belt.

55. In 2018 Saara Aalto will be repping us.

Please vote for us. Please?

56. Nokia became famous for their mobile phones, but originally they manufactured rubber boots.

57. We don´t dub movies or TV shows.

58. We do however sometimes give them ridiculous and extremely SPOILER ALERT-y names. For example, “The Shawshank Redemption” was translated to “Rita Hayworth - Key to escape”.

I mean… C´MOOOOON!

59. Sometimes that´s all you can do.

60. Simo Häyhä aka “White Death” was one of the deadliest snipers of all time. During a 3 month stretch of the Winter War, he shot roughly 200 Russian soldiers before getting shot in the face himself. He survived and lived to be 96.

61. We don´t use the 1 and 2 cent coins. You CAN try paying with them as they of course are legal currency, but there are no guarantees you´ll get very far.

62. Feb 14th may be a day for lovers for the rest of the world, but we know it as “Friend´s Day”.

63. Tipping is not (thankfully) a part of the Finnish culture.

64. The guy longing for Sven in Titanic (the coat dude) was portrayed as a Swede, but was actually a Finn called Jari Kinnunen.

65. Karelian pies with egg butter are the best thing ever.

66. Märket island which is situated between Finland and Sweden had to have the border lines twisted a bit because the Finns who built that lighthouse, accidentally built it on the wrong side…

67. While often named as one of the 5 Scandinavian countries, Finland isn´t technically even a part of Scandinavia: we ARE however a part of the Nordic countries.

68. If you are invited to a Finnish sauna, you are expected to go nude.

69. Finnish armed forces are mandatory for men but voluntary for women.

70. Moomin mugs are peculiarly popular especially among Asian tourists. They can sometimes pay even thousands for rare ones.

71. We never had vikings, but there is one viking tale about a princess called Skjalv, daughter of the Finnish King Froste (those aren´t even Finnish names…), who was stolen as war loot to Sweden but ended up strangling her captor with a gold chain. 

72. Our 4th president was Kyösti Kallio, who was forced to resign from office after the Winter War on December 19th 1940. On that same day he was about to step onto a train to take him back home for retirement, when during his final official ceremony at Helsinki Railway Station, in front of his soldiers and while the orchestra played, he suffered a fatal heart attack and died right there in front of everyone. Legend says he collapsed into the arms of our greatest war hero and later president himself, Marshall C.G.E. Mannerheim (seen in the white hat next to President Kallio).

73. Marshall Mannerheim is the only person in Finnish history who has been rewarded that particular military honor. In fact, he is and forever will remain the only person who has the title “Finland´s Marshall”, an honor bestowed upon him for his services to his home country during Finland´s tumultuous early years of independence.

A few years ago he was voted by the Finns themselves as the most important Finnish person of all time.

74. In June 1942, Adolf Hitler came to Finland to pay his respects to Marshall Mannerheim on his 75th birthday. As a little “souvenir” for future generations, the sneaky Finns recorded a snippet of his and Mannerheim´s private conversation.

It is the only known recording of Hitler speaking with a calm, normal voice, as he was very particular about only being filmed while screaming and ranting his ideologies.

75. Roughly 3 million tourists visit Finland each year and I think at least 2 500 000 of them are always going exactly where I´m going too.

76. We like to make things hard for foreigners.

77. We don´t have any mountains.

78. But we have lakes. We have a shit ton of lakes. 187 888 lakes to be precise.

79. FYI

80. All our days end with -tai (Monday = maanantai, Tuesday = tiistai etc.), except for Wednesday. Wednesday is called keskiviikko.

81. We have a lot of free time.

82. J. R. R. Tolkien used the Finnish national epoch the Kalevala as inspiration for the languages in the Lord of the Rings saga.

83. The St. Louis Arch was designed by a Finn called Eero Saarinen.

84. Every summer we arrange what is called Kaljakellunta aka “Beer float” which pretty much just consists of taking a floatie and a case of beer and… well, that´s about it.

