So we all of course remember my successful HeroesCon last year, when I got Hickman to confirm that the 3490 universe survived the multiversal collapse and scribbled “it lives!” on my copy of FF Dark Reign 2. Well, that evening I got a little bit drunk and ended up on an elevator with Kris Anka. I proceeded to tell him about my meeting with Hickman, because I was telling literally everybody that weekend. 

Then, 3 months later, “Secret War: Secret Love” comes out, and we all spotted the wee little 3490 Steve/Tony(Natasha Stark) in the panel on a page drawn by Anka. I kept telling people “UM, I THINK I DID THIS?” but obviously I had no proof.

Unless, of course, I met Anka again and asked him.

So this HeroesCon I did exactly that. “Hey, um, so you probably don’t remember this, but last HeroesCon I was drunk on an elevator with you-”

“Oh yeah, it’s because of you.”


“I had to draw this scene and I figured I wanted to make sure Hickman wasn’t a liar, so, I put them in.”


and then this devolved into me high-fiving Anka probably WAY TOO HARD and almost knocking over his table BUT GUYS WHAATTTTTTT I DID THIS. I DID THIS.

So I got Anka to scribble “this is because of you” on my page of Secret Wars: Secret Love, I DID THIS. I DID THIS THING.

In conclusion: get drunk and talk to comic creators about all you favorite gays, clearly only good things come of this.