Hi*Fi Music Festival

Here she is! This sweet treat is “Alveare”, which means Beehive in Italian. She’s my contribution to @mmoderngallery’s @hifructosemag Crime On Canvas art exhibition in The Western Hotel Life Is Beautiful Music Festival So many beautiful and amazing artworks are on display there this weekend, if you’re rocking out in Las Vegas don’t miss this amazing showing!

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head to toe dressed in a black three piece suit.
i dont think my ovaries can handle this.


This is so beautiful

Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm
Darren Criss
Happy To Keep His Dinner Warm

Old fashion love and marriage and devotion….how romantic!

This one hits so many Darren Criss sweet spots:

- It is from “How to Succeed in Business………  “

- It is traditionally a song sung by a girl/woman

- Darren does not change the pronouns

- Darren does change the lyrics to include a call for marriage equality

As always …I have no idea who created this mp3…but would love to give them credit.


“I came up with the title ‘Mobile Orchestra’ because I travel and make music all the time and that’s what the title means. Inspiration doesn’t care about convenience so I often find myself working in hotel rooms, on airplanes, trains, tour buses, backstage in the green room, even outside on the patio at my house.”