First and foremost, say whaaaat! 
Finally reached the 7k mark, now i have a full army to fight the damn dolphins, oh man! I feel so happy rn. I want to say thanks to the academy and…wait, no i want to say thanks for each one of you who endure my ‘aesthetic' aka bad jokes, long tags and angst posts. To every blogger who follows me since the beginning since the old -thebadguy url, to each one of you!!! But most for those wonderful people that make my dash a good place to look at on this blue hell called tumblr *opens champagne* to the royal court! 

(I was gonna put you guys in categories, but lets be real here we are all a mess into multi fandoms and some of you are even brave enough to be with me on more than one social media so…)

A shout out to the squad:

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If you are not in the spotlight list don’t worry i know your icon, and bet i also know your name too, we probably don’t talk much or we are new mutuals in any case i’m grateful for have you on my dash too ;)

I'm Back!!!!

Hey Awesome People!!!! I’ve missed properly talking to you guys so much!!!

So life has thrown a hell of a lot at me in the past couple of months resulting in me having a really tough time

This has had a knock on effect on every aspect on my life including my happiness, my self esteem, my ability to fight my anxiety and depression, my interests, my me-ness and definitely my blog

I even thought about quitting tumblr because I kinda lost who I was and didn’t know how on earth I could do something like a blog when I had lost touch of who I was and what made me.. well.. me!

BUT FEAR NOT! (I totally like to think people missed me, even though that’s unlikely! :P)

Because, as the title of this post suggests, I’M BACK! 

I have taken breaks from tumblr in the past couple of months and done ‘ok, I’m going to get my life back on track’ posts previously but this time I feel more SELF driven than ever before which is an awesome feeling because I’ve decided that I’m not going to be held back by the shite life throws at me any more no matter what happens and I’ve also figured out that I have a pretty awesome support network of people waiting to help me if only I’ll let them! (Including you guys, I’ll always value your guys’ support and kindness! ^.^)! 

It’s kinda scary to decide that I’m going to go to battle with my anxiety and depression but it’s also SO liberating and motivating to feel like this and generally promotes awesome happy feelings in my head which have been in real short supply recently!

I guess the start of these good vibes probably came from the most important realisation yet which was that:

Yea, stuff in life might be a bit shit right now, but simply accepting the lemons life is delivering by the truck load at the moment is NOT GOING TO CHANGE ANYTHING!!! 

So guys, fro now on, *Cue Donkey’s I’m making waffles voice*:


So, overall message, I’m back on here, I’m back in general to being ME and, recently I’ve certainly hit rock bottom so IT’S ONLY UP FROM HERE! 

I am super excited to start my life-turn-around-ness with a few challenges that I’m setting myself in March! (Yes, there are quite a few because I’m the most indecisive person in the world!!) I would LOOOOVE some company in doing the challenges if you guys fancy it because doing things with brilliant people like you lot is so much more fun than doing things on your own.

I’ll be posting about the challenges some time later today with details as to how you can get involved if you so wish ^.^

Thanks for always being there for me guys, I feel super lucky to know you’re here to cheer me on as I try to find who I am again and make a life for myself that I want and deserve. <3 

Poppybird xxxx

(I’m so freaking excited to turn my life around and be back on here!)

figuring out my sexuality is as hard as figuring out what I want my favourite TV show couples to be.

Do I like guys? Do I like girls? Do I want them to kiss and have the cutest relationship ever? Do I want them to be the very best of platonic friends in the entire fucking universe? Do I even care what I like apart from that I just like people that are attractive to me and DO i even care if they kiss or not as long as they’re together and have each other?



Here it is, the story of Tomoe, a young boy from a paranormal family that grew up interacting with things like ghosts, demons, angels, and actually got quite fond of them. He lives in a really big house in hawaii and he takes over the family business: aiding the creatures from the other side, so all those spirits and entities end up visiting him occasionally to rest, eat, or just hang out with other beings (and Tomoe as well, he’s a very kind boy). But since Tomoe’s paranormal senses are too high, he’s like a flashlight in a dark room to the eyes of mystical creatures; they can spot him easily, so he ends up attracting all kinds of spirits, including plenty of succubi and incubi. Usually they just leave, since Tomoe is definitely not up for some late nights adventures with a random demon, but things get a little bit more complicated when Darren, the incubus, falls in love gets intrigued on why his powers aren’t affecting this particular boy and decides that he’s not leaving until he gets what he wants truth be told he’s madly in love with Tomoe okay he doesn’t even want to do the do with him anymore (I mean he does but thats not the only thing) he just enjoys being there alright he’s not fooling anyone.

I might draw some more stuff in the future, maybe introduce some other characters, such as the lovely shy ghoul that sleeps on the couch, or the ghost twins that are afraid of the neighbor’s cat… we’ll see!

update: [there’s more!] [secondary characters!]

[#2] [#3] [#4] [#5 (soon)]

What do you see? What do you think is our enemy?


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