Headcanon Requests!

Instead of answering each ask, I decided to compile all of them in one single post. Enjoy!

For @lillsunx, #15 (Hands)

Well, not only are Jacob’s hands efficient and feared in combat, they are good to feel on you when you need your spirit lifted or when you are desperate for his touch. The emotions he feels go straight to his hands and be it a punch, a squeeze on the shoulder, or a caress, you will know what Jacob is feeling just by the sensitivity of his fingers.

For @residentwitchbitch, #30 (Sex)

Ah yes…sex. Well, not much is left to say on this one. Jacob can be both a beast and the most gentle of men when in intimacy. But in whatever mood he could be in, Jacob never, ever disappoints which unfortunately will leave you wanting for more.

For @bravegryffindor0215, #16 (Smile)

It’s a charm he is oblivious to. Like an hidden gem only some treasure while he takes it for granted. It’s bright and can warm your heart and mind even in the most tedious of situations. Little does Jacob know that many are fascinated by his innocent smile and that does that see it, never forget it.

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For @assassinwriter88, #1 (Love) and #17 (Scars).

Jacob wears his heart on his sleeve which makes him a very outgoing loving person. Sometimes that doesn’t work for the best but it’s what makes him…him! Jacob is not one to hide his loving emotions for you, whether a good friend or a lover, and in the little spare time he may have he will devote it all to remind you how dear you are to him in all ways possible.

He tries not to be self-conscious of them. Most of them are from fights and memories he will never forget but instead of wincing at their permanent presence, he tries to forget about them and rather tells the stories behind them, making any sudden sadness on the marks on his body and face die into a long night of heroic tales his body will forever bear.

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Thanks so much for your asks and I hope these small headcanons were good enough for you all. I will delete the original post sometime this weekend and perhaps post a new list later on this end of year. See you in the next update! 😊

natey-night  asked:

Top 10 PPG hidden gems?


1-2) The Anubial Jewels, the two ruby gemstones that Mojo stole from the Townsville Museum and hid in his lair until he decided to use them to turn everyone in town into dogs.

3-10) The eight prettiest gems Mojo got his dog minions to steal from all around Townsville and hid in his lair until he decided to use them to power a machine (also utilizing the aforementioned Anubial Jewels) to turn everyone in the world into dogs.


Would you believe that. out of all places, this came from a Garfield TV Special?

it was called Garfield and His Nine Lives, back from the 80s where Garfield was a juggernaut rather than an ironic joke, and it’s one of the weirdest, most experimental things to come out of American TV animation, and I wish more mainstream stuff would take risks like this.

You can watch the whole special in three parts on Youtube, and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a hidden gem…

important things to remember

  • three houses stood between harry potter and pansy parkinson
  • mr & mrs weasley fought the battle of hogwarts without knowing where ron was
  • harry was so caught up in battle prep he forgot about the horcrux thing
  • neville & his herbology buddies threw mandrakes @ death eaters 
  • then neville used venomous tentacula to ensnare them
  • sir cadogan being IN HIS ELEMENT and rushing from painting to painting shouting encouragement @ people
  • mrs norris hissed & batted at owls
  • firenze showed up to fight 
  • poor hermit bewildered alberforth dealt w/ literally hundreds of people passing in & out of his house & then came to fight when he realized what was happening
  • slughorn finally decided his loyalties
  • ron: “so what’s new with you?”
  • colin creevy snuck back in after the evacuation
  • ron went after the basilisk fangs & remembered parseltongue to get them
  • hermione’s quick thinking w/ that slide literally saved their lives
  • mrs augusta longbottom put on her hat before she came to see what the what was up @ hogwarts
  • even the Headless Hunt people showed up
  • all the portraits encouraged ppl
  • instead of grieving in the great hall, ginny went outside, probably to be alone, and found it in herself to comfort a scared, lost girl whimpering for her motherneville & wood gathering the dead
  • professor trelawney throwing crystal balls down @ people
  • percy cursed the minister of magic & cracked a joke
  • minerva in her tartan dressing gown w/ a flock of galloping desks trailing behind
  • peeves dropped snargaluff pods onto death eaters so they were covered in wriggling, fat green worms
  • a dying snape was still with it enough to give harry those memories
  • He is dead!
  • mcgonagall’s scream
  • He beat you!
  • neville charged voldemort and mouthed off to him & slayed tf out of that snake
  • hagrid had his bro carry him from the cave to hogwarts, got shoved through a window, got carried away by giant spiders, and sobbed & carried dead harry all the way back to hogwarts
  • the rest of the centaurs, everyone & their mom, the threstrals, and even buckbeak came to fight
  • kreacher leading all the house elves w/ carving knives & cleavers stabbing & hacking @ death eaters
  • Not my daughter, you bitch!
  • harry literally waited until the opportune moment to reveal himself & it was so dramatic. bless him, sirius would’ve been so proud.
  • harry tried to get voldy to try remorse and redeem himself
  • ppl throwing food out the window into grawp’s mouth
  • blessed luna saw that harry was exhausted & distracted ppl so he could get out of the great hall
  • peeves immediately made up a verse about moldy voldy
  • harry: i’ve had enough trouble for a lifetime. *immediately joins the aurors*

