How Big is the Clue Crew?

Just how many are there of us? I kept thinking the Clue Crew may have been a small fandom of like 200 people that were “active” members but now it seems that its way more.

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a(nother) nancy drew themed ask meme
  • secrets can kill:has anything scandalous ever happened at your school?
  • stay tuned for danger:have you ever met anyone famous?
  • message in a haunted mansion:what's the creepiest thing you've experienced firsthand?
  • treasure in the royal tower:who's your favorite historical figure?
  • the final scene:have you ever been in a theatrical production?
  • secret of the scarlet hand:do you have a favorite museum? a favorite exhibit?
  • ghost dogs of moon lake:would you find a solitary hike in the woods peaceful or unsettling?
  • the haunted carousel:what's your favorite amusement park ride?
  • danger on deception island:is there a cause you're particularly passionate about?
  • secret of shadow ranch:do you have any experience with horseback riding?
  • curse of blackmoor manor:do you have any noteworthy ancestors?
  • secret of the old clock:if you could visit any era in history, which would it be?
  • last train to bluemoon canyon:what's your birthstone?
  • danger by design:would you visit the parisian catacombs?
  • creature of kapu cave:are you superstitious?
  • white wolf of icicle creek:what's your favorite thing to do when it snows?
  • legend of the crystal skull:what's your favorite comfort food?
  • phantom of venice:what would you dress up as for carnevale?
  • haunting of castle malloy:what's your heritage?
  • ransom of the seven ships:what's your dream vacation?
  • warnings at waverly academy:would you prefer/have preferred attending an all-girls (or -boys) school?
  • trail of the twister:what's the most dangerous type of weather your area is affected by?
  • shadow at the water's edge:what's your favorite scary movie?
  • the captive curse:what's your favorite fairy tale?
  • alibi in ashes:what's the craziest thing you've ever done for a friend?
  • tomb of the lost queen:what lost historical artifact would you like to discover?
  • the deadly device:do you have any ideas for an invention?
  • ghost of thornton hall:if ghosts do exist, would you like to see one?
  • the silent spy:would you rather work for cathedral or revenant?
  • the shattered medallion:if given the opportunity, would you participate in a competition-based reality show?
  • labyrinth of lies:if you were a greek god(dess), which one would you be?