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Okay I thought I was being naive and such when I saw a post saying "oh my gosh hestyles94 is totally Harry's Spotify because he was listening to Come Away With Me the exact time he tweeted those lyrics" and I thought to myself you know could be whoever is in control of that Spotify account played that song right after Harry's tweet to make it 'believable' so I decided to check... Right in front of my eyes the tweet was tweeted 9 hrs ago and the song was played 10 hrs ago.. What does this mean?

i was in no way convinced that was his spotify…but uhm.  what are the chances that there are that many coincidences?  like…and that is just…really obscure…like…i just checked it out and you’re right.

i’ll be checking out those playlists now and totally judging them.  i’m watching you, hestyles.94! it just doesn’t seem likely.  but troll or not that’s interesting. now they are both saying 10 hours ago, so it is difficult to say if the music really was played before the tweet was sent out.  it could be a really good troll.  but i really am gonna go listen to them at work and just take a gander.  lol  interesting indeed.

we might have made it

harry, louis, niall & liam are all in london for the brits tomorrow night. i am explosively excited.

point 1.

hendall 2.0 is like 100% over. the only news we’ve heard about them in weeks is kendall trash talking haz. and the last time we saw them was the fucking gay yacht right after new years. months ago.

in the most recent lounielle pics both danielle or louis looked to be enjoying not themselves at all.

besides, she’s so obviously just been here to stop any rumours of briana & louis ‘rekindling’.

bye bye beards.

point 2.

harry has new management. he’s officially under the azoffs now. and there’s rumours that the band as a whole have left syco/modest.

point 3.

@dustystyles on twitter and @hestyles.94 on spotify. need i say more?

point 4.

louis and sbb have basically become one.

point 5.

harry obviously got his hair trimmed, apparently louis might of got his done too, and i know liam was also with the same hair cutting guy, a friend of james corden’s. so that’s cute, my dads have the same hairdresser. but are the brits this year a bigger deal? is everyone wanting to look their absolute best for something really big?

point 6.

we debunked that recent louis & freddie instagram pic. it’s photoshop. because the dagger and the 78 were gone, as well as louis’ arm looked really weird and so did his neck. and if you filtered the picture or turned up the brightness on certain editing apps, louis’ head and the area around it would black/wash out. like a cut and paste mark. also freddie looked far larger than a month.

point 7.

in any pictures with banana’s family, freddie has had the exact same facial expression and his hands in the exact same position. i get it, babies don’t move much, but they aren’t fucking frozen. this child looks like plastic and in permanent position.

and then queen amy from @lesbianslovelouis finds these tina kewy reborn dolls that look EXACTLY like freddie. like exactly. it’s him. at this point i’m certain the ‘baby’ the jungleworms have for pics is a reborn doll. almost 100%. and amy sent this off to tmz, which now we wait on.

total point;

have we finally made it? after over five years, is this what it adds up to? are we finally gonna get the truth?

i mean, i don’t wanna get anyone’s hopes up (including my own), but i think the end of babygate and the coming out are sooner than later and the brits tomorrow might be huge. let’s hope.

he who is brave is free.


So here are some screen shots I took while listening to songs on the “Deleted.” Playlist by hestyles.94 on Spotify. I’ve basically been non-stop streaming it since I found out the account name and I found the song “Goodbye Mr. A” to be extremely sketchy but nobody seems to care. There were a lot of teddy bear references and goodbye songs and the playlist ended with a song called “I’m Coming Out”
Also let it be noted that there was a playlist titled “Vday… Hehe.” That was renamed to “14th.” After the “Deleted.” Playlist was taken down.

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Que piensan de la supuesta cuenta de Harry en spotify (hestyles.94)? Yo siempre pensé que era fake, pero ayer, la cuenta de spotify puso la canción de Nora Jones 20 minutos antes de que Harry tuiteara la letra!!! Me parece mucha coincidencia. Y es la misma cuenta que publicó una playlist completa sobre osos, gays y salidas de closet el mismo día que la cuenta de RBB fué desactivada. Ahora no sé que pensar, pero parece que habrá que tener un ojo sobre eso a partir de ahora....

No suelo creer en esas cosas, pero lo que pasa con esa cuenta es muy baia baia.