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Omegaverse!Vikturi with their first baby? How did Yuuri react when he found out? And Viktor? let's add loving uncle yet won't-admit-he-likes-kids Yurio :3

Yuuri would be delighted. I feel like he would find out at some ridiculous time in the morning, and he would run into their shared bedroom, shaking Viktor awake with tears streaming down his face, passing him the positive tests. Viktor would look at them in awe, still half asleep, but when it sunk in that they were going to be having a baby together, he pulled Yuuri into a tight hug, whispering thankful words and kissing him.

When the baby is born, Yurio comes over to congratulate them (although he doesn’t say that’s what it’s for). When he holds them for the first time, his eyes widen.
“It’s a tiny human,” he whispered. Viktor chuckles, but Yurio is completely awed.
He then influences them with his fashion choices, and as much as Yuuri is hesitant to let his child wear the Yurio-like clothes, he lets them wear them anyway. Yurio is still proud that he somehow managed to convince them to let the six-week old wear leopard print.

The Nickolas Muray papers have been fully digitized and are available to view online.

The papers include biographical materials (including Olympic identification cards!), correspondence, writings, and printed and photographic materials. Muray was known for his portrait, fashion, and celebrity photography and was also known for having maintained a long distance affair with artist Frida Kahlo throughout the 1930s.

Image citation: Nickolas Muray standing on a ladder at a photography set, ca. 1930 / unidentified photographer. Nickolas Muray papers, 1910-1978. Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution.

Chloe suddenly finds Nathaniel attractive, a future AU
  • Enter Nathaniel, struggling artist in university who’s short on cash
  • So he start poses for some figure drawing classes
  • (he’s not bad looking)
  • Chloe isn’t there, but several budding fashion designers
    • fun fact if you want to do any design whatsoever you have to take drawing classes
  • This is how he gets work as a small model
  • Holy shit, he’s good at modeling, the red hair and striking eyes and pointed features and-he’s unique
    • people get crushes on this boy super easily-he’s quieter and polite but a fierce muse who recognizes the art
  • So that’s how Gabriel signs him on for the season
  • Enter Chloe, student at university, probably studying politics or something
  • She’s not in love with Adrien, but she goes to his fashion shows because he needs the support and Marinette is studying in New York for the semester
  • Can you imagine her surprise when this hot redheaded boy appears behind Adrien in the lineup? In stripes, no less! 
  • She’s fucked. 
  • At the after party, she figures out it’s Nathaniel, and figures out that half the girls in the room are pining after him, and a quick google search reveals his press so far.
  • He sees her again after all that time and she’s a stammering idiot, because he’s hot, like hot-enough-to-stand-next-to-Adrien-in-a-runway-show hot. 
  • She apologizes for how she acted in grade school towards him because although she’s not the kindest girl in the world, she at least has a better grasp of what can happen to you when you’re cruel.
  • He let it go years ago but appreciates the sentiment. He compliments her appearance.
    • “You grew up nicely. I always thought it was unfair how pretty you were in school because you were so mean to me, but it’s even worse now!”
  • Look at his stupid blue eyes, and that stupid red hair pulled back into a bun, look at his stupid soft skin and AHHHHH
  • She’s fucked.

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Actually the guy is dressed in a jfashion style called "Lolita". It's a popular fashion that grabs inspiration from Victorian era clothing and has many substyles such as goth and sweet. Lolita fashion HATES dd/lg and hates being synonymous with that horrible book. So while that dude gives me the creeps, his fashion isn't that of pedo origin.

why is it called lolita ffs if it hates being synonymous with the title of a book about a child rapist?

an adult male dressing like that cannot divorce himself from the message he’s projecting to the world. beyond creepy. if i saw him walking around when i was a little girl i would feel sick and wrong with myself. 

like i hate to be all “what about the children” but what about the children? does anyone care about the constant sexualization and even pornification of girlhood or nah?

Luke likes to make sure his beloved padawans have fun in addition to training and preparing for the inevitable battles they’ll soon have with the first order. He takes Finn to bazars on planers they visit to indulge his fashion interest& he sneaks Rey exotic sweets from the different trading posts they pass through and finds old engine parts to help both of them make their own speeders in addition to light sabers.

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i’ve been waiting to draw this for weeks now