SUGA: The Superstar Persona

  • Genius producer, rapper and piano lover
  • Loves to scream ARMYs’ name
  • The legend says he actually has a forehead
  • Stopped caring since 2013
  • A workaholic who closes himself in his studio rarely sleeps and when he does it in there too
  • Always regrets something cringy Yoongi did in the past
  • A well-behaved rapper that apologizes to his haters because he is doing way better than them.
  • Loves Rolexes
  • Turns into fire things and break mics and ride bikes in museums but it seems no one is even trying to stop him. I mean who can?

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MIN YOONGI: Min Holly’s Father & Main Persona

  • Basketball, lamb skewers, and Kumamon lover
  • Always exhausted because of Suga so all he wishes for is a pillow
  • Loves to scream JHOPE’s name
  • Spends more of 90% of his love on Min Holly. 
  • The legend says he rarely wears clothes at home or to sleep
  • Only owns black clothes and looks hot in a leather jacket
  • When Suga is taking a break from working he watches Netflix in the studio
  • Contrary to Suga who keeps the studio clean he is very messy at home
  • Used to take Jungkook’s underwear to show dominance somehow
  • Remarkably savage
  • Loyal and supportive friend
  • Enjoy touching the members’ butt and thighs.
  • Good at managing money and supports his family
  • Contrary to his other personas he is very shy 
  • Cheats at every game and get caught every time
  • Fixes anything the others break especially Namjoon

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YOONJI: The baddest female Persona

  • Loves herself
  • Does not scream because when she talks the whole room listens
  • The most popular girl at school but does not even care
  • Sharp tongue and owns a million clap back
  • Is not swoon by sweet words or handsome faces
  • You either love her or want to be her
  • Have the prettiest legs
  • was a maid some years ago but went missing after she murdered hip hop. She changed her hairstyle and no one noticed.
  • Owns a gun (I told you she is a killer)

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AGUST D: The Berzerk Persona

  • Beat rider 
  • Middle finger up to the world 
  • loves to scream A to the G to the U to the STD
  • The strongest persona
  • His main muse in Pre-debut Yoongi and the struggles he had
  • Is not afraid to talk about sensible subjects 
  • A full-time bias wrecker
  • A rap so strong you will get chills and lyrics so real you will cry
  • Have THE tongue technology that can turn on both males and females
  • Blond hair never looked better
  • Scars and screams never looked so hot
  • Just like Suga he destroys things 

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Pre-debut Yoongi: Hidden Gem Core Persona  

  • Loved by Agust D but Suga refuse to admit he is the original persona mainly because of his haircut
  • Looks young and frail but has the strongest will to achieve his dreams
  • Misunderstood and disliked by his classmates but the other personas will make them later thankful to have ever known him
  • Everyone said he will fail but he is ‘fine sorry”
  • Is the reason why the other personas are very open-minded and wise
  • He became a hidden persona that only comes out through Agust D’s lyrics as he promised Yoongi to make him happy someday
  • He is still there but only the closest ones to Yoongi can see him

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Father Louis Williams Suga Adams The third: The Done Persona

  • Washes your sins by giving you the middle flower finger
  • Does not care if your story is boring (Actually does not care at all)
  • He holds grudges
  • Probably quit after getting bored of his job

Yoongi have the most charming sides but the ones named above are just the tip of the iceberg who knows which persona he will reveal next. 

