[Blog] Turkey or Treat!

Hetaween 2013: Blog Entry
Translations: hikari_kaitou

Aren’t ω characters great?
[T/N: Pretty sure this refers to the shape of Belgium’s mouth and not, you know… balls]

I’m planning to put up the new update at around 9-ish.
It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to finish today after all, but there’s still just a little bit left to go so we’re definitely in the home stretch!

>Mochimerica is scary, Sir!
His evolution has surely repeated…
[T/N: Sorry, not really sure what he’s trying to say here. I’ll have to confir with the other translators OTL]

>Will you be coloring the mini characters?
I’d like to take my time coloring them, so not until after I’ve finished the event.

>Where’s Switzerland…?!
Don’t worry, don’t worry!

[Blog Entry] Thank you for the requests!

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Translations: losthitsu

Oh my! I didn’t update very much in the last few days so now I want to upload the manga story as quickly as possible. I’ll start with the strip where I was in the middle of typesetting. Sorry for all the waiting.

Also I got requests asking for “wakame”, do you mean wakame as in the seaweed?!

[T/N: “wakame” can also mean “youngish” or “young looking”.]

Introducing some pretty places:

This is somehow cool.

Retro street found in the Kanmon Strait museum
The whole of Moji city is so beautiful, all the way from Moji train station.

[T/N: Kanmon Strait is between the Honshu and Kyushu islands, Moji is a city in Fukuoka close to the strait.]

I received an email with news that some Italian politician said “Try harder, Germany!”. I laughed.