No way!

There are such labels as ‘herbivorous men’ and 'carnivorous men’ in Japan!?

I came across the terms by chance, while, coincidentally, reading up on Japanese culture for an 1896 fanfiction I’m writing. The description for carnivorous men doesn’t quite match Hibari, though.

  • Some young Japanese men are called soshokukei danshi (“herbivorous males”) because they don’t like to go out drinking, are happy to keep their relationships with women platonic and generally display unmacho behavior. 
  • “Herbivorous males” contrast with nikushoku(“carnivorous”) males who chase after women and like macho things. 

Is this for real, or is the Internet trolling me?

Source: Facts and Details/ Japan


Herbivorous Men at Anna O'Briens

anonymous asked:

Hi there....I was wondering if you know of any articles or websites about what it's like being ace in Japan (especially from the perspective of any ace people who are natively Japanese). I'm just interested in reading people's experiences, where they learned about asexuality, etc. I tried searching google, but so much acephobic garbage came up that I had to finally shut down my browser. D:

aside from the things that @harris-hijiri​ writes, which aren’t necessarily about the experience of being ace in Japan, i’m afraid that i don’t know of personal writing on being ace in Japan as a Japanese person that’s written in English. i tried searching for some, but i swear if i come across another article on herbivore men or ‘the japanese sex/population crisis’ written from a Western-centric point of view i’m going to throw my laptop out the goddamn window.

everything that i could point you to is written in Japanese, which may not be helpful for you… for example, i could point you to this webcomic / blog by a Japanese aro ace that describes her personal experiences as an aro ace. i could point you to private mixi groups where people talk about their experiences. i could point you to some of my Japanese ace friends on Twitter, who sometimes tweet ace-related things… but all of it would be in Japanese and i have no idea if you speak Japanese. ;(

perhaps others have links to other things in English that they could share…? my own ramblings about being ace in Japan are from the point of view of a gaijin…