85. If you want to enhance your sauna experience, you can use a birch whisk.

86. The bubble chair was designed by a Finnish man called Eero Aarnio.

87. Thursdays are the “official” pea soup and pancakes day all over Finland.

88. Finns love queuing.

89. Life expectancy for men is 78 years and for women 84 years.

90. In Tornio you can play golf in two countries:


91. Finns invented the so-called Molotov´s cocktail.

92. All people in Finland must pay a TV tax even if they do not they own a TV.

93.  We celebrate Christmas on the 24th of December.

94. Finns love salmiakki aka salty licorice.

I don´t, btw.

95. Finland is one of the few countries in Europe which has not banned sex with animals - and some actually take advantage of that loophole…



96. Armi Kuusela won the 1st ever Miss Universe pageant in 1952.

97. In 2006, Conan O´Brian did a sketch about looking like our then-president Tarja Halonen and it ballooned into a huge movement.

98. Weeeeell…

99. On every Independence day, the current president hosts a party at his residence for about 2 000 dignitaries, celebs, politicians etc. We riff raffers sit at home in our sweatpants and watch it on TV with some nachos and snarky comments.



Despite you reeeeally getting on my nerves SO MUCH and SO OFTEN, I still love you. 💙 💙 💙

Who told you that goddesses were thin?

Brighid keeps the cows,

And cows are heavy work—

She’s all shoulders, hips, and thighs,

Strong for the lifting.

Her heart remembers the son she keened for,

And so does her belly.


Stretch marks strike across Hera’s skin,

Lightning tattoos,

Fitting symbols of eternal loyalty.

Forever marked a wife, a mother,

Not a marble statue.

On the shores of her birthplace,

Aphrodite comes up dripping,

Breasts heavy, hips rolling like waves.

In Mauritania she overflows:

Fat (no hiding from that word,

No shame)

Cascades from her arms,

Rolls over her middle,

Puckers her thighs.

On every beach she has cellulite—

She is goddess of beauty,

Not goddess of the impossible.

Everywhere, she is adored.


Inanna, Queen of Heaven,

Feels no need to diminish herself

When the entire sky is hers to occupy.


radical softness is my way of regaining strength for my abundance of emotions and mental illness. it means healing publicly and sharing my emotions without shame. hiding my mental breakdowns behind closed doors is damaging and adds to the stigma behind mental illness. i acknowledge that not everyone is able to share themselves freely and that certain privileges make this easier for others. my main intention with this work is to show that vulnerability is not a sign of weakness. strength does not have to mean turning off how you feel and being guarded. it can be sharing yourself openly. it can be putting energy into healing. it can be documenting your emotions in-order to make others feel less alone. it can be refusing to be sorry for how you feel. radical softness embraces tenderness and emotionality-however they may look.

prints available here 

Third one of the NWY ficlets~

[first] [second]

Steve spends the entire ride mentally cursing at Sam for making him do this. He curses at Sam as he parks his scooter and grabs the pizza boxes, and for the entire climb up the stairs, but when he hears the “Clint, the pizza’s here!” and the door to the apartment finally opens, he outright vows to murder him.

Send your cutest delivery boy, the order had said. And yes, maybe it wasn’t a request he was supposed to take seriously, but standing in front of this man, Steve’s feeling miles more inadequate than he already was while trying to convince Sam to send anyone but him. The guy’s downright stunning, with shoulder-length, soft-looking hair, piercing icy-blue eyes, and a jawline so sharp it could cut diamonds. His arms are bigger than Steve’s waist, and he’s got a hint of stubble that Steve wishes he could feel everywhere on his skin.

“Delivery for Bucky Barnes?” he says, voice squeaky, and he can already feel his cheeks heating up. Yep, he’s killing Sam, and then he’s moving out of the country because he can’t risk ever running into this man again. He probably has some aunt or third cousin left somewhere in Ireland still.

For a few seconds the man just stares at him, mouth slightly agape and making it very clear that Steve’s not what he was expecting—big fucking surprise. Thank you, Sam—, but when the apology’s already on the tip of Steve’s tongue, the guy huffs out a disbelieving laugh and says, “Whoa… can’t believe that worked.”

