Heo Young Saeng


Their legends are told

Turned not to dust, but to gold

They’ll go down in history

Remember them for centuries

-adapted from Fall Out Boy’s Centuries

SS501 member banners + one-line member profiles

These were made because I got jealous of the banners I saw for other groups

Heo Young Saeng And Kim Kyu Jong Attend Kim Hyun Joong's Fan Meeting

Heo Young Saeng And Kim Kyu Jong Attend Kim Hyun Joong’s Fan Meeting

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On April 29, Kim Hyun Joong held his fan meeting “Anemone” at Seoul’s Olympic Hall. As he was talking to fans, he shared, “I am thankful to Kyu Jong and Young Saeng who came today.” Thinking that they would be in the audience, he asked them to greet the fans, but they had already left at that point. In response, Kim Hyun Joong joked about them only updating their Instagram and going.


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SS501 members as high school cliches/ stereotypes

As requested by sweetaselle :) ThanKYU Sweetie <3

Hyun Joong: The weird kid

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Young Saeng: The emo kid

Kyu Jong: The boy next door/ best friend

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Jung Min: The diva

Hyung Jun: The class clown

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All these gifs (and SS501) are not mine >_< I wish tho…LOL

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Young Saeng: “Girlfriend.. Bye bye”

LOL. Young Saeng is too cute. 😂😍