Can you imagine Lito having a cold though??? 

“I cannot breathe Hernando. Hernando I am dying.”

Hernando, Hernando it is too hot in here. It is too hot and the blankets are SUFFOCATING ME HERNANDO.” 

*several hours of loud sniffing*

“Hernando do you still love me although I am disgusting and sick?” 

“Why is this happening to me? I don’t deserve this. Am I not a good person? I do not deserve this.” 

“These tissues are made of sandpaper, Hernando. My nose can take no more.” 

“Hernando. Hernando I am cold why did you take the blankets off me? Hernando hold me.” 

“I want to LIVE, Hernando.” 

Sense8: A Summary
  • Jonas:*is mysterious and unhelpful*
  • Will:*protects*
  • Sun:*kicks ass*
  • Nomi:*does what she wants*
  • Amanita:*goes with the flow*
  • Wolfgang:*blows things up*
  • Felix:*gets blown up*
  • Capheus:*is a cinnamon roll*
  • Riley:*is deep*
  • Lito:*is dramatic*
  • Hernando:*is perfect*
  • Dani:*gets turned on*
  • Kala:*is more sane than the rest of them*