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When he invited the prince to come in, he was sure he was going to be asked something. Heck, he was so used to his senior POW officer coming in /without/ the invite. At least the prince had enough manners to knock. When he heard the question, however, Klink looked at Pierre with shock. Did he just..?

Quickly, the shock subsided. “Whichever layer I may be in, let’s both pray it’s two layers away from you. Dismissed.”

He was not going to cooperate. Not now, not ever. If it took insults to get the point across then Pierre was happy to let go of his usually gentle and kind demeanor in the face of his captors. He’d never resort to violence but he was no push-over - and he was not going to leave simply because he’d been asked to. They could drag him out of this office for all he cared. 

“Are you a firm believer in Herr Hitler’s deranged vision, Colonel Klink?” he asked, not moving from where he stood. 


YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS? it’s story time after way too long. A lot has happened hence I stopped making story time. 

So today’s story is about him here. Dietrich von Saucken(* 16. Mai 1892 in Fischhausen; † 27. September 1980 in Pullach) a Prussian German General with 35 years service and one of the 27 holders of the Eichenlaubs mit Schwertern und Brillanten zum Ritterkreuz des Eisernen Kreuzes ( Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds). 

In World War I, he was wounded seven times in battle, and decorated very highly for valour. He stayed in the German army, and at one point was posted to Russia, where he learned to speak the language. He served in numerous battles of World War II, being decorated many more times. He had a reputation for trying to save as many of his men as possible. In February 1945, after 35 years’ loyal and distinguished service, he was sacked for insisting it was pointless to continue the War. A month later he was reinstated – he was too good a general to do without. Hitler summoned von Saucken to his bunker, gave him his orders – to defend Prussia against Russia. Nervous glances were being exchanged by Hitler’s minions. Hitler didn’t appear to notice von Saucken had already openly displayed contempt for him. He had strolled in casually, wearing his cavalry sword (forbidden in Hitler’s presence), and had given him a slightly apathetic military salute, instead of the Nazi salute which had been compulsory for all officers in Hitler’s presence since the previous year. von Saucken was eyeing his boss with open loathing. Hitler casually threw in “and you will be reporting to Gauleiter Forster” – the local Nazi party leader. This was not going to work with von Saucken. A Prussian general taking orders from some party functionary? von Saucken gave Hitler a withering look. The facial equivalent of “get lost, corporal“. Hitler didn’t notice, he was staring at his maps on the table. Dietrich von Saucken leaned over the table and slammed his hand down on it. That got Hitler’s attention. von Saucken looked him in the eye and said “I have no intention, Herr Hitler, of taking orders from a gauleiter!” I imagine one must have been able to hear a pin drop. Fegelein was shot for less than that. von Saucken had openly rebelled – refusing a direct order from Hitler and belittling him by addressing him as Herr Hitler and not, as regulations demanded, mein Führer. There was silence for a while. Hitler said quietlyAlright Saucken, have command of it yourself“.He waved the general away. von Saucken made a faint pretence of a bow (and again no Nazi salute), turned his back on Hitler and left, never to see him again.What amazes me most about this story is that Hitler, the man who men feared to disobey or insult, simply caved in when confronted by a better man. And in front of his staff too. If more men had been like von Saucken then a whining talentless lazy brat like Hitler could have been stopped before he ruined his country. von Saucken commanded his men with distinction to the very last day of the War. He was told to leave Prussia by ship during the evacuation, but carried on fighting, sending back injured men instead.Just before the very end, a plane was sent for him to escape on so he could avoid Russian captivity. He refused to leave his men, and sent the plane back with injured soldiers on it instead.On the 8th of May, the official end of the War in Europe, he was given his final military decoration, and was the final German to be decorated in the War. Predictably, the Russians treated him vilely. He would have known that would happen when he refused to abandon his men. The physical tortures the Russians inflicted on him left him in a wheelchair for the rest of his life.
After ten years’ captivity, Dietrich von Saucken was repatriated and retired to Bavaria, where he took up painting. He was a conservative, and probably somewhat nationalistic. He wasn’t a resistance fighter, he had no known involvement with the von Stauffenberg plotters, so he won’t be on any German stamps. But I believe he represents the very best of the traditional German cavalryman, and that if the rest of the German armed forces had been made of men like Dietrich von Saucken, there would have been no war crimes, no crimes against humanity, probably no Second World War at all. And if the German general staff of World War I had all been made of men like him – the United Kingdom – might have been a German colony by 1918.

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I wish I had lived in Nazi Germany. It looked like a beautiful and peaceful era for the world’s greatest country. I am proud to be German, but I want so badly to have lived there during that idillic time. I also wish I had the chance to meet my hero The Führer, Herr Adolf Hitler.

Can we talk about this for a minute, though? I mean, could you imagine being little again except around Herr Hitler? Playing house, forcing him to “eat” your fake cooking? Or playing dolls with him and you get to be the pretty doll and you make him take your least favorite or the ugly doll? Or introducing him to your imaginary friends?

And nothing will make me think that he would not do these things and play along if you gave the man those puppy eyes.

What Herr Hitler failed to do in 1923 cannot even be attempted now. Even apart from the fact that the severest trade depression is less productive of a revolutionary spirit than such catastrophic inflation as Germany experienced in 1923…the strongest protection of the State is the unity which exists among its highest executive organs…

All this does not mean that the tide of National Socialism has subsided…Everything, of course, will depend upon the course of business, which seems recently to have shown some signs of improvement.


The Economist, February 21, 1931.

Oh, hey, we’re not good at predicting anything. (via)


Mauser C96 Pattern 1930 chambered in 7.63mm Mauser

I really do love these funny guns. Their turn of the century clip-fed designs, optimistic 1000m adjustable sights, and lanyard rings for horse-mounted cavalrymen say a whole lot about the era they were designed in. That the gun endured to the 30’s as we see here in this M30 model as a stalwart production of the early Nazi regime is quite remarkable.

The outer detailing is spartan and simplified with industrial practicality and the life of factory tooling in mind. A barrel lengthened back to the military standard 140mm (5 in.) spites the old restrictions placed upon the armament of a defeated Empire turned Weimar Republic. The gun has all the trims and fittings indicative of a freshly militarily modernizing Germany looking hopefully forward under the regime of that hip new Herr Hitler, perhaps dangerously so.

“Hitler’s Invitation”
Superman Sunday Newspaper Strip - March 4, 1945 to March 25, 1945

Through neutral diplomatic channels, Superman is delivered an unusual invitation - from Herr Hitler himself! The Nazi high command have hit upon the singular idea of subverting Superman’s mission against crime and injustice by inviting him to join the German Supermen - Which is, of course, Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler and Goering in ersatz Superman uniforms. (Naturally, the invitation goes over about as well as you would expect)