Herbal Tea

Making Herbal Teas Tips

(Mint tea. Flickr/Colin Tosi)

  • Don’t use an aluminum teapot if possible, says Andrews. “Aluminim can get that metallic taste in water sometimes,” she says. Use a stainless steel, glass, or cast iron.
  • Your best friend when making herbal teas at home: a strainer. Whether it’s a cup-sized strainer or a fine-mesh strainer you use in the kitchen, be sure to strain the tea through a mesh before drinking. “At home, I’ll brew the tea in one pot and strain into another,” says Harney.
  • When using fresh herbs, only use the leaves and flowers — not the stems. If you’re growing your own herbs, cut early in the morning for the best and brightest flavor.
  • Use twice as many fresh herbs than required if you’re translating a dried herb recipe.
  • Use boiling water when making tea with dried herbs. “Boiling water brings out the best in the herbs,” says Harney. And, he says, it will sterilize the herbs. But if using fresh herbs, heat your water to just under a full boil — anything hotter may scorch delicate leaves and petals, says Andrews.

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