Heroescon 2014


A few shots of my Quicksilver cosplay from Day 3 of Heroes Con! I got stopped so many times for pics! A woman even told me I should’ve won “Best Girl” in the costume contest. Though I disagree with that sweet statement (so many great cosplays on Day 3), I’m glad she, as well as those who stopped me for pictures, liked my Fem!Quicksilver. I put a lot of hard work into this cosplay (saw the movie the day after it came out and rushed to get it all done in time for Heroes). If you have any pics of my cosplay or see any floating around on the internet, please tag me and/or let me know (I’m dying for some sweet shots of my new favorite cosplay!).


HeroesCon starts Friday! Me and a carload of Athens and Atlanta folks will be coming up to Charlotte, NC to sell comics, artwork, and socialize with people we maybe see only once a year. Sure I like going to browse around the bins of beat-up 60’s comics, cheap art books, sell comics and sketches, but mostly I enjoy meeting people and bouncing around from bar to hotel rooms talking with other cartoonists in the evenings. 

I will be driving up with Rich Tommaso, Joey Weiser, and Scott Dryman. FLUKE coordinator and the man behind wrestling’s greatest zine The Atomic Elbow, Robert Newsome, will be driving into town late Friday night. Rich Tommaso will have his line of Recoil comics for sale, including Dry County #2 and my own comic, Cold Crew, both making their debut at the show. Joey Weiser will have his Mermin books available, with original art and commissions too. Newsome will not only have copies of The Atomic Elbow, but the two of us will be selling FLUKE t-shirts and FLUKE comic anthologies. 

I will have issues of Big Deal Comics & Stories #11, 12, 13 and 14 available. If you like ghost stories, romance, heartbreak, and anxiety, then these are the comics for you. 

Cold Crew will be making its debut at the show. This is a copy from an early test run. The final run will be slightly bigger, I think. It’s a crime/horror comic rolled into one mean lil’ story. 
There will also be a stack of original art for sale, mostly of black & white ink drawings of various monsters for ten bucks. In addition to these, I will be open to commissions through the weekend. For ten bucks, I will do a sketch of a character with one spot color, either in your sketchbook or a separate sheet of paper. I will be packing up a pint of india ink, brushes and pen nibs to ensure that whatever I draw looks good. I charge $10.00, but really I’m putting $12.00 of effort into it. If I’m feeling wild, then maybe it will be more like $14.75 of work. By Sunday and I have a lot of time on my hands, you might even get a $18.23 drawing for the bargain of $10.00 In any case, I hope you’ll be happy. See you this weekend. 
HeroesCon 2014

For those of you heading to Charlotte for HeroesCon this year, here are the things I know about that are costuming and cosplay related!  Feel free to hit me up with your questions, as I’ve kind of become the unofficial SCF ambassador for my hometown con LOL

HeroesCon is primarily comic book related, and has been called the “comics industry’s family reunion”, especially in this age of digital where an artist can be on the West Coast, an inker on the East Coast, and a colorist in Brazil.  And if you’ve ever hung out at the Westin bar in the evenings, you’ll see pros from all over the country chatting and catching up.  Even big names who aren’t on the guest list will come and hang out on their own dime.  As founder and head muckity-muck, Shelton Drum puts it: “I don’t play video games. There’s no video game companies at my convention. I have nothing at all against them, I just don’t know and understand them. I don’t understand the movie or television business either, so I stay out of that. What I do know and love is comics, so I put all of my effort and attention into that."  Not only will you find big names like Mark Brooks, Kevin Maguire, Cliff Chiang, Charles Vess, and Kevin Eastman, you’ll also find an insane selection of small press in their Indie Island section.  It’s super family-friendly, and there are great events throughout the day and into the evening.


Every year we do a "class photo”, organized by the SCF.  It’s held at 2pm on Saturday, and the official event is over on Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/events/768590139852787/?ref=22
Patrick Sun is back as our official photographer (yay!) and I will be holding the Megaphone of Power!  The location will be announced the week of the convention, as we watch the weather, plus we’re also trying to find an indoor option (Shelton has been AWESOME with trying to make this happen).  Signs will be posted around the convention regardless!  Every year our group has grown, so we keep looking for bigger spaces :)

There will usually be a couple of smaller themed shoots set up independently…I believe the CarolCorps will do something again, since Kelly Sue DeConnick is back as a guest.  Will update once I know.

There will be at least one costuming panel.  Details are being finalized this weekend but it looks like it will be at 4:30 on Saturday afternoon.  Panelists will include myself and Riki LeCotey (Riddle), who has been coming to HeroesCon for ages, long before her Heroes of Cosplay appearances.  More TBA, along with room number (though last year we had to move because of the number of people that came!)
photo by DJ Spider

Last year they started doing a costume contest on Sunday afternoon.  This is still happening, though details are still TBA, but I understand on of the prize sponsors this year is Smooth-On!

photo by Keith Reed

The evenings are usually usually arts-oriented during the convention. Some of the highlights:

Drink and Draw! 

photo by Heather Peagler

Inspired by the original Drink and Draw Social Club (founded by Dave Johnson, Dan Panosian and Jeff Johnson), this is a laid back event where anyone can sit down, have a drink, and create art alongside countless comic artists and fans.  The great thing about the Heroes’ Drink and Draw is that much of the professional art produced is auctioned off that night at the event itself, with all the proceeds going to charity (this year it’s Team Cul de Sac and the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research).  Amateur artists can also enter their work into art contests that night, with the possibility of winning art supplies and products from Jerry’s Artarama, Prismacolor, and Artograph.

Art Auction!

photo by Patrick Sun

The Art Auction at the Westin is pretty legendary.  On Friday and Saturday, there will be an art stage set up on the convention floor, and artists will work on pieces LIVE.  Watching Phil Noto or Brian Stelfreeze at work? AMAZEBALLZ!   Many of those pieces, plus hundreds more original pieces go into the Art Auction on Saturday night.  The crowd is fun and feisty, and pieces have been grabbed anywhere from $5 to $12,000!  Even if you don’t want to bid, just walking through and seeing the pieces on display is amazing.  There’s been a growing trend to get fancy-pants dressy for it, so expect to see ladies in tiaras and men in suits, and select group of famous faces in smoking jackets.  But you’ll see just as many people in shorts and t-shirts, so come however you want!  You can get a sense of it here in Patrick’s flickr album.

Once again, ask me if you have any questions!


So, I’m going to have these prints for sale at Heroescon. Prints haven’t historically been a big seller for me there so there will be limited quantities of each. Some very limited. If you want one, make sure you get it before they run out!


Here comes the heroescon spam! If you or anyone you know is in these pictures, please let me know and I’ll tag them as soon as I can!

1st & 2nd pics: yay nellis! Spacedandyvevo - Ellis
Unknown- nick

3rd: my friend Kelsey and her fav character Archie!
Unknown- Archie

4th: gotta go fast!
Unknown- Quicksilver

Fifth: selfie!

Sixth: Unicorn deadpool and Apocalypse kid.
Unknown- Deadpool
Unknown- Apocalypse kid

Seventh and Eighth: I can’t identify these characters but wow!!!
Unknown- unknown (times 3)

Ninth: Fire nation and cabbage seller! They gave us a cabbage. :)
Unknown- tai lee
Unknown- Zuko
Unknown- azula
Unknown- Cabbage seller

Tenth- edit: whoops wrong pic. Actually Awesome tenth Doctor with a homemade K9 Unknown- Ten RC car- K9

All of these were taken on Heroescon day 2 (Saturday!)