Monday morning I woke up, walked to the corner store to get some fries, chatted with the bus lady a bit and was back on my way to pack for Hermosa Beach

I’ve been planning this little journey for a while, but there’s always something in the way so I said to myself fuck it. My gas tanked was filled, the car just got a tune up, and I was shit out of excuses to not go. The plan is travel to around California, and explore as many beaches as possible so far I’ve listed about 11 beaches I want to visit. So I make this post 2 out of 11 is my progression.

It took me about thirty minutes to get beach side from Boyle Heights, once I got there it was such a big change in atmosphere, the most noticeable thing was the air I skipped taking pictures, and went straight to the end of the pier and that breeze was amazing. I haven’t been to the beach in months, and being stuck in L.A. for so long gets boring; don’t get me wrong I love the polluted air I’ve gotten used to it, but every once in a while you should experience a new environment.

Here’s a reminder to everyone; don’t let the small things get in the way of doing things you want to do, just one day out of the month go with your instincts, and travel or explore something that’s been on your mind.