“I’m sorry, I was the only one available,” Steve blurts out, mortified and blushing down to his toes and oh god, he can’t possibly have meant that, can he, and he all but shoves the pizza boxes into the man’s very impressive arms.

“Dude, are you shitting me,” the guy says, taking the boxes from Steve and licking his lips as he lets his gaze roam over Steve’s body. “I wrote that as a joke, but man I should’ve asked sooner. Hey, what’s your name?”

His smile as he hands him the money is playful and sincere and charming all at once.

“Steve,” Steve replies, his own lips curling up on their own accord and barely managing not to stutter. It makes the man—Bucky—perk up, and seriously, no one should be this adorable and sexy at the same time. The guy’s just plain disarming and Steve needs to leave right away because he’s one wrong inhale away from dying an embarrassing, asthma-induced death.

“Well, Steve,” he starts, winking at him, “my roommate happens to think pizza is the greatest invention since the bow and arrow, and Darlene’s is the best joint in the area by far, sooo… we’ll be ordering a lot from you guys. I hope I’ll see you around?”

It’s his tone that does it. Hopeful and slightly shy. Tentative when Steve would’ve pegged him for someone full of confidence. Steve takes a step forward as he pulls a sharpie from his pocket, and scribbles down his phone number on a pizza box before he can stop to think about what he’s doing.

“Call me when you want to order. I’ll, um, get you a discount,” he says. He’s pretty sure you could boil an egg on his face right now, but he goes on. “I’m off on Thursdays, but you can call me anyway…”

Bucky’s bright, ear-to-ear grin is definitely worth the embarrassment.


I don’t know why I hate being called “sir.”

I’m mean, the obvious reason is that I’m nonbinary. I don’t identify as either a man or a woman and so “sir” doesn’t apply to me. “Ma’am” doesn’t apply either, of course, and explaining nonbinary identity to a store clerk or server seems like too much effort most of the time. But my real aversion — the reason I really hate these gendered service words — is that they _are_ polite. I know it sounds crazy, and we aren’t used to thinking of it this way, but it is considered polite to affirm a person’s status in a gendered way. It’s polite to acknowledge another person’s place in the gender hierarchy.

Perhaps I’m just crazy. I know I’m sensitive. And, I know that being called ma’am or sir is normal for most folks. I know that it goes beyond normal. In most situations, people _expect_ it and take it as a clue that whoever is talking respects them. The customer, the Sir, feels heard and respected and seen. _Isn’t it funny that I feel the opposite?_ Isn’t it funny that, when someone “sirs” me, I get frustrated and feel like shouting “I’m not like every customer!” I want the salesperson to see me and understand me, and when they use the everyday expected words of commerce, I get antsy. I surely don’t want to stick around and eat and buy and shop.

Oh yes, I’m a snowflake. I’ll gladly admit it. But maybe all that “snowflake” connotes isn’t accurate. Snowflakes are supposed to be weak right? Maybe since I’ve survived years of being misunderstood and mischaracterized, I’m strong. Maybe since I’ve lived with a truth that, over the years, has had to be stuffed and sidelined and kept secret, I’m strong. Maybe since I’ve learned how to survive by hiding and cowering and swallowing shame, I’m strong. Shouldn’t our language show people like me the respect and specificity we deserve? Maybe we come up with new terms. Maybe we revamp some old ones. But something needs to change.

anonymous asked:

Hi if you don't mind telling me, what is "kin culture"? I see it so much on my dash as a joke and how people take it too far .

Basically it’s just how there was a community that was formed around being otherkin/fictionkin (which was popularized in 2015) just started going off the deep end REALLY fast due to people desperately wanting to feel special and marginalized for an identity that wasn’t even that big of a deal.

