Hero Comlpex Gallery


Previews from the “I am the Law/A Life of Crime“ art show, opening Friday August 15th, 2014, at Hero Complex Gallery / Facebook.

The French Connection by Orlando Arocena / Facebook

The Wire - Uncut Handbills (Details) by Tim Doyle / Tumblr / Store

The Manipulation of Somerset & Mills (Se7en) by Kevin Wilson / Tumblr

Taxi Driver (Regular) by Matthew Rabalais / Tumblr

Robocop (Regular & Variant) by Casey Callender / Website

Carlito’s Way by Jeremy Wheeler / Tumblr

Manhunter by Andrew Swainson / Store

DREDD by Mark Chilcott / Tumblr

Incident At Lake Berryessa (Zodiac) by Nathan Chesshir / Twitter

Artwork available online from 1pm PST Saturday, August 16th 2014, HERE


Gremlins by Adam Rabalais / Tumblr Store

We’ll Be Right Back by Matt Ryan Tobin / Twitter / Tumblr

Gremlins 2 by Matt Ferguson / Tumblr / Twitter / Facebook

Mogwai/Gremlin by Keith Carter / Tumblr

Speed Demon by Chet Phillips / Store

Gremlins inspired artwork from the “KINGS OF CULT: A Tribute to Roger Corman and Joe Dante“ art show. Opens this Saturday, May 24th 2014, at Hero Complex Gallery / Facebook

Online sales begin Sunday, May 25th, 1pm PST, HERE.