Guys, Gals and non gendered beauts…

I ship Sweden and Fem! Italy.

I know, Sweden is gay but I just cannot help it. I need more SweIta in my life and I have a feeling that Tumblr will provide with it.

It has got to the point where I don’t care it it is Nyo!SwedxIta or ItaxSwed. And I don’t even like Yaoi. I need more. Plus it’s coll name could be handy pasta.


Have some gender headcanons for the Nordics I’d like to share:

A) Agender Norway
B) Transman Finland (with full transitions)
C) Cismale Sweden
D) Demiboy Denmark
E) Genderfluid Iceland

That is all

anonymous asked:

what do you think a date with sweden would be like?

A date with Sweden could be many things, as he tends to be spontaneous, but it’s never boring. He plans outings with you ranging from walks in the woods to fancy dates to the theater. He does he best to keep you entertained, which he almost does too well. You occasionally have to remind him that simple things for your dates are alright too, such as staying at home to prepare a simple meal together or spending a night in watching movies together. Sometimes he’ll completely by bringing you a bouquet of flowers to remind you how much he loves and appreciates you. 

~Admin Abbi


How you’d like your family portrait…. and how it actually turns out.

Denmark  tries to look like a cool head of the family by striking a flashing grin. Unfortunately his cheeks start to cramp and he really should have gone to the bathroom before this…. 

Norway couldn’t care less about the damn portrait and blows off his frustration by gently pulling on Denmark’s tie. Which he for some reason owns in the tenth century. 

Iceland  wants to go to sleep or play with Mr. Puffin. He doesn’t like the painter at all and decides to be that one little brat we all know by pouting and furiously kicking Norway’s legs.

Sweden  really doesn’t know what he should do and attempts to smile but gets too embarrassed to ultimately do so.

Finland  can’t smile in pictures. He ends up looking awkward and terrified because all known embarrassed Su-san is grabbing his shoulder. 

What a bunch of weirdos.

Six years ago, the world was thrown into chaos. Illness spread causing people to go into a zombie like state. There is no known cure for such an illness and governments and countries are a thing of the past it seems. However, there are small factions of people coming together in communities, trying to regain a sense of normalcy through all of this. They seem welcoming, but are they?

  • An AU Hetalia Rp Group
  • Over a year of running
  • Nyo and 2P Friendly

Currently seeking a Sweden and more!

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