I shit all over ND tumblr but honestly ND tumblr has NOTHING on the trash fire that is the kin community. Off the top of my head I can list off the shit that made this community a mockery in a matter of a few years:

-Claiming that no one is allowed to be otherkin/fictionkin unless they are mentally ill, and anyone who does it for fun/coping is a “lesser” kin who has to call themselves a copinglink

-Claiming that hating otherkin is ableist

-People blocking, harassing, antagonizing and straight up stalking others for simply sharing the same identity as them

-^^How this shit was often encouraged to their friends which made this turn into a domino effect of awful

-Demanding for people to not kin outside their race (admittedly I took part in that a few years ago and I’m still trying to hide that shame), gender, sexuality, mental illnesses, disability and even demanding for abuse victims to out themselves to justify what they were doing

-People faking their race to not get called out for ID’ing outside their race

-Some kid attempted suicide because ONE person told them not to identify out of their gender

-the fact that the whole “id’ing out of your race is wrong” shit was invented by a bunch of abusive white girls that just wanted to have as little doubles as possible

-People throwing tempter tantrums and accusing the artists of being overdramatic simply for saying that they’re uncomfortable with ppl tagging their works as kin

-Edgy Abusive kinnies getting angry and acting like they’re oppressed for being avoded

-People justifying being assholes by saying “well my kintype is like this so it makes sense!”

-People straight up identifying with rapists????


-Someone straight up made a “fakes” list of all the doubles they could find

-So many fucking callouts holy shit

-kindating aka searching for ppl who are kin to their kin’s soulmates (some people would actually attempt to find a sibling to ship themselves with)

-People unironically inventing factkin and defending it aka “I believe in this actual human being”

-People who were deadass convinced that they were a character to the point of being destructive about it were never told off or corrected because apparently it’s ableist to try to help someone’s dangerous delusions???

-Again people being super SUPER fucking rude to content creators and demanding to be catered to like the sad losers they are

-Back To The callouts thing, there were a SHITTON in 2015-2016 because people were trying to use their petty vendetta’s against someone to call them out. “This person called me ugly but UMMM they’re WHITE and kin TWO Japanese characters???”

-that weird shit where white kinnies deadass gave themselves ethnic names and tried to police people on racism

-Alters??? With kintypes?????

-Kin Drama blogs

It was. A dumpster fire

the blue notebooks

time travel au

pairing: jimin | reader
genre: fluff, angst
word count: 8.575
warnings: none
author’s note: this story will have a sequel since there is much, much more I want to tell, but I wanted to keep it under 10k and I figured this part worked well as a standalone. please enjoy :)

You meet Park Jimin after a particularly rough landing.

You wish time traveling was as easy as the books like to describe, or as beautifully romantic as the movies depict. It is a concept that’s been overly embroidered with advantages that do not exist — and even if normal humans see it as a fortuitous skill, one they long to have, they rarely realize that having a normal life is out of the question for your kind. Even so, there is no point in wishing for something that won’t happen in this lifetime, not with the time traveling genes burning strong within your veins.

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"Look mommy! She's got polka dots!"

(OR: A surprising ending)

So, I have very bad acne on my face. Since I don’t wear any makeup to cover it up- as that would make it worse- it’s always noticeable. Well, there were these kids- probably 5 at the oldest- at work the other day. One of them saw me as I was working, pointed at me and exclaimed: “Look mommy! She’s got polka dots!”

I immediately wanted to hide in shame. The mom didn’t say anything, and I walked away. Later I saw the kids again, and the same one pointed at me and said the same thing.

This time the mom responded, and, without looking at me or missing a beat, she said:

“Yes, she’s very beautiful, isn’t she?” And the kids replied:

“Yeah! Very beautiful!”

I went from wanting to cry of shame to almost crying of happiness. I hope that mom knows how much that means to me, that she would call me beautiful.

A secret video from my TED talk!!! Someone in the audience sent me this💛💛💛the full video is coming soon, I hear…..

[what you were taught is wrong with you, is your greatest asset as an activist. The thing you were taught to hide and feel shame about, is what is going to make you a potent activist moving forward. It’s going to start a new age for you in activism.]