Oh what’s that in the cat dressing room??

I am super happy to announce that Myrtle is the first store in California to carry Hetterson sweaters!!!

As you can see, they are adorable! They are equally cute over a dress or with jeans. But what the photo doesn’t tell you is how much love and effort Hannah puts into every single one:

  • These sweaters are handmade in Oregon! American-made knits are becomming a true rarity, let alone handmade ones!
  • They are not only soft merino wool, they are organic! Hannah is truly dedicated to sourcing the best materials.
  • They have leather elbow patches! Worried about laundry care? Check out her blog to see how wonderfully washing breaks them in! 

 Two more styles to come!!

Don’t worry Hannah…I folded them neatly after the photo–no stretched shoulders!

Sorry all, the M is already sold!