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36. Are they trained in riding? Who taught them? What sorts of animals or vehicles do they know how to ride? What about flying?

In which we talk of my dead best friend and wtf that has to do with warcraft OC’s mounts.

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> Explain via elaborate chalkboard diagram.

The queen’s main duty, as explained by the changeling, is to provide food for her subjects.
Since changelings feed on love, their main source of energy is provided by the queen’s love for her hive, which is in turned fueled by the hive’s love for the queen.

While she could fulfill that duty just fine, she was still just an itty-bitty changeling queen, and so required a regent to oversee most of the governmental work. However, this particular regent turned out to have higher ambitions

i need more modern day jaytim were they go to different colleges and Tim tells his friends about how his boyfriend is an English major, and a TA, and how he calls Tim at 3am to rant about how his roommate thinks Star wars and Star Trek are the same thing. so all of Tim’s friends have this image of his boyfriend and they all think he’s this nerdy sweet looking guy, but are stunned when Jason comes to visit and is clad in his leather jacket, looking like he’s just got out of a bar fight and swearing up a storm like ????are we being punk’d Tim wtf????

Headcanon: Bruce is a HUGE supporter of the phrase “Do as I say, not as I do.”

He used it a lot on Dick, which led to a lot of arguments–

“I can do that too!”

“What? No, Dick, you’re eight, you can’t.”

“But you do it!”

“Do as I say, not as I do.”

And also used it on Jason (or rather, used it before Jason could argue)–

“Look, Pops, you did–”

“For the love of–not again–Jay, do as I say, not as I do, okay?”

He didn’t use it much with Tim, the only exceptions being when he asserted his seniority.

“No, Tim, you can’t.”

“I’m preeetttyyy sure I can, actually. Besides, you do it, so–”



“Just…just do as I say, not as I do, got it?”

It…didn’t really work with Cassandra…

“I know you think you know, but listen, you need to do as I say, not as I do–aaaaand she’s gone.”

Damian hates the phrase with a PASSION.

“I’ll do it.”

“No, you won’t, you’re not allowed. Permission denied.”

“But you did it!”

“Do as I say, not as I do, let’s go.”

Dick commiserates until one time Damian is fighting him on something and he just snaps, “Do as I SAY, not as I DO, damnit!”

Dick stops suddenly as the words leave his mouth. He is HORRIFIED.

“Oh my god,” he moans, covering his face. “I’m becoming Bruce. I’M BECOMING BRUCE.”

“What’s wrong with–”


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What are the bat boys like in high school?

-Dick is considered pretty nerdy until he suddenly has a growth spurt, his voice deepens, and he fills out. He gets a lot of attention then, but overall things don’t change that much. He’s still on the competitive math team, He runs for class president and gets it. He also dates a lot.

-Jason is always reading. He has one or two good friends, and a book is always in his hand. Even when the teacher is teaching. He gets straight A’s but gets into the occasional fight when he see’s something bad going on. Other than that he’s a decent student.

-Tim has his assignments finished early. He has a decent size group of friends, and is in a few clubs. However, he usually sleeps through his first class, because there’s no amount of coffee that keeps him awake that early in the morning.He records the lectures.

-Damian is seen as cool and aloof. He gets all the assignments at the beginning of the semester and gets them done by week three. After that he just shows up for the tests, and the days they play dodge ball.