You can’t read The Six Wives Of Henry VIII by Antonia Fraser and NOT feel the worst for Katherine Howard out of all of them.

Granted, Anne got killed too, but at least she was smart and savvy and old enough to know what she was getting into.

Katherine Howard was just a ditsy, silly, unintelligent teenage girl in way over her head.  That’s why her story is so sad. 

If Henry had been one bit of the good Christian he claimed to be, he’d have just had her banished or sent to a convent.  

That he insisted on her death basically tells you what a frigging sociopath he was. 


‘a historical ship’
↳ Henry & Anne (The Tudors)

I beg you, my entirely beloved, not to frighten yourself nor be too uneasy at our absence, for wherever I am, I am yours. No more at present, from lack of time, but that I wish you in my arms, that I might a little dispel your unreasonable thoughts. Written by the hand of him who is and always will be yours.

A Shakespearean Character Guide to Dealing with an Annoying Roommate

Macbeth: Invite him to a sleepover. Then stab him.

Hamlet: Put on a play that outlines all of your roommate’s annoying flaws. Then stab him.

Romeo: Marry his cousin and try to start a new, peaceful relationship. When that doesn’t work, stab him.

Brutus: Petition your roommate to change for the better. Then stab him with 60 of your closest friends.

Othello: Talk to your friend about the problems you’re having with your roommate. Then strangle him.

Shylock: Make him sign a pound of flesh as collateral on your roommate agreement. Collect on it.

Cleopatra: Set a poisonous snake loose in his room.

Henry VIII: Marry him. Then cut off his head.


the reign of the tudors  ♦ henry viii’s reformation of the english church; anne boleyn

Having a male heir was of vital importance. As only the second reigning Tudor, Henry was sensitive about that issue.Catherine was not able to produce a son and Henry was very unhappy about it. A divorce (an annulment, really) granted by the papacy was not an unreasonable expectation since precedents existed. But there were also complications: Pope Clement VII’s hesitation, generated by diplomatic and military pressure from Holy Roman Emperor Charles V, who was Catherine of Aragon’s nephew, and Henry’s growing desire for the new love of his life, Anne Boleyn. By 1527, another plot lime was added to the story ofwhat is known as the King’s Great Matter: conscience. Henry became convinced that his marriage to Catherine had been a great sin; the curse of Leviticus was real indeed. Henry believed that since Catherince was previously the wife of his elder brother,thefore their marriage was not real.When Henry asked the Catholic church in Rome for the annulment of his marriage with Catherine,the Pope rejected the issue.This made Henry go mad.This is why Henry made the reformation of the English church.The Pope was not popular in England because he did not agree with Henry’s divorce.Also the English clergy was rich and corrupt.At first the king did not agree with the Reformation,but then he needed to separate from the Church because he needed to preserve the dynasty.So,after negotiations were not successful,the English Church was separated from Rome and in 1534 the king became the head of the Church of England.As his marriage with Catherine was declared void,Henry married Anne on 25th january 1533 (after the secret wedding they had in 1532) and she was coronated The Queen on 1st june 1533.Catherine was legally and physically cast aside from the royal court and she went to live in The More castle in winter 1531/32 (from 1535 untill her death she lived in Kimbolton Castle).On the 7th september 1533,Anne gave birth to a daughter-Princess Elizabeth (future Elizabeth I).When Henry offered Catherine and her daughter Mary (who was proclaimed illegitimate and who was separeted from her mother for the most of her life) better chambers to live if they only accepted Anne as the rightful Queen of England,they both refused.