So near my home town a bridge burnt down. They were working on it so hard too. But it looks like Godzilla came through and smashed it. The firefighters look cool with the background of the brunt bridge. The pictures are not mine but a collection of people’s from around my town and some from firefighters. Closed freeway down for almost two days. Victorville CA 15 freeway.

so highlight of my day. I walked outside of my house to find this. these aren’t clouds. Realizing there was a big goddamn fire close by, I just had to look at it. Making my way toward the fire and not paying attention to where I was walking 

I slammed dick first into this fire hydrant, tumbled over it leaving a piece of my knee on the cement

after doing this for a good two minutes, I limped over to the fire in the field behind my house. I wish there was some kind of funny punchline for this story but here you go here’s the fire. Apparently it was all over the news.

Photo album provides a new picture of Wyatt Earp: Two brothers find evidence of the personal life of the legendary lawman. He wasn’t always a tough guy.

Fun read if you were really into HBO’s “Deadwood.”

Photo: Keith Collins, left, and his brother Brian display photographs of Wyatt Earp as a boy and as a man. They were among many others in a photo album the brothers discovered in an antique store in Hesperia. Credit: Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times