I think in Wiki they described as “men who have no interest in getting married or finding a girlfriend”, but I think they should have said “they don’t feel passion about relationship and sex”, because lots of so called Herbivore men do have girlfriend and they do got married. 


This song is aMEHHzing?*

But, I’m not trying to seduce females by singing. 
After all, I’m a herbivore.**

平和主義ですよ。もう草を食んでますよ。 (BRIDGE 73, 2012) -
I’m actually a pacifist. And I prefer nibbling grass.

草食男子 (herbivore men) is a social Japanese term meaning men who do not seek being traditionally masculine and active. It’s a generalized definition bringing only the very sense of this buzzword which exists in Japan since 2006. ;3 But such men have been there longer (and in fact, not solely there).


Herbivorous Men at Anna O'Briens