• Hardin: So, Marth... My retainer, attacking his liege-- what kind of "honor" is this? Altea's so-called Prince of Light has certainly fallen to the gutters.
  • Marth: Hardin! This isn't you! Your heart is being controlled by the Darksphere!! Please, you have to snap out of it!
  • Hardin: Heh heh heh... Marth, sweet and naive as ever. Why do you think I attacked Altea? Because I utterly despised you. In the last war, just because you were Anri's descendant... Nyna entrusted you with the Fire Emblem, and made you the League's commander. "The Prince of Light"... More like "insolent brat"! Without my help, you would have died long, long ago. So don't act so high and mighty!! I have always despised you since then. I put up with you for Nyna's sake, but I knew we'd have to settle things sooner or later. It has nothing to do with the orb!
  • Marth: Hardin... Is that really how it was...? I had no idea that... that you hated me so...
  • Hardin: Hmph... That's why you're still just a boy. Marth! Come to me. I'll shove this lance through your heart!! There's only enough room in this continent for one hero, and that hero is ME!
  • Xane: Oh, yeah... but y'see, after the war, Gotoh and I threw away our dragon stones. So, I can never be a dragon again. Sure, Gotoh still stands by Naga's command and watches out for humans... But that ain't my thing. Y'see, I don't like humans. I've got nothin' but contempt for those who treated the defenseless Manaketes like insects. So I can understand why Medeus despised you humans so. Medeus, an Earth Dragon prince, was the only one of his tribe who became a Manakete. And, as ordered by Naga, he guarded the Dragon's Altar. But the once peaceful human race, drunk with power, began to rule with tyranny. They oppressed the dragons who had done nothin' wrong. Furious at their betrayal by humans, the Manaketes gathered in Dolhr, and they created a nation for their people. Then they fought to conquer humanity. To save the humans, Gotoh gave them the divine sword Falchion. He established an academy in Khadein, and began to teach magic. Me? I was just an onlooker. Winner or loser, it was no concern of mine.
  • Marth: But then, why help me? I too am human...
  • Xane: You're different. And you seem kind of flaky. I can't exactly leave you alone...
  • Marth: Err... Thanks, Xane.
  • Xane: I... Oh, look at me. I'm blushin'. Anyway, let's head to the shrine. But watch out for the ice dragons. Even though they've lost their minds, they still protect the shrine instinctively. The poor creatures...

Hey guys!  Silas here to give you a quick profile of one of the unique mechanics in Gaiden, to help newer players get an idea of what Echoes might look like.  Today, it’s how its class system works.

Gaiden’s classes are unique less in their function and more in how they promote.  For starters, (most) characters can only promote at shrines.

These shrines have been nicely updated for Echoes, and they were kind enough to let us choose whom to promote this time instead of running through them all in a fixed sequence.

Promotions have different requirements than other games as well.  While you still need to be a certain level in a prior class, the levels aren’t consistent.  Villager, the only “tier-0″ class, promotes at level 3, while first tier classes promote at level 7 (with Mages being the exception) and second tier classes promote at 10.  The Villager class in particular is interesting, as they can follow any of five class branches:

In the original Gaiden, the initial promotion was random (albeit cancelable), but thankfully, they’re giving us a sense of agency this time.

One thing of note is that not many stats change on promotion.  In fact, in Gaiden, a unit’s stats will increase to the base stats of the class they promote to, and do not adjust down.  If their stats are universally higher than that class’s bases, they’ll gain a point of HP instead.  Looking at the above screenshot, we can find that this is still the case.  Also confirmed, Villagers still only have 4 Mov, meaning movement values for all classes are likely to be the same as before.

Only Def and Mov change going from Villager to Cavalier.  (Mov still goes down if you promote to a class with less, though.)  Everything else beats the bases, so no change.  Important for strategists, this removes the penalty for promoting early found in almost all other FE games.  The benefits of promoting later are also diminished.

