punk--witch asked:

What is your opinion about all of the hate/negativity surrounding Lime Crime right now? (If you have one)

Hey, sorry for the late response to this - I’m gonna be answering a fair few questions today because I have the flu, haha.

I’m really fucking disgusted by Xenia/Doe and the way she’s handled this whole thing. I am not very invested in the makeup & beauty world but obviously I buy makeup and so do a lot of my followers, I’d urge everyone to boycott Lime Crime from here on in, there are so many dupes around these days, most of which are better quality anyway.

acetheasshat asked:

Hey! Do you have a link to watch the free OVA? ty bby

Personally I watched it on youtube, but I can’t seem to find the video anymore?  In any case, it’s avaliable on kissanime here, and that version should be the same if not higher quality. Enjoy!


wings-of-fire-dubs asked:

Hey, Deven. I recently sent a demo that I've made to two people and one of them strongly recommended getting good quality recording equipment. So here's my question. What is the best microphone you can recommend that is within the $50-$100 range? I did have a Logitech headset but I've dropped it so many times when I used it once, it gave off a lot of static and so I stuck with the microphone that was built into my computer. in retrospect, I should've took care of my things better.

For the standards of online voiceover today, including amateur work, its vital to not be on a headset mic. A computer’s internal microphone is usually even a step below that.

Decent starter mics that won’t break the bank include the Samson CO1U, Blue NESSIE and Blue Snowball. They obviously won’t compare to a studio mic, but can still hold their own when used properly and in a good recording space.

Project: Nick Gibson's Angel. 3/25/2015 Update. The wristbands are here!

Hey everyone. I’ve been trying the ENTIRE day to upload this video. Maybe I should have just stuck with a simple post and pictures but I was too excited. I apologize for the bad quality, I’m working on making better videos. Here is the unveiling of the bands. In the video I said that I would be uploading PICTURES later. Well, the ONE at the end took all day so I think we’ll just stick to this. I apologize also for the randomness. My brain is acting up today. Enjoy!

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Hey! I know it's hard and I obviously don't know exactly what you're going through right now, but I just thought I'd let you know that there has been no lapse of quality from where I stand. If all you can do are sketches right now, do sketches, and hopefully you can wait until you've gotten yourself to a good/better place before you force yourself to be more ambitious. Take care of yourself first, and remember that we're all here for you.

Thank you guys . You are the best followers anyone could ask for and I appreciate every one of you and your sweet ltjtle hearts, you mean so much to me, thank you