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Och, look who the cat dragged in oot of the snow

The frigid little princess with the power of froyo

Doon’t Let it Go to your head, step to me an’ yer dead

Bow in hand, arrow nocked, take ye right in the head

Lyrically, o’ course; Ma taught me not to be too rude

Mess with mother-bear’s rules, you’ll be mother-bear’s food

Mess with Merida, ye mess with the whole DunBroch clan

Now take that shite to heart an’ keep the mic oot yer hand

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Yeah, I get it, you’re a Scot who thinks she rhymes really well

And wants to test if a bow is a match for a spell

You should chill the hell out, maybe comb all that hair

Or make that second-rate witch change someone else to a bear

What, you think you spit fire so I’m supposed to be scared?

Snow Queen, motherfucker, I’ll put you out with my stare

Or my staircase; go so hard I turn liquid to solid

Try to handle my flow while I fuckin’ walk on it

(Obviously based on gymleaderkarkat’s  observation about four-big-idiotspost.)