Myojo November 2016

New Myojo is coming out tomorrow and I’m just scanning this month’s today 😅😅😂😂

I still haven’t even gotten to Duet and Wink Up yet and I loveeeeeeeeed Inoo in those two most too!! >_<
Lazy Lazy…. 

Anyway… better late than never I suppose…. At least it’s archived now ^^;


Mezamashi TV 2015.09.30 - Yamada Ryosuke, Ikuta Toma

yamada’s cute comment + toma being a mean senpai (ノ `・∀・)ノ゙

— 少女 JUMP !

Hana Kimi // Suki'tte Ii Na Yo // LAST GAME // Hyouka // LOVELY COMPLEX // Gakuen ALICE // Ao Haru Ride // Kimi ni Todoke // Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun


Happy 23rd Birthday to Hey! Say! JUMP’s amazing Yamada Ryosuke! As the center, there is a ton of responsibility and pressure on you, but you still manage to keep up a smile and make fans happy. Thank you for all of your hard work! Thank you for being part of HSJ. Wishing you continuous success. Hoping you have a wonderful day!