Herb Williams


Do you remember what crayons smell like? Think of that familiar smell when you look at these photos. Nashville, Tennesse-based artist Herb Williams (previously featured here) uses humble crayons - sometimes by melting them and sometimes by chopping up and arranging them - to create vibrant sculptures, such as the pieces seen here. They’re part of Call of the Wild, one of Williams’ most recent exhibitions.

“Williams is one of the only independent buyers in the world who maintains an account with Crayola because of the sheer amount of crayons he needs for his work (hundreds or thousands for every sculpture). In his artist statement, he explains that he uses crayons not only because of their colorful potential and their saturated smell, but also because of their nostalgic quality in evoking memories of childhood.”

Visit mashKULTURE to view additional photos of Williams’ beautifully surreal Call of the Wild installation.

[via My Modern Metropolis and mashKULTURE]


“Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare in the Park, 2009

Starring Raúl Esparza, Herb Foster, Anne Hathaway, Jay O. Sanders, Julie White, Hamish Linklater, David Pittu, Audra McDonald, Michael Cumpsty, Charles Borland, Stark Sands & Jon Patrick Walker


For the recently concluded show Call of the Wild at Nashville’s Rymer Gallery, artist Herb Williams displayed some gorgeous crayon sculptures that were all inspired by nature (pictured: The Ripple Effect ). Based on the idea that nature communicates through a spectrum of colors that we cannot see, he carefully and deliberately stacked a rainbow of colored crayons for each piece.