We also have almost-certain confirmation that the promotion levels are about the same as before, because of this guy:

Say hi to Luke or Lukas, depending on whom you ask.  He’s the guy that kicks off the whole plot of Gaiden, and he starts as a Soldier, a pre-promote of “Armor” (which will probably be changed to Knight, while Gaiden’s “Knight” class will likely be changed to Cavalier, to be consistent with other games released in the west).  If Echoes uses the same promotion requirements as other FE games, Lukas would need to have reached level 10 by the third (mandatory) map in the game, which is fairly unrealistic even if the devs added “prologue” maps as they did with the remakes Shadow Dragon and Heroes of Light and Shadow.  On the other hand, level 7, while not easy, is still reasonably attainable by this point.

Oh, one last weird thing.   One of the tier three classes can promote back into Villager.

I don’t know why this is a thing, but they let you do it, and it lets characters who have passed through the Mercenary branch go back into another one, leading to more leveling opportunities and new strategic options so…yeah, knock yourself out.

Speculation Time

As VincentASM over at SerenesForest pointed out, we have a new Villager this time, and her name is Effie (why Effie, though?).  Of note, all Villagers in the original game were male, so there’s a possibility that she could promote into an entirely new set of classes.  Based on comparison between Effie’s second sprite and May’s, it seems that she may have promoted into a Mage in the demo.

…which is unfortunate, because Mage was the only class in the original Gaiden that both genders could use, so that doesn’t give us any new leads.  However, Effie’s inclusion does give hope for other new characters, who may or may not sport new classes with their own unique promotions.

That about wraps it up for this one.  Keep an eye out for another post coming soon – topic of choice: Gaiden’s unique approach to magic.

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Merric: Get behind me Princess, I’ll face the enemy for us both.

Elice: You’ll… face the…? Aha ha, oh, Merric!

Merric: Wh…-What’s so funny, Princess? I was quite serious, I’ll have you know!

Elice: Haha, forgive me, Merric. It’s just, I remembered you when you were little… You were always a little bit delicate. Oftentimes, I had to nurse you back to health, remember?

Merric: But that was-I couldn’t-yes.

Elice: And look at you now! Such a brave, strong man! A far cry from the old Merric. But you don’t have to pretend. I know you’re far too sweet to mow down hordes of enemies. And… I think I prefer it that way.

Merric: You.. You do?


Inktober doodles starting today! I won’t do the whole month bc I’m busy, but I do need to unwind from the late chaos.

Have Marthy bc he’s too good for this world and Mystery of the Emblem is awesome :’3

