And the winner is…@hetascanlations​!

By working hard to bring the fandom prompt translations of Himaruya’s blog updates, World Stars strips, and more, the @hetascanlations​ team have provided a lot to the Hetalia community! Their blog is a much-needed resource for English-speaking fans who want to read Hetalia content! Congratulations on being voted the Hetalia fandom’s Community Blog of the Year 2016!

Congratulations as well to the other finalists for making it this far! You’re all commendable community blogs too!

The East Germans  felt an odd nostalgia for communism. They had the ability to lament that things were no longer as they never used to be. 

(A gem from my polysci textbook- that’s some nightvale type stuff.)

Say what you want about Tumblr and the Hetalia fandom

But to be honest, never in my life have I had so many people rushing to help me, wanting to make me feel better and wanting to talk to me. I’ve talked to some of the nicest, awesomest people through this website and fandom. Yeah there might be some shitty people on Tumblr and in our fandom but don’t judge the entire community off of those people.

Da Vinci didn’t die for this.

–Mod Trash

America *Pacing*: Russia is the opposite of everything America stands for!

Canada *Reading a book*: He’s poor?

America: …what?

Canada: He’s sugar-free apple pie?

America: No, wha- He’s communist- what are you talking about?! 

Canada: Oh. Communist. Right… wasn’t my next guess.