- There was a party last night, guess you slept over, guess I’m making you breakfast.

The sizzle and pop of cooking fat was what brought her to the very surface of sleep, but the smell of cooking bacon and butter was what really woke her up. The moment her eyes cracked open, her head starts pounding roughly at the beat of the music last night, so she groaned.

‘Hey, finally up, huh?’ a cheerful voice asked her. She moaned back at it, but manages to locate Hiccup at the counter of his kitchen, skillet and pan in his hand, wearing long pyjama trousers and a tshirt, hair tussled and bite marks all along his neck.

Oh, right, that was her.

When she’d let Ruff drag her to this party last night, because it was the unmissable year-opening event that her brother always threw in this ‘friends’ condo, she hadn’t expected to end up on the condo owner’s couch, making out with the condo owner himself. Memories - very pleasant ones - of lips and teeth and warm hands - of the night’s conversation and activities, and of the very good wine he’d offered only to her, came to her like a summer breeze, soothed slightly by the glass of water and pain killer he’d left of her on the coffee table. She sat up properly and drained it till the last drop, looking down at herself, then at him consideringly.

Her dress was smooshed from sleeping in it, but untouched. She hadn’t drunk enough last night to have any sort of problem save a sore head, and she very clearly remembered being all for it, and while he’d been receptive, he’d also insisted they take a rain-check to when her blood-alcohol levels wouldn’t get her arrested in 15 countries. Now he was making her bacon, and if nose wasn’t kidding, scrambled egg and coffee too.

Well, rain-check wasn’t no, so she was going to test the waters. The moment her feet hit the carpet though, his voice rang out again.

‘Watch where you put your feet! The bathroom’s free, last door down the corridor.’

Astrid eyed him curiously, then actually looked down at the floor to see that it was, in effect, littered with drunk, comatose people. Even the smell of food hadn’t woken them - Ruff was entangled with some muscly tattooed guy in a corner, and Astrid looked away before she took in too much detail, as she had no wish to see more of her roommate than she should.

She did run a quick trip to the bathroom - mostly to make sure that she was presentable. She washed her face, ridding it of any smudged make-up, got her hair in order with a quick rubberband bun, straightened her dress, then skipped back outside.

None of the others had awakened yet, she was glad to note, so she assessed the situation quickly. Hiccup was loading the plates - only two, she saw with an internal cheer - and he’d soon be done unless he was the type to do the dishes right aw- Astrid paused her train of thought as she saw him loading the dishwasher. Damn his arse was fine.

Her options were two; play it cool, or risk it and go up behind him for a quick embrace. She quietly sneaked up the corridor, dodging sleeping bodies (how many people were there?!) and on a whim, went with option two.

The moment he straightened, she snaked her arms around his middle, looking up at him cheekily over his shoulder when he turned to peek at her. Much to her satisfaction, he blushed but he also smiled, seeming not at all averse to her proximity.

‘Good morning, milady,’ he said, tony light and lilting. Good, so he did want to take that rain-check after all. ‘I made breakfast, and we can either eat it here, or -’ he nodded towards the corridor, ‘- in a more private setting. Which do you prefer?’

Great, he was smart, hot, was giving her the option, and now that she could see him in the light, had the most bewitching pair of eyes she’d ever seen. Not to mention the fetching blush that was running up his cheeks the longer she pressed her boobs to his back. This was a done deal.

‘Bring the tray,’ she said, stepping back slightly, and running a finger across one of the bruises her teeth had left on his white skin. It was so gratifying when he shivered. Astrid hadn’t exactly run the gamut of boys, but this one was so fascinating, and the barriers and gentlemanly moves he kept putting up made her want to push the envelope. ‘Say, do you have an en-suite?’ she asked.

He saved the plate and its content just on time. ‘Er, um, I … ‘ He cleared his voice. By now, sunlight streaming on his face directly from the large windows opposite, Astrid could conclude that he looked gorgeous in red. ‘Yes, I do as a matter of fact,’ he finally stammered, turning to get the coffee pot and putting it on the tray too. Astrid grabbed two mugs off the counter and sauntered off, making sure to swing her hips as much as possible.

‘Good, I’m feeling a little gross…’ she said leadingly. She opened the door he indicated with the key he had on the tray to find a thankfully empty room, fairly clean and hardly musty even after all the fumes from last night and the locked door and windows.

‘I’d offer you a pair of pyjamas if you like? Or sweat-pants and t-shirts should fit…’

She waited for him to put the tray on his desk before she answered.

