Herukrat recently released “Anna Karina”, self-described as “ an exploration of an archetype of womanhood, themed around Anna Karina’s roles in Godard’s films from ‘60 - '67." I’m not sure how many womanly archetypes show through the music, but the noise is brutal, consisting of an immense, unrelenting wall, pierced only by vicious stabs of screaming feedback. It’s a bold statement, and an absorbing, cathartic listen. The piece consists of two sides, Side A (above) and Side B, both of which form a cohesive, brain-scraping whole. 

"Anna Karina” is available on cassette via underground label SVN OKKLT, or as a free download from Herukrat’s bandcamp page.

i got mctagged by @kikiufo

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1. Relationship Status: my gf hates apples…

2. Favourite Colours: black n burble

3. Lipstick or Chapstick: shapshtick

4. Last Song: i think it was either zikr of as-salaam or qsis by herukrat

5. Last Movie: the raid

6. Top 3 TV Shows: evangelion, evangelion, and evangelion

7. Top 3 Ships: calpico + my mouth

do 1 if ur readin but havent done 1 idk 9 of u enuf 2 tag ya dig


Herukrat - Zikr of As-Salaam