Hervé Van Der Straeten


Artist/designer Hervé Van der Straeten’s Parisian apartment. After studying painting at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Hervé Van der Straeten first gained recognition with his jewellery collections. In 1999, he opened a gallery in Paris and launched his collections of exclusive furniture and lighting, which have now become his main activity. Whatever his creations - consoles, mirrors, cabinets, chandeliers, ceiling lights, perfume bottles, or jewellery - Van der Straeten constantly explores a graphic purity and makes radical choices in terms of movement, elegance, and unconventional, unexpected expression.

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Top / Ancient Greek Sandals flat shoes / Hervé Van Der Straeten cuff bracelet / Hervé Van Der Straeten cuff bracelet / Van Peterson 925 sterling silver jewelry, $44 / Hervé Van Der Straeten clip on earrings / Scarve / Van Cleef & Arpels floral perfume, $91


You’re at your cousin’s wedding and you are bored out of your mind. You know exactly know one and every one is at least ten years older than you are. Until you see him. Your other cousin, Harry, smiles at you and comes to the table. You stand and hug him tightly. 

“Jesus, Haz. I’ve been alone the whole time! I don’t know anyone.” You give him a big eyed, crazy look and he laughs at you. 

“Well, don’t worry. We’re here to rescue you,” he pulls at his lapel proudly before remembering the other boy hidden behind him. He turns and pulls him forward. “Mila, this is my bandmate, Zayn." 

Wow. The boy is tall and fit, with tanned skin and marbled brown and green eyes. He smiles at you, pulling up the corner of his shell pink lips.

"Hello, Mila. You wouldn’t want to dance, would you?” Your name rolls off his lips like honey and you find yourself nodding immediately. Zayn grins wider and pulls you onto the dance floor. 

Before you loose yourself in the crowd, you give Harry a look and a huge thumbs up. He winks at you just as Zayn’s hand finds your lower back. 

You two dance the night away.