Twins Megan & Morgan With Rare Blue Eyes & One W/ Heterochromia (Horizontally HalfBlue HalfBrown) 

Insta:@megan_morgan_trueblue / Mother’s Insta:@stephboyd24 #BlackIsBeautiful


These awesome cats all share the same genetic mutation that give them their beguiling multi-colored irises. It’s called Heterochromia, specifically sectoral heterochromia, which causes part of one or both irises to be a different color from the rest. While 30-40% of cats born with heterochromia may suffer from deafness in one ear, the condition does not affect their vision. However we wouldn’t rule out the possibility that they have hypnotic powers.

Photos by raoeang, myhightide, Ruby T., asdjbf4, and Kurt Rimkus respectively.

[via Bored Panda and Wikipedia]