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Hey Say 7 - Member’s message (WINK UP October 2017)

Yamada Ryosuke

Yuto ➡️ good rival

Yuto is a good rival. Because he really encourages me. It is difficult to say..but to think we are as each other rival, I think it this kind of it is

✉️To Yuto: do you play games? It’s 10th anniversary, let’s get to know each other better and play games!

Keito ➡️ little brother

Both Keito and Chinen feel like little brother to me. Because I am the one who always look after them (laugh)

✉️To Keito: Please change your hair colour to black soon

Chinen ➡️ little brother

He is a business partner. That’s a big lie! (Laugh). It is a relationship where you know everything about him so what is it like….i guess he feels like a little brother to me. I will look after Chinen very well

✉️To Chinen: You haven’t changed since before. Let’s continue to remain like this!

Nakajima Yuto:

Yama ➡️ someone to consult your problem with

He is a lover. Yesterday and today too, I spent the night at Yama’s house and came back in the morning. When I’m thinking hard, he always giving me a good advice, even if I’m complaining Yama will listen to everything. There are lots of time where Yama’s word had push my back.

✉️To Yama: Yama always bring us together and show your professionalism to us. Please don’t overdo it, eat properly and try your best.

Keito ➡️ Bandmate

Keito is a bandmate. Keito’s guitar skill from long before until recently are so cool and i’m respecting that. I think about that when we are practicing together during the rehearsal.

✉️To Keito: I think so cool! He is so cool!!

Chinen-chan ➡️ A playful person

He is a playful person where during magazine’s interview when we were thinking about the comment he will say unfamiliar things but it turned out interesting, making fun moves during rehearsals, imitating someone while singing and dancing to JUMP’s songs.

✉️To Chinen: Eventhough you will be turning 24 years old, even now you still have the minimum cuteness and spoiled, but you did a lot of individual work and delivering outstanding results and it make me always think “Chiichan is awesome!”. I think it doesn’t have anything to do with “being small”.

Chinen Yuri:

Keito ➡️ Relaxing person

He is the son of my great senior (laugh). After all, he is the son of my great senior Okamoto Kenichi! I don’t know if it is really true or not (laugh). I think he is a person I can relax with together.

✉️To Keito: In this 10  years I think you have found your standing position within the group.  Also in the past 10 years, as an important member, I believe that you has become a powerful force for JUMP.

Yamada ➡️ Special person

Hmm..this is difficult. As a group member? (laugh). But, we also spend our times together in private…so he is special existence (laugh)! He is not just a friend or as work colleagues. We have always been together since school, so it is a relationship where we understand each other very well.

✉️To Yamada: Since i become a Jr and came to Tokyo I always wanted to dance with Ryosuke. From that time you are the person I pay attention to and I can respect, it has been 10 years now and it still unchanged. You have been running ahead of us and i will always be following you

Yutti ➡️ Classmates

Yuti is a person who makes impersonation as great senior. As a high school student he equipped with various of things and when important times he is always there, even at school we both have always been together. That’s what I meant the sense of “classmates” is strong.

✉️To Yutti: It still unchanged since before, when I’m doing something we both will joke around and you also get along with my foolishness. I am very glad to have a person who can joke around together, I hope we can keep playing around until we become old.

Okamoto Keito 

Yuto ➡️ Friend
Recently he seems to have great interest in English and makes conversation in English with me. Thank you!

✉️To Yuto: If I am a girl, Yuto seems like a man that I would want to marry. He is earnest and smart, full of curiosity, and I think that a wonderful child would be born…I’m looking forward for the afterworld

Yamachan ➡️ Aniki

Although he is younger but he is “aniki” to me. He cares a lot about me. He is a very matured and a reliable person. Not like “older brother” but as “aniki”. I get that feeling recently.

✉️To Yamachan: There are no words to describe for all the love i feel from Yamachan in the past 10 years. I’m glad that I was born on the same era as Yamachan.

Chinen ➡️ Peace

I feel very calm whenever I’m with him. We have spend our times together for over the 10 years but I have never feel irritated at him even once. From now on, even for 50 years I would like to continue to spend my days with him without having argument.

✉️To Chinen: Sometimes, there are times I think about “There will be only Chinen in this world” “What will happen if Chinen doesn’t exist in this world?” (laugh). I like you till I imagine those things (laugh).

Scan are not mine. 

Note: I’m not a native Japanese and English speaker so there might be mistakes, sorry!


Things that has changed in 10 years is…i got used to photography (laugh). For the debut single jacket photo, I feel like “Eh, why am I the only one who doesn’t look at the camera?”. Only me looking at different way from anyone else. Now I think I could look at the camera properly. I realised that I am become comfortable for photoshoot when the fans are around the camera.

In this 10 years I think Chinen is the one who changed the most? He used to be really cute before. Of course he is still cute now, but his voice has changed and his appearance started to look like an adult. The seniors that give so much influence on me probably my parents? Without my parents I wouldn’t be here (laugh). But I didn’t get advice from them. When they came watching our performance during our debut, we didn’t talk about work at all.

JUMP’s strength after all is our close relationship. We have been together since our childhood for 10 years without fighting, I think that is our strength. For me, JUMP is a place to return. I feel relieved and reassured whenever I’m with them. 10 years ago, I thought someday I want the members to sing the song I made, so this time I was so happy when I am able to produce a song called “H.our Time”. Finally my dreams come true, so I would like to try songwriting next time.

What the members admired about Keito:

Yamada: He made various songs besides of “H.our Time”. Even at private, his attitude towards work is amazing

Chinen: This is the first time I knew Keito is good in producing songs, and I’m glad to know that. I would like to sing the song made by Keito again.

Nakajima: Recently I just realised, the atmosphere when I shoot Keito with my camera is the most artistic. I wonder if that is how he live.

Daiki: Keito is a lovable person. He makes me feel calm around him.

Takaki: Composition ability. The song he produced this time is awesomely good.

Inoo: He use it during Mezamashi TV shooting, I think being able to speak English is his asset.

Yaotome: He has potential to growth (laugh). I wonder if there are changes from now

Yabu: His straight hair is amazing. His hair is so smooth and doesn’t stick up!


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