Let me tell you now about Herman’s Hermits. They formed in 1964 and are among the best-selling bands of all time. But most of the public knew precisely one guy: Peter “Herman” Noone. Publicity was all about him, to the point that when the label wanted the band to record new music, they just brought in Peter and hired anonymous musicians at random to do the other vocals and play instruments, correctly guessing that fans wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Peter Noone left the band in 1973. Today, the rest of the band tours and performs as Herman’s Hermits. And Peter Noone … also performs as Herman’s Hermits, except with a bunch of people he never played with in the ‘60s, and since he was the face and the voice of the band way back when, fans flock to see him.

That brings us to 2001, when I was playing with a jazz trio in Florida. During the break of one show, a guy asked if I’d like a job playing with Herman’s Hermits (the one that actually had Herman). The next day, I agreed and he handed me a folder stuffed with sheet music. “There are 40 songs in here,” he said. “You’ve got two weeks to learn them.”

The Grind Of Touring With A (No Longer Relevant) Rock Band

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I remember somebody in the manga talked about Grisha and how he saved a village from a sickness a very long time ago. Could he have injected the entire village with titanizing serum (without knowing)? Which made Zeke's scream able to turn them into titans? The drugged people on the plane bombing looked definitely different, but I wonder... What do you think?

I doubt that Grisha’s vaccine was responsible because that would mean that all Walldians are primed and ready for titanization since they all received the antibody. Rather, I think the point of the chapter 3 panel was to show that it wasn’t unheard of for itinerant doctors to appear in remote villages with serums.That’s probably what Zeke did. He probably told them the serum was for a medical purpose and they willingly complied.

There is no way Zeke could’ve known that his father had done that but it still makes and interesting “like father, like son” moment.


Smurfette teaching clumsy how to iceskate

*Clumsy Fall on top of smurfette*
Clumsy : “ I’m so sorry smurfette I didn’t mean to !!.”

Smurfette: *light laugh* it’s ok clumsy it was an accident"

*Brainy & hefty watching them from the distance*

Brainy: “ do you think he’s being overly clumsy to get close to smurfette. Using her kind nature without having anyone notice?

Hefty: "na… The duds just clumsy. Even more so on ice. Besides I don’t think he’s clever enough for that.”

* Clumsy looks over at the two smurfs watch at the distance and gives a smirk*

Hefty: “ why you lil- I’m going to say something.”

Brainy: “ wow. Hold up hefty if you march in their being defensive and call him out . Smurfette will think your being jealous yell at you and spend more time with…. And your not listening to me….

my mum and her partner invited me out with them today since they were going to lunch and then visiting my cousins for dinner but i declined and instead i’m spending my Sunday night home alone with a glass of wine, a plate of nachos heating up in the oven, and several episodes of Agents of Shield to catch up on.

i think i made a good choice :)