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As my way of thanking you guys for all of the support and cheers through my ups and down times, I would like to create a giveaway event! :D

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I bought a vintage leopard pelt from an antique shop yesterday and my gosh it is breathtaking and awe-inspiring..I don’t support the animal trade but since it’s vitage, I allowed myself to buy this amazing beauty. Leopards are amazing creatures and just speak to me, spiritually and artistically. 

When I got my own house, it will get a special altar…

A list of very important canon facts about Kaneki/Sasaki:

  • Apart from Hinami, Kaneki also taught Banjou how to read and write.
  • Kaneki gave Hinami a professional haircut.
  • When Kaneki was told he should get a mask, his first thought was:
  • Kaneki thinks that Touka looks cute. He comments that Tsukiyama looks like a model. He also said that that Rize, Arima and Takatsuki Sen are beautiful. And in :re, he describes Yomo as “an elegant man“.
  • Kaneki once told Shachi to “eat shit”.
  • Even though Kaneki is a little shy, he once played the leading part in a play and is surprisingly good at acting. He’s very bold while up on the stage.
  • Kaneki’s date with Rize was his first outing ever with a girl.
  • Kaneki’s perfect idea of a date is a “bookstore date”.
  • Kaneki once told Hide that if he were a ghoul, Hide would be very dead.
  • When he first realized he was turned into a ghoul, Kaneki sprinkled coffee on a slice of bread in hopes of masking the taste and tried eating it.
  • Kaneki was worried that he’d get banned from Anteiku because of Hide and won’t be able to see Rize.
  • Kaneki’s battlesuit was designed by Tsukiyama.
  • Sasaki has a banana poster in his room.
  • Kaneki touches his chin when he tells a lie.
  • Whenever Sasaki has to work with Suzuya, he always prepares candy for the other in his pockets.
  • Juuzou stole money from Kaneki in TG and returned it to Sasaki in TG:re.
  • Sasaki loves disguising himself. Kaneki not so much.
  • Kaneki has a talent for drawing. Even Rize commented on it.
  • When he didn’t know how to fight in the beginning, Kaneki attacked Rize with a pencil and Nishiki with a bag.

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When you see your ex in public and you are all alone #Hide

Hidekane Week

Day 1 ––– Introductions / First Day of School / Hanging Out

Yes, that’s right, get ready for a whole week of these two. This is a really quick drawing, but look, I just wanted to make fanart where these two had each other the whole damn time. Through thick and thin. Through everything.

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