Happy Birthday Kenneth Branagh - December 10



…Being one of the first people in New York that Newt meets. He manages to get a bit attached from just a simple introduction.

 “Oh, you’re British! Trust me, you’ll like it here. I’m Y/N,” You say excitedly to the man and hold out a hand.

Newt shakes it and nods. “Newt Scamander, and I’m sure I will.” He smiles at you warmly.

Newt hasn’t given a thought to you after your brief encounter. That was until he saw the silhouette of your soul floating above him, right next to Mr. Shaw.

Newt covers his mouth with a folded hand in shock. “Y/N…” He says softly. Sadness starts to cloud his thoughts. “Oh, the sweet thing…”

I died a little bit inside 

Magnus would have A LOT of fun