• Hardin:So, Marth... My retainer, attacking his liege-- what kind of "honor" is this? Altea's so-called Prince of Light has certainly fallen to the gutters.
  • Marth:Hardin! This isn't you! Your heart is being controlled by the Darksphere!! Please, you have to snap out of it!
  • Hardin:Heh heh heh... Marth, sweet and naive as ever. Why do you think I attacked Altea? Because I utterly despised you. In the last war, just because you were Anri's descendant... Nyna entrusted you with the Fire Emblem, and made you the League's commander. "The Prince of Light"... More like "insolent brat"! Without my help, you would have died long, long ago. So don't act so high and mighty!! I have always despised you since then. I put up with you for Nyna's sake, but I knew we'd have to settle things sooner or later. It has nothing to do with the orb!
  • Marth:Hardin... Is that really how it was...? I had no idea that... that you hated me so...
  • Hardin:Hmph... That's why you're still just a boy. Marth! Come to me. I'll shove this lance through your heart!! There's only enough room in this continent for one hero, and that hero is ME!
Reclassing tips and tricks (FE11/12)

The reclass system in FE11/12 might seem overwhelming, but if you take the time to learn how it works and use it to your advantage, you will not regret it.

Typical reclassing scenarios:

  • Building up different weapon ranks

  • Adjusting a unit’s growth rates

  • Balancing stats that are too high or too low

  • Dealing with unusual terrain

  • Exploiting enemies’ weaknesses or the weapon triangle

  • Getting around maximum stats


Planning for the future:

Secondary weapon ranks from promotion can be difficult to train up, but you can get a head start through reclassing.


  • Reclass a Mercenary to a Pirate to get axe WEXP to prepare for promotion to Hero

  • Reclass a Peg Knight to a Cavalier to get sword WEXP to prepare for promotion to Falcoknight

Growth rates are affected by reclassing. Everyone has their own base growth rates, but their current class modifies them. A summary of the most important ones:


  • Knight/General (+60%)

  • Fighter/Warrior (+70%)

  • Pirate/Berserker (+70%)

  • Merc/Hero (+50%)



  • Fighter/Warrior (+40%)

  • Pirate/Berserker (+30%)



  • All magic classes (+10% to +30%)

  • NOTE: all non-magic classes lower MAG growth

  • It’s probably not worth the trouble of reclassing non-magic users to get their MAG up for levin swords.



  • Cavalier/Paladin (+25%)

  • Mercenary/Hero (+25%)

  • Fighter/Warrior (+25%)

  • NOTE: all classes give SKL growth from ranging +15% to +20%. Reclassing to fix SKL probably isn’t worth the trouble.



  • All flying classes (+25%)

  • Hunter/Horseman (+25%)

  • Archer/Sniper (+30%)

  • Myrmidon/Swordmaster (+30%)

  • Pirate/Berserker (+30%)


LCK: there is no change to LCK growth when reclassing.



  • General (+30%)

  • All other non magic classes (+0% to +15%)

  • NOTE: all magic classes lower DEF growth



  • All magic classes (+10% to +30%)

  • All flying classes (+0%)

  • NOTE: all non-magic classes lower RES growth


Arms scrolls maximization:

If you want to use an arms scroll to boost a Falcoknight’s sword rank from E to D, reclass her to swordmaster before using it. Swordmasters have a base sword rank of C, so she’ll get 60 WEXP going from C to B whereas she’d only gain 30 WEXP using it to go from E to D. Needless to say, I wouldn’t mention this trick if the extra 30 WEXP didn’t carry over. This trick works best for bows and swords because Swordmasters and Snipers have a base weapon rank of C in their respective weapons.

Walk on water:

Pirates and Berserkers are by far the best foot units for this, but in a pinch, Snipers, Heroes, and Swordmasters are willing to get their feet wet in rivers, but not seas. Of course, fliers don’t care about water, but sometimes the presence of effective weapons will limit where they can safely go without Iote’s Shield.

(Serenesforest.net was used as reference and to double check things because my memory alone isn’t that good.)

Everything you would ever need to know about freeclassing, courtesy of moldyonion.  Be sure to thank him when this saves your hide in higher difficulties.

  • Xane:Oh, yeah... but y'see, after the war, Gotoh and I threw away our dragon stones. So, I can never be a dragon again. Sure, Gotoh still stands by Naga's command and watches out for humans... But that ain't my thing. Y'see, I don't like humans. I've got nothin' but contempt for those who treated the defenseless Manaketes like insects. So I can understand why Medeus despised you humans so. Medeus, an Earth Dragon prince, was the only one of his tribe who became a Manakete. And, as ordered by Naga, he guarded the Dragon's Altar. But the once peaceful human race, drunk with power, began to rule with tyranny. They oppressed the dragons who had done nothin' wrong. Furious at their betrayal by humans, the Manaketes gathered in Dolhr, and they created a nation for their people. Then they fought to conquer humanity. To save the humans, Gotoh gave them the divine sword Falchion. He established an academy in Khadein, and began to teach magic. Me? I was just an onlooker. Winner or loser, it was no concern of mine.
  • Marth:But then, why help me? I too am human...
  • Xane:You're different. And you seem kind of flaky. I can't exactly leave you alone...
  • Marth:Err... Thanks, Xane.
  • Xane:I... Oh, look at me. I'm blushin'. Anyway, let's head to the shrine. But watch out for the ice dragons. Even though they've lost their minds, they still protect the shrine instinctively. The poor creatures...

Hard 1 of HoL&S is complete.  While I cannot yet claim mastery, I can now push onward into the tougher difficulties.  While finishing Thracia and starting PoR Hard mode.

Also, was Endgame disappointingly easy for anyone else?  I’d say it’s in part because of the Binding Shield, as the earth dragons would have OHKO’d Julian, Sirius, and Minerva (the units that were necessary but hardly used until then).  Still, it only took four turns to claim victory.