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psychstudious  asked:

Hi! I'm taking an ethics class my first quarter of my freshman year of college and I'm wondering what topics in ethics I should prime myself on before I start school next month?

hi! that’s awesome - i fuckin’ love ethics and it’s my main focus! i sincerely hope you enjoy it :) if you’re taking an intro level class (which i’m assuming you are - usually you can’t take higher level ethics classes without fulfilling some prerequisites) then i don’t think you really need to do any studying beforehand - your professor will explain everything thoroughly and teach under the assumption that you don’t have a background knowledge of ethics.

however, if you wanna get ahead or whatever, a good place to start are the three main kinds of ethical theory:

i’ve provided a fuck ton of reading material here, none of which i think is necessary to be well-informed on prior to starting your introductory ethics class, so you can just pick and choose which topics sound interesting to you to get a little taste of what you’ll most probably be learning :)

additionally, throughout the course of your class if you ever have any questions i’m always happy to help ^_^

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Bokuto headcanons: He's a dance King, he dabs after every spike and raps after he wins a match. He really loves High School Musical. His favorite place for a date is the closest amusement park. He thinks his S/O's smile is the most beautiful sight in the world. He loves dogs and often volunteers at animal shelters (That last one wasn't originally mine, but I absolutely accept it)


  • first and foremost, a movie about three black women who were boss mathematicians and played integral roles in NASA’s first successful space missions while living in the Jim Crow South in the 1960s
  • an opening that your fave, Beautiful Minds COULD NEVER
  • octavia spencer taking the piss out of a white cop who can’t believe three black women work for nasa
  • a shitty nasa bro confusing taraji with the cleaning lady (AND YOU KNOW THERE’S ABOUT TO BE SOME COMEUPPANCE FOR THAT)
  • mahershala ali being taraji’s fine ass love interest
  • and taraji taking his ass to school with yes women work at nasa, not because we wear skirts, but because we wear glasses
  • janelle monae spittin this fire: we go from being our father’s daughters, to our husband’s wives, to our baby’s mothers
  • also janelle monae hitting on JOHN GLENN cause she all about that equal opportunity flirtin
  • also janelle monae spittin more fire: every time we have a chance to get ahead, they move the finish line
  • the moment when these women’s families are gathered around watching the launch and they’re so proud of their mamas, aunties, daughters, and wives making history (and then suddenly you’re tearing up)
  • also janelle monae spittin even more fire: if i were a white man i wouldn’t have to want to be an engineer, i’d already be one

I love this drama. I don’t know if it’s because it has some of the best looking young males I’ve seen in a long time or because Kim Sae Ron is just adorable and refreshingly plays a not-annoying female lead character.
Gosh, the high school drama hits me in all the right places.