I think in Wiki they described as “men who have no interest in getting married or finding a girlfriend”, but I think they should have said “they don’t feel passion about relationship and sex”, because lots of so called Herbivore men do have girlfriend and they do got married. 


In My (And He Tian’s) Defense

I find myself in the position where I have to say a few things, although this was a debate I was not willing to get involved in. I am talking here about the ‘forced’ kiss between He Tian and Mo Guan Shan.

First of all, I must make a short introduction. I’m writing a series called Damaged Goods featuring a female version of Mo Guan Shan, and, at some point, I am planning to introduce, let’s say, more torrid stuff. I must warn everyone that the respective interactions may fall in the same category as the ‘forced’ kiss.

Now let me take a deep, deep breath. From my point of view, He Tian did nothing wrong when he kissed Mo Guan Shan in the original story.

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[2017.04.07 - 7 Ultra JUMP] YAMADA Ryosuke (part 1/2)


(…) Spread your wings, young people ! (…) I’m lvl 460 ! (…) when I’ll be 30yo (…)

Hello there ! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

In this 7UJ, the topic is JUMP History !
And this time, he’s talking about a collection he did when we was younger, and a cute anecdote about Namiya’s movie ! Also, in the opening part, he talks about game (yes, again XD) !

Hope you’ll enjoy it !
If you repost, please credit !

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What I'd like to see happen? The abolishment of the entire institution of courtship.

Courtship is a lopsided institution in which heterosexual men are forced to choose between a life of loneliness or pursuing women and chasing status in order to make themselves attractive to women.

We’re indoctrinated from birth to prepare for this ritual, which is entirely to our detriment and totally of benefit for women. A heterosexual man’s entire life - his entire life - is about gaining status in order to become good mating material. A woman’s entire romantic life is about being the equivalent of the judge in American Idol or the venture capitalist in the Dragon’s Den: her position in life involves choosing from an endless stream of contestantssuitors for her affections, and picking the winner.

Note that women don’t have to dedicate their lives to becoming attractive. They’re free to do something else rather than bother with men, because no matter how old, ugly or what her body type is, there’s always a guy out there chasing her… or silently, desperately pining for her.

But ending the institution of courtship can’t be done by forcing women to stop being sadistically picky. It can only be achieved by men refusing to play the game.

There is no law against men refusing to fight over women. Feminists cannot summon enough guns and firepower to intimidate men into playing if we decide to stop. They don’t have the police or armies to back them up if we quit playing this rigged game. They can try to shame us with words, and we have to learn not to give their words any power.

One man deciding not to play this game, of course, won’t matter if 9 others decide to take his place. But if we all wake up and decide that we won’t participate in this rigged institution of courtship we could bring whole nations to their knees. And this is not speculation or Science Fiction. The Herbivore men are in fact, literally, doing this exact thing, right now, in Japan.

平和主義ですよ。もう草を食んでますよ。 (BRIDGE 73, 2012) -
I’m actually a pacifist. And I prefer nibbling grass.

草食男子 (herbivore men) is a social Japanese term meaning men who do not seek being traditionally masculine and active. It’s a generalized definition bringing only the very sense of this buzzword which exists in Japan since 2006. ;3 But such men have been there longer (and in fact, not solely there).

GACKT Tweets 2014/08/21

It’s been a long time. The Tokyo run of Yoshitsune Hiden 2 has ended safely, and the Kenshin Festival in Niigata is yet to begin, so I guess I’ll tweet with everyone for a while. Well then, let’s get started!

「Good morning]@.kanon19960524 Morning. How have you been?

[How’s your leg?]@.dearYuko My leg…? Actually it’s broken. That said, it’s a chip fracture… I fell from above while rehearsing the wire work the day before the first show. Well, I managed to get through the Tokyo performances somehow. It’s a question of how well I can do at the Kenshin Festival. It’s kiai, KiAi!

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