Hi*Fi Music Festival

My cuties.

Tom has been living with Rodney Crowell in preparation for his upcoming role as Hank Williams. Just so happens that Rodney was performing at the Wheatland Music Festival in Remus, Michigan this weekend and Tom tagged along with to practice performing. Grant and I were watching another performer, Sarah Jarosz from the “backstage” area. Just so happens that Tom was watching as well. He took a seat next to Grant and I and had a chat with Grant about his musical background and the role. He even talked to us after to see how he did on stage. He’s such a genuinely nice person. 

Happy 21st Wheatland, Grant!


“I came up with the title ‘Mobile Orchestra’ because I travel and make music all the time and that’s what the title means. Inspiration doesn’t care about convenience so I often find myself working in hotel rooms, on airplanes, trains, tour buses, backstage in the green room, even outside on the patio at my house.”

For me dance is:
It’s a gift that becomes entrenched in the soul. Those of us who feel this way have trouble describing it to those how don’t, But i see it like this; There’s a point when the movement and the music grab hold of you and fill you so completely that you become more than a body moving trough space; You become art!

- Rhee cold.