What Your Favorite Fire Emblem Says About You
  • Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & The Blade of Light - You feel you ought to praise the original game for starrting this landmark series, and also pantless Marth is best Marth. Marth is definitely best Lord.
  • Fire Emblem: Gaiden - You constantly talk about and berate other Fire Emblem games for not taking enough inspiration from Gaiden, especially the lack of Summomers in later games. You hate Awakening for how it disgraced the beautiful continent of Valencia with horses. You take pride in 5 Range Archers. Boats are your best friend. You probably watch Ghast Station. Alm is definitely best Lord, he can use Bows & Swords (take that Lyn).
  • Fire Emblem: Mystery of The Emblem - Book 2 is where it's at. You know you fucked up when you missed one of the Starsphere Shards. You do however miss some of the characters who were playable in FE1.
  • Fire Emblem: Genealogy of The Holy War - YOU HAVE TO CONSTANTLY REMIND PEOPLE YOU CAN DO A NO INCEST RUN OF GENEALOGY. Chapter 5 is absolute torment. You cry that no Fire Emblem has yet to match the level of world building and lore as Genealogy. Ishtar is Bae. You secretly have a burning lust for Alvis. You can't help but yell "GLORY TO THRACIA." You read Kaga's note and cry about Jugdral could have been. Sigurd is definitely best Lord.
  • Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 - You probably relish your own suffering. You believe that Fatigue, Build, and Scrolls should return. You believe this to be the pinnacle of Kaga's work and you adamantly want him back despite being practically impossible. Staves are your best friend. Fuck you Saias. You wished there was Kempf flair on R/fireemblem. Leif is definitely better than Roy.
  • Fire Emblem: Binding Blade - You discovered fan translations and became absolutely adored by this game's sense of an epic continental war compared to Blazing Sword. You cry that half the cast is practically unusable. You get very annoyed by the amount of Wyverns you have to deal near endgame. Roy is without a doubt, your Boy. No matter how RNG screwed he gets, you always say Roy is best Lord.
  • Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword - It was your first Fire Emblem and you were amazed by the depth of amazing characters and story. You're afraid someone will poison your mutton. You are constantly attacked for merely liking Nino. #AlwaysRememberLeila. The phrase "I await on the Dread Isle" pisses you off so much. Deep in your heart you know, Hector is definitely best Lord.
  • Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones - The villains were amazing (except Gheb). THERE IS SO MUCH GAY UNDERTONES YOU JUST CAN HELP YOURSELF TO PAIR EIRIKA AND TANA. The pronunciation of La'Rachel is a call to war. There is no doubt you secretly have a lust for Seth and Lyon, don't you lie to yourself! Ephraim is definitely best Lord.
  • Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance - You believe this to be what all Fire Emblem should be. Great characters, complex themes, lovable assholes like Shinon, and overall superb game (except the voice acting). You have a complex love-hate relationship with the progidal asshole Soren. Ike is definitely best Lord.
  • Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn - Regardless of your feelings for Micaiah you wished you spent less time with her in game. 3-13 Archer is the TRUE MVP. The story is all sorts of flaws. Ike is so great he got swole as fuck, definitely best Lord.
  • Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon - You praise that it was a decent remake of the original. You prefer Kawaii Marth With Pants over Pantless Legendary Mullet Marth of FE1. The True OTP is Shiida!Wing Spear.
  • Fire Emblem: New Mystery of The Emblem, Heroes of Light & Shadow - You can tolerate the existence of Kris but you make sure to give spotlight to the other characters that actually matter. Wing Spear still decent!
  • Fire Emblem: Awakening - You finished your 1st Fire Emblem game, PLAY THE OTHERS. To this day you probably haven't noticed the plot hole at Dragon's Gate. You cry that Mustafa isn't recruitable. Grima is basically Loptyr-Lite in EVERY SINGLE WAY. You think Marth is the 1st Exalt (HE ISN'T). Krum is not best Lord, neither is Lasoona. The Lord of the story should have been Mustafa.
  • Fire Emblem: Fates (Conquest) - You picked Conquest because you either A) You want to marry Niles/Camilla/Xander/Leo or B) You're a veteran player in fear that the series is slowly becoming a waifu simulator. Chapter 10 of Conquest was frustratingly satisfying. You wished Leo was the main Lord instead of Corrin. You desperately hope that Conquest becomes the standard model for future Fire Emblems (just hopefully a better story also). No idea what continent you're on.
  • Fire Emblem: Birthright - You're an Awakening fan. Go play Conquest! Xander is the best Camus since Eltshan. Flora is the new Sigurd. Even you acknowledge how dumb the reason why children exist in this game. You have the satisfaction of having a more coherent story than Conquest. You finally get a good archer with Takumi and halberdier with Oboro (INB4 Nephenee fans). No idea what continent you're on.
  • Fire Emblem: Revelation - You have to bear the fact that Azura & Corrin ARE SO CANON. You can't deal with characters dying in story so you said "Fuck it I'll recruit them all" (except Scarlet, RIP). You still have no idea what continent Fates takes place on.
  • This was a joke. Calm down before you fire your keyboards. This joke was partly inspired by this post here. I updated and change stuff around to fit with Fates's release.
  • m.imgur.com/BoFZ3SU?r
  • Before anyone asks I tried to make fun of every Fire Emblem here even my favorites. Don't get so burnt about it.

I almost always pick the Green Knight, here’s a sketchdump of my favorites


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