Herukrat - Conflict is now out on LA based label Chained Meat Tapes.
Chained Meat put out great stuff by Filth Coalition, GOO, Golden Milk, Anarchism Boy, and a bunch of other acts last year and I’m really honoured to have them putting out this new Herukrat tape.  

Conflict is based on the internal struggle in religion between true practice and religious law/politics, resulting in misunderstanding, violence, and oppression, rather than worship.  Also touches on United States occupation of foreign countries and the persecution of Islam overseas and within US borders.  This tape marks a point of progression towards a more vocal-centered harsh power electronics.

You can buy it on the Chained Meat Tapes webstore,
or download it for free on Svn-Okklt.

Herukrat recently released “Anna Karina”, self-described as “ an exploration of an archetype of womanhood, themed around Anna Karina’s roles in Godard’s films from ‘60 - '67." I’m not sure how many womanly archetypes show through the music, but the noise is brutal, consisting of an immense, unrelenting wall, pierced only by vicious stabs of screaming feedback. It’s a bold statement, and an absorbing, cathartic listen. The piece consists of two sides, Side A (above) and Side B, both of which form a cohesive, brain-scraping whole. 

"Anna Karina” is available on cassette via underground label SVN OKKLT, or as a free download from Herukrat’s bandcamp page.

Herukrat - Alleviation Prayer

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Atmospheric noise/power electronics. This is the first proper release by Svn-Okklt. They previously operated solely as a portal for underground Black Metal, now they’re moving into label territory. Yas. And they curated a tape compilation with Fallen Empire a wee while ago (its insanely good). Anyway, this Herukrat tape is grizzly and gnarled and you would be silly to pass it up if you worship drone, distortion and static.

Tapes are purchasable via the Fallen Empire store.

Edit: I forgot to mention that you can grab it for free here.


Herukrat - I Bear Witness is finally finished and released.  This album has been a big move forward for the project and I couldn’t be more excited about it.  Hammering combination of HNW and PE with heavy vocal treatment and sampling.  Big thanks to Total Black for putting this album out for me.  Also, be sure to check out the Jesuve tape released alongside my tape in this batch.

It can be purchased through the Total Black webstore here-

And I have uploaded the album for free download through Svn Okklt-

I will also have personal copies of the tape soon for people interested in trade. Thank you to everybody who has supported this project so far, and insha'Allah there will be more big things happening to be announced soon.


My project Herukrat is having its first physical release, ALLEVIATION PRAYER will be a cassette totaling 45 minutes spanning across 7 tracks, housed in an over-sized case with an art insert, limited to 93 copies.
The cassette is a compilation of three older songs which were previously released digitally on the WARMTH demo, and four new recordings.

The tape will be released through Svn-Okklt as it’s first music release as a label, and will be sold through Fallen Empire. We’re aiming for it being available to purchase by May 17th.  I’ll make a post when it's available for purchase.


Finished this up today- art for the upcoming Herukrat / Fresh Water Girls split. The split will be released as a C-20 cassette, with 10 minutes of new material from each artist.  Girl Tapes will be handling this release, and we hope to have it up for sale by the end of the year.  This marks a pretty big shift in concept for me, this release is moving towards themes of U.S. military occupancy in the Middle East, and the persecution of Palestine. I’ll have some samples up soon.

All previous Herukrat tapes are now sold out, but you can still download everything through Svn-Okklt for free if you’re feeling in the mood for some noise walls.  Be sure to check out Girl Tapes too.

The second physical release for my harsh noise project Herukrat is finished and being released through the Fallen Empire distro today.

“Anna Karina” is an exploration of an archetype of womanhood, themed around Anna Karina’s roles in Godard’s films from ‘60 - '67.  Complete over-driven explosive walls of harsh noise, utilizing the audio of the actress in various movies, as well as other input sources.  Totaling out to 28 minutes of obsession, worship and punishing noise walls.

You can get the physical thing HERE, or the digital files on Bandcamp or through Svn-Okklt.

We also still have a few remaining copies of the previous cassette, “Alleviation Prayer”, available through the store at a discounted rate.  View that one here.