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9 + percy + annabeth

things you said when i was crying

Annabeth has been awake for thirty plus hours, fended off two monster attacks, a computer crash, and Percy Jackson. There’s more caffeine in her veins than blood, and her entire body feels like Zeus threw a lightning bolt at her, but her assignment is finished. Done. Complete.

She hastily saves her gdoc, downloads it to her laptop, and copies the file to a USB. A bleary eyed glance at the bottom right of her screen tells her that the time is 4.12am, and that’s about all her overtired brain has time to process before a cup of coffee quietly materialises next to her.

She just about falls out of her seat. “Wh—?” A brown hand pauses, midway through reaching for an empty cup. Some vague part of her mind recalls the clink of mugs being placed and removed ever since it started to get removed, and she swivels her chair around to stare at her boyfriend, who manages to look both guilty, and unsure as to why he should be guilty.

"Coffee?" He points.

Annabeth stares some more. “It’s late,” she says dumbly. “What are you doing up?”

He blinks back at her, like its the most obvious thing in the world. “Looking after you?”

And it’s her time to blink, but that does absolutely nothing to stop the tears. She sniffs, once, twice, and then they’re streaming down her cheeks like someone just died. “That’s so nice,” she sniffs. “Percy, you’re so nice.”

Something flashes across his face that she’ll later recognise as panic, but then he seems to realise that she’s not actually upset, and she watches his lips twitch up. He stoops, wrapping his arms around her gently and pulling her out of the chair.

"Nicest guy alive, that’s me."

She presses her face into his chest, curling her fingers into the fabric of his shirt. It’s so soft. “Were you bringing me coffee?”

"Only when it seemed like you really needed it."

She cries harder. “That’s so nice.”

His chuckle rumbles through her, and that’s when she realises he’s cradling her in his arms, and the world is moving around them. “Time for bed, Annabeth.”

She’s completely out of it before she can even think about protesting.

A tiny gay italian for tinygayitalian!
No, but teacup sized!Nico, guys. Because REASONS.

I think this keeps getting brought up at my streams and such, and I had time in class to doodle sooooo~ :D

Also, more sketch to digital coloring practice
» My original sketch is here «


Art by me
Please don’t use without my permission


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