Here Kitty

kitkatafterdark  asked:

"Wilford! I bought me a new Halloween costume! Do you like it?" Kat asked, dressed as a sexy cat.

His eyebrows rose up. “My, my, KitKat! What have we here? A little kitty for Willy?” He wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close. “Too bad I’m more of a dog person, heh heh..”

ninjanekox  asked:

Love you lots Tsuki! Your AU like I said before is probably one of my all time favorites, so seeing your art always brings a smile to my face! Keep doing what you always have been doing and keep up the good work! Ù©(๑> ₃ <)Û¶♥



Wade: I babysit Kitty a lot and she’s not too bad. And our “Princess” sessions aren’t half bad either.  I get a lot of oranges and my nails look fabulous.

Rogue: Oh please,Logan doesn’ trust you with kids. Let alone a mutant toddler. I babysit both of ‘em.

Wade: You’re only allowed to join because you have a good taste in dresses.