HEY KIDS, COMICS! I spent part of the weekend re-reading Giant Days. If you haven’t had the pleasure, the book details the adventures of three British Uni students, Susan “Silo of Common Sense” Ptolemy, Daisy “Home-schooled and 50% Hair” Wooton, and Ester “Sexxy Idiot” DeGroot. It’s funny, and touching, and the characters are multi-dimensional, and good-hearted. RECOMMENDED.

You can buy Giant Days Vol. 1 on Amazon. Just click here.

(Above: Ester attempts acting in an indie film while Daisy and Susan worry about her self-esteem.)

Hey kids, free comic! So the Eisner nominations came out today and yeah, I’m a little salty that No Mercy didn’t get anything. So to assuage my general pettiness, I thought i’d give you for free a copy of No Mercy #9, the standalone issue we’d hoped to get a nod for Best Single Issue with. Download it here! Share away! You can buy the rest of the series here, or at your local comics store / bookstore. Or check it out for free from your local library! Also please consider checking out the awesome solo work of my amazing collaborators, @carlaspeedmcneil (line art) and @nonsequential (colour art). As always, big thanks to @imagecomics for letting us publish our weird stories therel. 

Warning: this is a story about troubled teen camps / conversion therapy. If you are remotely likely to be triggered by it please DO NOT READ. (And, ::hugs::). 

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I don't know if you take book recs or not, and I've only read the first volume, but there's this really great graphic novel called Lumberjanes, and it's about these girls at an all girl camp. But it kinda has a Gravity Falls vibe where weird things happen and there's lake monsters and stuff. And also I think two of the girls are dating/start dating/ it alluded to them liking each other. I think its for kids, but I absolutely loved the first volume,and the cast is pretty diverse for a kids comic.

hey, i love books recs, and i love Lumberjanes! I’ve read the first five volumes and it is absolutely amazing, definitely keep reading for adorable Malley (that may or may not be the shipname shhh) content in the other volumes


Hey, Kids…Comics!

slsblog just passed 4,000 followers! In honor of this tiny accomplishment, here’s an overview of what’s in my collection. If DC ran it between 1968 - 1975, I probably have some of it or want it!  Many thanks to all the comics fans out there; I love my tumblr and sharing my collection with everyone. So, what’s in your collection?!

  • Someone re. MCU: I love Loki!
  • Me: hey did you know Loki is canonically bisexual and genderfluid? [pulls open trench coat revealing dozens of back issues] hey kid wanna read some comic? Hey-- hey kid wait --- your favs are queer come back here

Hey, Kids….Comics!

Today is Lois Lane’s birthday and to celebrate I’m rereading a few of the classic issues from the 1970s. Lois took on social issues such as race relations, Indian affairs, the environment and the evils of drugs. Well, the one about the tree may only actually be about Superman turning into a tree, but it’s a favorite story anyway. Happy Birthday, Lois!


I’m so excited! The just-published anthology called Hey Kids, Comics! True-Life Tales from the Spinner Rack, which contains a piece I wrote exclusively for the project, is now available to order on Etsy (for those of us who prefer not to shop on Amazon).

I absolutely encourage you all to pick up a copy of this book. It’s packed with heartfelt stories, mostly from the childhoods of comic book legends, authors, journalists, TV and film writers, and just plain fans - all based around a love of comics. I know many of you will recognize the names of the contributors, relate to their stories, and recognize nostalgic tidbits from your own childhoods.

My own story of how I started my relationship with my partner, “The Black Cat and the Gentleman,” is the tenth piece in the book. It’s a bit off the beaten path for this collection, but I am honored to be included - to add a little variety, and a little cosplay :) Thank you to Rob Kelly for all your hard work - this is an amazing collection. I can’t wait for you guys to read it!