By @mimibtsghost

Lesser Known Villain Songs - YouTube
Not always from the best movies, varying in obscurity, these are the villain songs that get lost in the shuffle amongst the big guns. Hopefully you'll be abl...

Welp, I figured I might as well make a playlist for the various underrated/underplayed/underknown villain songs I’ve found!

While I may be stretching the idea of “lesser-known,”along with including song that’re more “The Villain Sucks” songs, I figured that the ones outside of the classics deserved a spotlight of their own!

I hope y’all find at least one you haven’t heard before, and if you know of a villain song that needs more love, tell me in the reblogs or asks, and I’ll add it!


I haven’t watched the latest episode yet, and it took me way too long to realise that Reiner and Bertholdt were not, in fact, trying to dance

anonymous asked:

Ok I need this information to stay sane. what chat and which dialogue option you choose to get that answer about Zen's needy mind HOW COME I MISSED THIS GEM also if it's not a problem you once posted a screen of chat where Zen's talks about a character he is going to play who is awfully like him but he's so oblivious about it. I was laughing my ass for solid ten minutes and this post still makes my day but I did all routes and I wasn't lucky to get it T__T When did that chat happen?

Here’s all the info, dear ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡ – ✧

Zen’s “kinda stupid” character:
Casual common route day 2, “Romance novel company” (8:05 pm). Skip the chat. Or just don’t participate in it, read it later. I recommend that you miss all chats in the prologue at least once (it takes zero effort and zero hgs after all :P), because all the characters tend to say new things when you’re not around. Like Jaehee mentioning playing hide-and-seek with Elizabeth “using the butterfly toy” or Zen calling V “mom”.


Needy Zen
Day one, “Zen’s expectation” (around 9:50 pm). This one is tricky because it’s one of three options that branches from a branch of three options (if that makes sense lol). I replayed day one so many times, and yet I only found this gem yesterday by accident. Pick “I’m excited for all the things to come” after he asks you how you feel about joining the RFA. He’ll say something very flirty. And now we play dumb:


Conspiracy theorist Lee Junwoo: Exhibit A, Exhibit B

that itty bitty smile ugh

Favorite LGBTQ+ books

Okay so I said I was gonna make a list of my favs, so here ya go. Some of them are hidden gems, and not very well known but trust me they are good!!! Also sadly only 2 are f/f bc my book store obviously hates me and doesn’t sell many :( 

A Boy Worth Knowing by Jennifer Cosgrove   (m/m ft bisexual rep)

Queen of Geeks by Jen Wilde   (f/f + m/f ft bisexual and autistic rep, poc main) 

Peter Darling by Austin Chant  (Trans main character, m/m) 

Everything Leads to You by Nina LaCour   (f/f)

Wonders of the Invisible World by Christopher Barzak  (m/m)

We Are the Ants by Shaun David Hutchinson  (m/m) 

When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore  (trans main character, poc mains)

The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue by Mackenzi Lee (m/m plus bisexual rep and possible ace rep, also poc main character)

Carry On by Rainbow Rowell  (m/m)

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz   (poc mains, m/m) 

Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli   (m/m)

Leo Loves Aries by Anyta Sunday  (m/m)

The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich  (m/m)

Annd now my fav Lgbt+ themed series

The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater (ft bisexual rep, m/m)

All for the Game by Nora Sakavic  (m/m) 

Iron Breakers by Zaya Feli ( I literally finished all 3 books in a day ITS SO GOOD, m/m) 

i’ll add on to this list in the future!!