In the following gif hunt you’ll find 28 gifs of Henry Cavill in s2e10 of ‘The Tudors’. All these gifs were made by me, so whilst I encourage you to place them in any gif hunts you create, DO NOT claim them as your own. You are also free to use them in crackships, manips, etc. at your will so long as credit is apparent. 

P.S. Not many scenes of him in this episode, so future gif packs will definitly be more fruitful!

(totally not taking a leaf out of @maurawrites book or anything xoxo)

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» Henry Cavill gifs.

↳ Here you will find 380small, high quality gifs of Henry Cavill. None of these gifs were made by us, all credits goes to their owners. We would really appreciate if you like or reblog (in case of rph) if using any.

Note: I just realized I made a mistake so I’m very sorry for the repeats. I tried to fix it but I ended up deleting some gifs so I stopped. Oops.

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