This is the playlist user hestyles.94, who might or might not be Harry Styles himself, made just before RBB’s twitter got deleted.

These songs are either goodbye songs or songs about rainbows and bears. Or the artists has bears in their name. To make a list like that takes dedication! Why make a list like this and the delete it right after? Did he warn us trough Spotify?

Because the list was made right before RBB disappeared, it’s safe to say that the person behind hestyles.94 is in fact the same person behind RBB. My quess is on Harry. Or maybe both Harry & Louis?

But what I found interesting with this list is that the last song has nothing to do with either goodbye or bears. It’s ‘I’m coming out’ by Diana Ross!!

anonymous asked:

Yes, Harry's user on Spotify would totally be hestyles.94 jfc UAs posted screencaps with the songs "he" listened and people believed it. Come on, it's not his. I hate those fake accounts lmao

I didn’t think so lmao, but I wasn’t sure haah

Something is happening...
  • Modest! webpage is under upgrading. Eager to find out what’s changed.
  • One Direction tweeted a link to ‘Thank you’-video on YT.
  • hestyles.94 on Spotify, that might or might not actually be Harry, has some shady playlists. The last one called ‘Deleted’… Check it out.
  • And last, but not least, RBB deactivaded their twitter account :( 

BUT what happened first? The playlist on Spotify or deactivating RBB? 

Yeah, something is up and we just have to wait and see… But damn, gonna miss those fucking gay bears… 

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Hiiiiiiii Do you think that hestyles.94 is really his account?? how do we know that?? i mean WHY people are saying that

i don’t know for sure if it’s his real account lol but a few people have told me that a looong time ago, gemma and lou teasdale used to follow it sooooo idk

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i think hestyles.94 made the louis playlists private rip but bedroom tunes still exist and we all know what that is for

yeah you’re right rip but there’s still one public one called “L’s”

HeStyle blog olvasói és szakmai zsűrije 2012-ben is öszeállította a “TOP30 Legstílusosabb Férfi Magyarországon” listát. Hálásan köszönöm a szavazatokat Nektek és a zsűrinek is - már csak azért is, mert idén minden nárcizmusom dacára totál elfelejtettem promózni a szavazást. :D Az pedig külön öröm, hogy ilyen sok jóbarát vesz körül a listán. :) Köszönetképpen egy idézet Katherine Hepburntől, amivel nagyon könnyen tudok azonosulni… “I wear my sort of clothes to save me the trouble of deciding which clothes to wear.” ;)