‘I think I’ll be fine in just the water.’

I’m sort of bummed the previous one did not get that many notes, but I do so like this one as well.

“I just love race to the edge so much. I don’t see anything wrong with it where I stand. There were amazing character moments for all of them, awesome action scenes, a pretty cool soundtrack, new and interesting plot lines, toothless being his awesome self and even some really sweet Hiccstrid moments. I don’t see any reasons to complain, & even if I could come up with something I don’t like about it I know it will be fixed. The episodes out now are awesome and I know the new ones will be more so.”

anonymous asked:

Do you think we will possibly see a moment in future Rtte episodes where Hiccup asks Astrid to be his girlfriend?

Doug Sloan and Art Brown have guaranteed we’ll see Hiccstrid become an official couple by the end of Race to the Edge! The question is whether or not Hiccup is the one who asks Astrid to be his girlfriend, or if Astrid asks Hiccup, or if they mutually talk it through and decide this together. To that, I don’t have a very solid prediction. Personally, I vote that they should talk it through together. However it happens, I’ll be happy to see it on screen, but if I had a vote, that’s how I would like it most. :)

Blind Spots 4: Fighting & Hiding

A/N: Hello there, I’m back with another one-shot in my Blind!Hiccup universe. It’s Hiccstrid fluff, though it doesn’t start out very fluffy, but I hope it makes people smile. 

Fighting and Hiding

The day had started out the same as most other days. Hiccup had gone through his normal morning routine: Be woken by Toothless, get up, dress, put blindfold on, put boots on, play with Toothless, fail to find sketchbook at usual location, try to teach Toothless that he shouldn’t knock things off the desk during playtime, crawl around bedroom to find where the sketchbook had gone this time, go downstairs.

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This started from a prompt but took a turn and ended up completely different. Started going a little NSFW but turned around again. Eh. Takes place in my little Modern University AU. I struggled a bit with them going a little OOC.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Astrid wasn’t quite sure how it happened. It had started with catching up after class. Eating nachos and drinking beer in the warm summer evenings over piles of homework turned into Netflix binge watching as the weather turned cold and grey.

Astrid glanced across at Hiccup, his face was lit by the glow of her laptop which was propped up on a chair by her bed. He was engrossed in whatever action flick they’re put on earlier. Astrid couldn’t even remember what it was they had chosen.

She couldn’t imagine having a friend like Hiccup in high school. They would have run in completely different circles, yet somehow they had come together, bonding over a shared competitive streak of who could get the better assignment marks. There was something about his approachable personality and his easy laugh that had Astrid asking Hiccup to stay after their homework was done.

Nearing the mid-semester break of their first year of university, it felt like they had been friends for years. Astrid was almost wishing she wasn’t going home for the six week break. As much as she missed Stormfly, she was going to miss hanging out with Hiccup who was staying because he couldn’t get the time off work.


“Huh?” Astrid tuned back into the world around her. The movie had ended and Hiccup had caught her staring at him. “Sorry, just thinking. Hand me my drink?” She reached out towards one of the bottles on the bedside table and Hiccup handed Astrid her now lukewarm beer.


“Just… this,” Astrid gestured loosely to their position on her bed. “Drinking and movies. What will I do when I’m back at home and I don’t have you to tell me which movies I need to watch?” The beers she had consumed earlier had Astrid acting uncharacteristically flirty.

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I kinda have this headcanon that Hiccup and Astrid didn’t tell their kids how  Hiccup lost his leg for the first few years, but instead would use it as a potential future consequence for misbehaving.  

Like, “Eat your vegetables.”


“I didn’t either when I was your age. Guess what happened?”


My leg fell off.”

*kid gasps, shovels veggies into mouth*

Or something like that. Gobber makes it even worse. “Gobber, did you not eat your vegetables?” “I did eat my veggies, why?” “Then how did your leg fall off? And your arm?” And then Gobber leans in really close and whispers,

“I refused to take a bath. If you don’t wash them, they get so dirty they fall off.” 

Everyone gets in on it. It’s the unwritten parenting rule: you back up each other’s silly imaginary consequences. Hiccup’s leg becomes the toddler terrifying shorthand for a while. Want your kid to stop doing something? Tell them that’s how Chief Hiccup lost his leg. Want them to do something? Tell them if they don’t their leg will fall off and that’s what happened to Chief Hiccup. Go ask him, he’ll tell you. It falls apart after a few years and the kids start getting old enough to question these things, but while they are little? Don’t talk back to your mother, or your leg will fall off.