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Sweden: Mm…?

I have the silliest headcanon ever because in swedish ‘fika’ means 'coffee break’ but in italian fika means 'pussy/vagina’ so whenever Sweden ask his fellows nordic to 'have a fika’ the Vargas brothers just look at each other gasping and murmuring “wasn’t he gay?!”
language differences are amazing

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(Warning; child abuse) Russia, Germany, Turkey, and Sweden reaction when their s/o(still new in relationship) for the first time show them her back that's FULL of old scars. It's because their s/o is a victim of child abuse and her parents used to whip them(she's already cut her parents off her life). Now she's terrified if they'll break up with her cause she think her scars is disgusting and she's physically and emotionally damaged. I'm struggle with this, I really need some solace. Thank you

Ivan (Russia)- At first, Ivan would wince at the scars, not because he thinks his s/o is ugly, but because he’s pained that someone hurt them that way, and that she is still hurting from them. He’d hug her close after she showed him and repeatedly tell her how beautiful she was and how he wasn’t going anywhere. 

Ludwig (Germany)- Ludwig would be shocked at seeing the scars, and that would quickly turn to anger at his s/o’s parents for doing something so awful to their child. He’d be shaking with rage, but as he realized his s/o was scared he’ leave now that he knew, he’d calm himself down so he could reassure her. He would be completley clear that he wasn’t leaving her because of her bad past, and that she had no reason to worry in the first place. 

Sadik (Turkey)- For a few minutes, Sadik would be at a loss for words. Once he heard that his s/o though he’d leave her, he’d snap out of it at once. He’d wrap and arm around her and tell her there was no way he’d leave just because she had scars. He’d also mention if she ever wanted to talk about what happened to her in the past, he’d always be there for her. 

Berwald (Sweden)- Berwald, as usual, wouldn’t say much, but when his s/o was done showing and telling him about her past, he’d gently pull her into a hug, and tell her that he’d be around for as long as she wants him to be, and he would also make sure nothing like that ever happened to them again. 


Some Nordics wallpapers for your soul. I was gonna do all the same sorta theme (the barcode aesthetic) but the only other one I could find had cursing on it and I must keep my gallery p u re so Icey got left out /:

ll Nordic wallpapers/lockscreens ll Free to use ll I’m sorry for not posting ugh ll

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The Nordics reacting to Denmark building a Levi fort in the bathroom, like legit they can't get past the sink

Finland/Tino Vainamoinen- Can he join! Please? Everyone else out here isn’t happy about it please let him in! He’ll bring snacks! P l e a s e he also has to pee

Iceland/Emil Steilsson- Also has to pee but is banging on the door and demanding inside. No he doesn’t know the password! Let him in before he breaks the door down! Now!

Norway/Lukas Bondevik- Is annoyed with the yelling but is also way too entertained to even interject. Might grab a camera becasue this is gold. 

Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna- Doesn’t find it funny since he’s inconveniencing people. Shoves the two smaller men aside to pretty much break the door from i’ts hinges without much effort. Denmark goes out the window. Smart man.