Y/N has taken place of Chief as Boden is away. When she and 51 are faced with new threat that keeps trying to lower them, how will she react.
Characters - 51 x reader
Word Count - 776
Warning - Swear words.

‘Now tidy up here.’ He said, you let go of your radio and walked in front of everyone, you could feel them glancing at you. You had become fed up, he had taken over putting firefighter at risk and now he was making you tidy up the mess he made.
‘Of course, sir, would you like me to wipe your behind for you as well?’ As you finished saying that, you heard everyone gasp around you, and Bill turned to face you.
‘Excuse me?’ He said. You leaned forward.
‘Oh sir, did you not hear me?’ You said as he raised an eyebrow.
‘Do you need help wiping your behind?’ You said raising your voice slightly.
‘Very funny.’ He said smiling and he turned to walk away but you stepped in.
‘I’m stating the truth, you want everyone to do your shit, so why don’t we clean yours up.’
‘Just because you’re the ‘chief’.’ He said you raised a hand as he air quoted ‘Chief’
‘Woo, I am not a ‘chief’ I am the chief, and I don’t take rubbish from you.’ You said going closer to him, taking a hold of your radio and turning it down.
‘Just because you don’t like woman telling people what to do doesn’t give you any reason to disrespect my house like that.’ You said stepping forward. He looked at you.
‘I am not disrespecting-’ He started, not wanting to cause any commotions but you cut him off
‘That’s where your wrong, when Boden put me in charge I was scared at first, being in charge of any house but 51, but then I was welcomed by them all, so when you disrespect me or the house, you are attacking my family.’
‘I will not allow Boden to come back to a broken up house.’ You stated and with that you told everyone to get in the trucks and everyone’s attention on you didn’t go unnoticed.

‘What can I do for you?’ You asked as you saw Bill entering the firehouse. You walked beside him until you got the glass doors and you noticed everyone standing or sitting inside.
‘You made it clear to me that if I have to take you down, then I can’t just aim at you.’ He said and entered the room. You stood in the doorway and watched as he lifted his clipboard.
‘You all made it clear earlier that this house was a problem, none of you listening to orders, disobeying higher in command.’ Bill said.
‘So those who are not named stay here, the rest of you are reassigned.’ Before the words had even finished leaving Bill’s mouth everyone was sighing or mumbling.
‘Brett, firehouse 27, Kidd firehouse 21-’ You had enough and walked in, everyone moving to stand up, you raised your hand making them stay in their seats.
‘Sir.’ You said and he turned towards you, anger evident in his eyes.
‘This is not happening.’ You stated.
‘What?’ He asked with a raised eyebrow.
‘We stay together.’ You stated again, not backing down at all.
‘Well then.’ He said as he brung the clipboard close to his chest.
‘Just because you have a fire house shoved so far up your arse that it’s spurting shit from your mouth we are staying here.’ He stepped forward and your hear chairs move, you stepped forward matching him, not backing down.
‘Y/N-’ He said, your eyes flickered over the man behind him.
‘Chief.’ You said, he looked at you, so you stood taller, squaring your shoulders looking him in the eyes.
‘I am Chief Y/L/N and this is my house, my people and I will not let someone who is scared of a woman overpowering him control us.’ You said, the anger getting the best of you. You had told Boden that you’d look after his house whilst he was away. You had been treated different just because you were a female chief.
‘Now sir, if you’d excuse yourself by leaving the building with your-’ You railed off looking at the man who was standing behind him.
‘Guard dog, I would greatly appreciate it.’ You said. You watched as his shoulders slouched as he sighed. You couldn’t help the smirk as he slammed the door open and walked out, you followed behind and watched as the two of them left the building. Once you were sure he had left, you turned around and headed to the office, you were currently using.
‘Damn.’ Severide said as everyone had watched that, they had never seen you get so defensive. It was scary to see someone who was normally so calm annoyed and wound up by something.

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if you had to give each member a ''typical german name'' based on their personality what kind of names would they all have

MSNSNSJS that’s so funny omg let’s do that with rlly extreme traditional german names

Suho - Johannes
Sehun - Fritz
Xiumin - Dirk
Baekhyun - Jasper
Jongin - Rüdiger
Ksoo - Manfried
Chanyeol - Udo-Herrman
Jongdae - Wolfgang
Yixing - Edel


01 —- Herbert Muller and Michael Parkes, Scuderia Filipinetti Ferrari 512S,1970 Nurburgring 1000 Km race

02 —- John Surtees - Ferrari 512S -  1970 Nurburgring 1000k.

03 —- Hans Herrman - Porsche 908-3 -  the 1970 Nurburgring 1000k

04 —- Rudi LinsWilli Kauhsen Porsche 908 Spyder, 1970 Nurburgring 1000K race.

05 —- Kurt Ahrens and Vic Elford finished first overall at the 1970 Nurburgring 1000k.

Ed Herrmann read every piece of fan mail that came in and would write back.
—  Star Herrman (Gilmore Girls Fan Fest Panel) [x]